WP Squared Stats & Income Report: October 2013

WP Squared Stats & Income Report: October 2013

Hello & welcome to WP Squared’s 100th post. It is hardly believable that we have now been updating this website for over a year and have finally reached this awesome milestone (as well as a few others along the way).

WPSQUARED1-OCTOBER-RECTANGEOctober has been a fantastic month for us. We have secured a new writer (Kevin Muldoon), who’s main concentration will be adding to our theme’s category.

We have also increased our posting schedule to a guaranteed four times a week, and have almost hit the 100 likes on FB, so if you haven’t clicked that button yet then please do. We post all our articles as well as other interesting WP articles there.

So Whats Changed In October?

Quite a lot has changed! We have a new writer on board, we have increased our posting schedule, and we have decided to pay a little more attention to those posts that make us a dollar or two (the ones that also increase the traffic to the website & let us take on writing talent).


Overall traffic for October:


Search traffic for October:


Putting this increase into perspective!

I have added the image below to put our websites traffic increase in perspective. Please bare in mind that the graph below has been taken from the stats within the Jetpack plugin, so will not represent exactly what Google analytics shows – also the graph below is based on page views & not visits.


Posts: 18 (+7)

Site Visitors: 17,593 (31.59% Increase From September)

Page Views:21,712(40.05%Increase From September)

Search Engine Visits: 15,321 (28.70% Increase From September)


It has been great to see our income rise so much this month, as we have taken on a new writer (so increased expenses).

The website earned $1245.97 in October. This was an increase of $509.67!


Our expenses continue to increase. This is mainly due to taking on another writer – but this is an expense that we are sure will make the website so much better in the long run that it is more than worth it.

Our expenses for October was $1,194 (all writer expenses)


We have been exceptionally pleased with how fast the website has been growing over the last couple of months. While overall profit has been low, the website continues to surprise me month on month.

This website has never really been about the monthly profit (though we hope at some point this will be realized) it has been about growing an asset in an industry that we are very keen on being a part off. We hope that we have come some way to achieving that goal.

How has your website done this month?

EDIT: please excuse any repetitiveness, as I am nursing the mother of all hangovers! Never again 🙂