WP Squared Stats & Income Report: July & August 2013

WP Squared Stats & Income Report: July & August 2013

Firstly I would like to apologize to all those that have been waiting for the latest updates regarding the website traffic and income, we did not deliver as promised. I would like to especially apologize to Matthew Woodward who had just started including us in his monthly roundups when we failed to deliver Augusts report.

JULY-AUGUST-STATSUnfortunately we needed to dedicate much more time than we had first realized to a project that in effect supplies us with the income to keep this project running so hopefully you will be understanding.

What changed in July & August?

We have continued to update the website with great articles (supplied by Joe Fylan), but if honesty be told have done very little else to the website.

The website will celebrate its first birthday in October so we are now hoping to spend much more of our time monetizing the traffic. We believe that with the right content this website could grow at a much larger rate than it has been up to this point.

On the positive side the websites traffic has grown month on month and even showed positive growth over and above what would normally be expected due to the positive effects of the recent Google updates – another bullet dodged.


Overall traffic for July:

July Traffic Stats

Posts: 11

Site Visitors: 9297 (6.06% Increase From May)

Page Views: 11099 (1% Increase From May)

Search Engine Visits: 8066 (9.30%Increase From May)

Search Engine Traffic For August:

August traffic statsPosts: 6

Site Visitors: 9966 (7.20% Increase From May)

Page Views: 11333 (2.11% Increase From May)

Search Engine Visits: 8965 (11.15% Increase From May)


While income has not up to now been our main focus we will be starting to focus a lot more on the monetization of the website now it has almost reached the year old milestone. We expect large gains to start in October and carry on into 2014.

In July the website earned $425.04 (down-$225.76).

In August the website earned $598.53 (Up $173.49). This is a particularly interesting stat as very little in terms of monetization occurred during this time.

It has been apparent over the last few months that even with minimal “money posts” being added that the website can maintain its income based on previous theme based and review posts.


As we pay what I consider a fair rate to our writer our costs far exceeded our income for both months, though we plan on bringing these in line by increasing the income the website generates. We plan to begin this increased monetization effort in October – on the sites first birthday.

Costs for July =$645

Costs for August = $726


While the website has not grown as we had hoped over July & August we are now confident that the website can be a future contender in the WordPress space.

We see the websites ability to maintain an income through periods of little monetization as a great asset. I also believe that this period will have strengthened the website as a whole by gaining some trust with Google as being a website that does not simply have affiliated links on every page, but that also contributes real value to those visiting it.