WP Squared Stats & Income Report: May 2013

WP Squared Stats & Income Report: May 2013

So its that time of month again where we open up about the goings on behind the scenes of running this website.

May Affiliate StatsWe know that the site is far from perfect, but we will continually strive to make it better. Over the last few months we have received great advice from fellow bloggers on just how to do that, and we are definitely listening.

We have concentrated on building traffic over earnings as was suggested in the comments of our first months report.

We have also decided to publish our expenses as part of our monthly reports as was suggested last month.

So if you have any further suggestions please let us know!

Our Thanks

Before getting into the nitty gritty I would just like to thank everyone that has provided support for the blog; those that have commented, those that have agreed to interviews, and especially those that have helped us promote the blog by any means – Thank You!

What will be included when discussing expenses?

As mentioned above, this months report will be a little different. We will now publish statistics that include our expenses. For the sake of clarity, these expenses will be limited to payments made to writers (our greatest expense), and will not include hosting etc (these are expenses that I would pay regardless of running this website). In addition I would also like to point out that both myself (Sam Sinton) & Kevin Mackay are not paid to write at this time.

What changed in May?

Our main focus for the month of May was to increase our posting frequency, and recruit more writers to help make WPSquared the best site it can be.

I am pleased to say that our posting schedule has steadily increased, and that we are in talks with a number of great WordPress writers that we hope will be joining us soon. So for the time being, last months goals remain the goals for June.

Lets take a look at how we did in May.


Overall traffic for May:

May Website Statistics

Search Engine Traffic For May:

May Search Stats

Posts: 13 (One short of doubling last months post count)

Site Visitors: 7444 (60.19% Increase From April)

Page Views: 9247 (57.99% Increase From April)

Search Engine Visits: 6254 (66.68% Increase From April)

Alexa Rank: 232,179 ( 119,194 places )


While income is still not the main focus of the website it is always nice that the site has the potential to make money. This months earning growth has been small.

The website earned $287.19 (up $17.05)

I attribute the low income growth to our concentration on traffic over earnings, and the reduced number of theme speciffic posts having been written.


Our expenses for May totalled $220.00. Each & every penny of this amount was spent on the recruitment of great WordPress writers to help grow the website.

We fully expect this figure to rise significantly over the coming months, and is likely to exceed income for the foreseeable future as we recruit better and better specialist WordPress writers.

In reality these expenses could be $0 if you had the knowlege and were happy to write yourself often. Unfortunately we like to spead ourselves thin 🙂


We are exceptionally happy with the progress that has been made in May. Traffic is steadily growing, and although minimal so are earnings. Over the coming months we will be investing more time and money into creating what we hope will one day be one of the greatest WordPress resources online. If you are a great writer with a track record of blogging about WordPress why not get in touch, we will pay you for your time!

So until next time – happy blogging!