WordPress Training Course – Learn To Build Websites With Treehouse!

WordPress Training Course – Learn To Build Websites With Treehouse!

If you are looking to learn how to build websites and want a comprehensive course that will take you from complete novice to advanced coder in the shortest space of time than you need look no further.

Treehouse WordPress TrainingSimilarly if you have decided that you wish to build your own WordPress website and just need some easy to understand WordPress training courses to get you started you are in the right place.

With Team Treehouse you can learn everything you want to learn about WordPress (or websites in general) at your own pace with professionally given tuition – and NO prior experience.

I use this service for more advanced tutorials, but had it been around when I was just getting my ears wet it would have shaved years of my learning curve.

Who Are Team Treehouse?

Team Treehouse simply state that there “mission is to bring affordable Technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.”

Changing the world may be a step too far, but changing lives and offering top tutoring to the masses from the comfort of there own home is definitely where they excel.

There ever growing panel of experts provide video step-by-step training, as well as ongoing quiz’s to bring you the best training available outwith University – though many would argue that it is better (Its certainly a lot cheaper).

What Courses Do They Offer?

The courses offered are numerous and diverse, and each and every course has been specifically designed to take you from complete beginner to advanced user. To name just a few broader topics, they offer training for website design, programming, Business, IOS Development, Android development and more besides.

As this website was created to focus primarily on WordPress I will look a little deeper in the WordPress training tutorials that they provide.

WordPress Training Course With Treehouse

At this moment in time Treehouse offer only basic tutorials for those just starting out or those of an intermediate level, though advanced tutorials are also in the pipeline.

Learn WordPress ImageThe first course has been designed with total beginners in mind and promises to clearly explain (keystroke by keystroke) how to install and setup WordPress, manage content and comments using the administration area, as well as customize both the functionality and design of your new WordPress website.

They promise that by the end of this course you will have enough understanding to build website for yourself or other people.

The Course Structure

Getting Started With WordPress

In this first module you will learn what software you will be using to create your blog and get it online. You will also touch on the difference between WordPress.com and a self-hosted version, you will finally be walked through the step by step process of installing WordPress.

Configuring WordPress

In this second module you will discuss some of the important features that should be configured in the administration area of your install. The tutor will also provide you with certain default settings that you should probably use until you become more familiar with the system.

Adding and Editing Content

Evere heard the saying that content is king? Well this WordPress course ensures that you know how to add content properly, using images, media, and tags. Superb stuff!

Managing Comments

The best way to build an authority website is to manage your relationship with your reader well, so you will have to know the basics of how to manage user comments on your blog. These can also be switched off by default.

Customizing WordPress

In this final module you will learn how to use themes and plugins to alter the look and functionality of your website intstantly. You will absolutely love what is possible.

Planned Future Courses

Treehouse have future WordPress courses already planned and currently being made. The one that I am particularly looking forward to is there course on designing and building your own WordPress theme from scratch.

Why You Should Subscribe (& Support) Team Treehouse!

Wordpress University CourseNow dont get me wrong here, Team Treehouse offers there training for profit, they are not a charity and charge $25 per month subscription but what they are trying to achieve and what they have actually achieved so far is a very compelling argument for more services and industries to do the same. Why should you have to pay $40k + to learn something?

I have been a huge supporter of them since there launch, and will continue to be one as long as they are offering this quality of learning that is well within the reach of anyone (even a common man like myself).

Saying that, other free services do exist (though I dont believe they are of as high a quality) – my hat also comes off to the likes of Codeacademy who are also doing a fantastic job. Though they do not currently provide WordPress training.

If you want a truly great WordPress training program, that towers above all the rest pay them a visit – you wont be disappointed!

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