Working with Testimonials in WordPress

Working with Testimonials in WordPress

Testimonials from customers, clients and people you’ve worked with can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to helping build credibility for your product, service or brand.

While publishing a positive testimonial is better than not having any testimonials at all, how you choose to present the feedback you’ve received from your contacts can play a large part in determining how effective they are towards helping you meet your goals.

Today we are going to be looking at some of the best ways to present, publish and collect testimonials on your WordPress site, covering a selection of plugins that have been designed especially for this area of of self-promotion.

Testimonials Widget

Testimonials plugin

This is a popular free (and premium) plugin that aims to solve the problem of displaying customer or client feedback in the form of testimonials on your WordPress site. The plugin can be configured to display random or selected reviews and appraisals of your services in posts, pages and sidebar widgets using shortcodes. They can also be incorporated into your theme too.

There is also a premium version which allows you to choose to display a snippet from a testimonial combined with a ‘read more’ button for displaying the full text. The layout and appearance of each individual testimonial can be modified using CSS as they each have their own identifier to facilitate this.

This is a pretty comprehensive tool with a lot of options for managing and displaying feedback on your WordPress site.

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Testimonial Rotator

This is another free option for publishing testimonials to your site. With a 4.2 out of 5 star rating and over 10,000 downloads it looks like a safe bet for getting the job done.

Once installed, this WordPress testimonials plugin adds a new menu item to your dashboard menu. From there you can add testimonials or rotators to which your entries can be added.

Testimonials WordPress

Adding a new testimonial on behalf of your clients and customer is an easy task thanks to the use of custom post types and the familiar WordPress post editor. You can also add testimonial images using the custom fields this plugin creates allowing you to put a human face to your feedback further helping to add credibility.

Testimonials Plugin

Testimonials can be added to rotators which can display a set number of reviews. The reviews can transition from one another using a range of effects including fade and scroll. These rotators can be inserted into posts and pages using shortcodes and a number of parameters, or they can be displayed in the sidebar using a widget.

While this is a pretty basic tool, it is easy to use and gets the job done without too much fuss.

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Testimonial Basics

This free plugin allows you to not only publish testimonials from your customers but also collect them via an input form which can be added to your WordPress site. Often gathering feedback can be difficult as people don’t know what to write or include in their reviews. Directing them to a form to fill out can help increase the number of reviews you get, as you can direct and assist the user by adding helpful field titles.

Customer Feedback

Once received, user feedback can be displayed in posts or pages or in sidebars using the widget.

As the name suggests this is a basic plugin but it does what it does well and if you aren’t prepared to spend any money on adding this functionality to your site then this is a good compromise.

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Other Free Testimonial Plugins:

WP Customer Testimonials Plugin

This is a premium WordPress testimonial plugin that is currently only available a part of the Author hReview and WordPress Reviews plugin bundle. This makes it great value if you are also in the market for a professional way to display reviews on your WordPress site.

WP Testimonials Plugin

This plugin allows you to display customer feedback on your site in a number of ways to help lend credibility to your brand or service. The testimonials can be displayed in full on your posts or pages, or made visible once the user hovers over a certain element on a page using the tooltip option. Testimonials can also be displayed as widgets in the sidebar for having them on show at all times.

The WordPress Customer Testimonials plugin also has a shortcode to add a form to any of your posts or pages for collecting reviews from your customers, increasingly the likelihood they will leave you a review. Once received, you can then approve the submission and publish it directly to your site.

This is a very professional plugin which clearly stands out from the free options, and not just because of its price tag. While it is available with the other two plugins its great value and is well worth considering for anyone promoting their services online.

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Sweet WordPress Testimonials

This is another premium plugin and one which is available from Code Canyon making it quite an affordable option.

Code Canyon Plugins

The Sweet WordPress Testimonials plugin comes complete with a form to collect the reviews from your customers or clients. Inserting them into your posts is a breeze too, thanks to the decision to replace shortcodes with a button that has been added to the visual editor present when creating posts and pages.

The plugin also uses rich snippets to enhance your page’s listing in the Google search engine results pages to help your site stand out from the competition and hopefully increase your click through rate.

Rich Snippet Reviews

This is a good value plugin which displays testimonials in a professional way and is being regularly updated by the developers.

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Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials allows you to quickly add professional looking testimonials to your WP site in a number of creative ways. They can be displayed horizontally or vertically in combination with the image of the person who wrote them.

Easy Testimonials

This is a basic but effective plugin, with a good amount of options for determining how your testimonials will be displayed. If you want a low cost option this offering should be at the top of your list.

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While there are free plugins on this list that get the job done, and it is perfectly acceptable to simply publish testimonials on your site as regular post content a I have done on my portfolio, using a premium plugin such as the WP Customer Testimonials Plugin could make the difference between securing the customer or going home empty handed.

The ability to add a form to collect reviews and feedback to be published in the form of a testimonial shouldn’t be overlooked too and while using a regular content form like the popular Contact Form 7 plugin does the job, having an integrated system in place could make your life easier when it comes to managing customer feedback.