WP Squared Stats & Income Report: September 2013

WP Squared Stats & Income Report: September 2013

Today I have found the time to look back at our website stats for September, and am exceptionally pleased with both the progress and the fact that we have been able to keep momentum for the project going as long as we have.

The website has reached a years milestone as of the 1st of October 2013 and it appears that this is a milestone that Google rewards well as we have seen a significant increase in our traffic from that particular search engine over the last few weeks.

On a more somber note we submitted our application to join Buy Sell Ads in September, but were turned down. So we will be applying again in six months, and am confident that by that time we will have the website positioned closer to that point of approval. In honesty I knew that we were perhaps applying too early, so no real big disappointment.


Well as the website approached the first year mark we have decided to switch our focus slightly and concentrate a little more on the financials. In truth the majority of our traffic comes from theme lists so we are just going to give our visitors a little more of what they are searching for and hopefully increase our income in the process.

Lets take a look at the numbers.


Overall traffic for September:


Search Engine Traffic For September:


Posts: 11

Site Visitors: 13,370 (34.16% Increase From August)

Page Views: 15,503 (36.80% Increase From August)

Search Engine Visits: 11,904 (32.78% Increase From August)


As income starts to become a bigger focus of the website we expect it to grow over the next few months at a faster pace than it has done to this point. We will need to secure further writers that will focus primarily on theme related posts, and have one particular writer in mind. We hope that he will join the team though nothing is of yet certain.

The website earned $736.30 (up $137.77).


Our expenses were high as I predicted last month, but due to the fact that we have yet to find the writer that we are looking for to help us grow the website they remained below budget. **Update: Kevin Muldoon will now be coming on board for a couple of articles a week**

Our expenses (all on writers) for September was $718.

We expect this figure to grow again over the coming months as we take further writers on board, though we never expect this to raise above $1,500 per month for the lifetime of the website.


It is nice to see that after a year the website is starting to get somewhere close to consistent profit. Though the actual take home profit is miniscule the website still has many many months of growth ahead of it, and with a heightened focus on income we should soon see some very healthy monthly profits in addition to writers costs.

When the website is consistently covering the $1,500 optimum expense level the site should then be self propelling as more and more content is added on a weekly basis. This should then provide us with some leverage to begin another project (hopefully in December or January).

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the income report, and am sorry if we have disappointed you with poor overall profits after expenses – but our main focus is building something that will be around for years to come, and building it on a solid foundation of great content is something that (for this project at least) has been important to us.