WP Squared Stats & Income Report: June 2013

WP Squared Stats & Income Report: June 2013

Welcome to our 4th stats and income roundup, where we will be taking a look at some of the successes and failures for June 2013.

Firstly I would once again like to thank everyone that has supported the blog from day one, but special thanks for June must be made to Matthew Woodward who has included us in his monthly series: Income Report Roundups: June 2013 & Kevin Muldoon for his continuous support and advice.

Income Report Stats ImageLets kick this month off with a failure. I had very high hopes for a post that I had written listing all the Genesis child themes, deciding that because the post would be useful it would generate a good amount of traffic, but unfortunately Google seems to have disagreed. The post ranks nowhere on the first ten pages for the term “Genesis Child Themes” – a bitter pill to swallow after spending a huge number of hours creating the post which ended up with over 110 theme screenshots and 3744 words. Any help promoting this post would be greatly appreciated:). Often it is the posts you least expect that will perform well, unfortunately this was the reverse in action.

What changed in June?

As mentioned last month our primary focus is still growing traffic, but it is only in June that we realized that the concentration on growing traffic over revenue was not necesarrily an exclusive decision that we had to make. Traffic to our theme posts far exceeds that to our more conversational guide posts, and therefore we have concentrated a little more on building up our cornerstone theme posts – though we will not be creating these exclusively, for June they have been higher up on our priority list.

Lets take a look at the numbers.


Overall traffic for June:

Junes Stats & Income ImageSearch Engine Traffic For June:

Search Stats Image

Posts: 13

Site Visitors: 8766 (17.76% Increase From May)

Page Views: 10990 (18.85% Increase From May)

Search Engine Visits: 7380 (18.00% Increase From May)

Alexa Rank: 187,472 ( -44,707 places )


While income is not the main focus, our realization that our posts with the highest traffic are in fact theme posts we have been able to increase earning substantially this month. We do not expect to increase earnings by this amount every month, but we felt it was the right time to introduce more theme related posts (these posts will remain our cornerstone content and will be updated often).

The website earned $650.80 (up $363.61).

We have been very pleased that our websites income has grown 126.61% in June, but we do not feel that this is a trend likely to continue as we ease back on our theme list posts to make way for more useful content that I would expect from a great WP website.


Our expenses were high as I predicted last month, but due to the fact that we have yet to find the writer that we are looking for to help us grow the website they remained below budget.

Our expenses (all on writers) for June was $547.47.

In reality these expenses could be $0 if you had the knowlege and were happy to write yourself often.

I should also point out that I believe our writers are paid fairly for the work that they put in, we offer good rates and do not at anytime try to get articles written on the cheap – we take pride in the content added to the website.

In addition, while we hope this website will one day generate more income than is required to maintain the website, it is the website asset itself that we wish to nurture.


We have been very pleased with the progress in June, and are fully committed to growing this website at as fast a pace as our finances and time will allow. We hope to also find some great writers this month to join the WPSquared writing team, so if you have experience of blogging about WordPress please get in touch (you will be paid for your effort). Until next month.