WP Squared Stats & Income Report: March 2013

WP Squared Stats & Income Report: March 2013

I have always been a big fan of blogs that are transparent about their earnings, so after much thought have decided to offer a monthly roundup of just how WPSquared is doing both financially and in terms of traffic.

Stats & Income Report ImageThose of you familiar with WPLift will know that Oliver Dale offers a great roundup of his blogs monthly statistics that makes inspirational reading (though I fear these updates may no longer be part of the website going forward).

While this is my first proper blog, I have been involved in affiliate marketing for a good number of years, and spent two years traveling the world solely on my affiliate earnings – so I’m not too wet behind the ears, but probably still have quite a lot to learn when it comes to building a content heavy website.

I launched WP Squared in October 2012, and since that time my posting schedule has been sporadic at best. I hope that looking at my websites statistics monthly will help me concentrate much harder on building a website that I am proud of.

In addition I hope that readers who find inspiration from these monthly reports, or just find them interesting will decide to support the blog; If you are one of these people a good start would be liking our FB page, following me on G Plus, Or signing up for regular updates in the box at the top of my sidebar.

So without further adieu, lets look at how we did in March.


Overall traffic for March:

March Traffic Statistics

This chart shows the traffic from search engines for the month:

Search Traffic Image


Posts: 3 (Very Poor Month In Terms Of New Content, must do better)

Site Visitors: 2515 (96% Increase From February)

Page Views: 3104 (45% Increase From February)

Search Engine Visits: 2146 (119% Increase From February)

Alexa Rank: 550,000 (not sure what this was last month)


I am currently only monetizing this website using affiliate programs. That is not to say that I will not add themes or plugins that do not have an affiliate program. My only stipulation is that I like the theme, if I don’t It is doubtful that it will be included – unless of course it is so bad it deserves its own article (ha ha).

Affiliate Income For March: $185.39 (234% Increase From February)


Overall it has been a super month that has seen massive growth with only 3 new posts added. If there is one area that I will have to improve on going forward it is the regularity of my posting. In April I hope to post a minimum of 8 times.

Bearing in mind that this website is pretty much new, earning $185 is a pretty good start, I hope that this increases over the next 6 months.

How did your website do in March?