12 Amazing WordPress Themes For Personal Branding

Personal Branding WordPress Themes

In this post, I will be looking at the best WordPress themes for personal branding.

Whether you are a multi-national company, local estate agent, or affiliate marketer it is a good idea to set up your website in a way that helps you to become recognizable by your brand image. As explained in the book “Build a Brand in 30 Days” the majority of brands are not large and attract a small number of loyal customers. Of course, every brand wants to be a worldwide success, but this is not how most start.

When starting an online business, branding differentiates you from the crowd. These following WordPress themes are just one way of helping you to build an online brand that projects both your personality and your image to those interested in what you have to say.

While creating interesting, insightful content is essential, so is the ability to connect with your audience on a personal level. It also doesn’t hurt you to be able to contact these potential customers regularly, so many of the listed themes are also geared to collecting email addresses.

Here are the very best WordPress themes as chosen by us, to help you create and develop your own personal branding story.


‘Writer’ is, in my opinion, one of the nicest personal branding templates available to purchase. It puts you front and center and also offers a well-designed blog to help build your following.

With a huge number of customization options, and top quality coding this is a WordPress theme that should not be over-looked when attempting to build your brand.

While promoted as a theme specifically for writers, it is truly a template that could be used by anyone looking to build a personal brand.

Writer Theme



Aspire is a theme that has been created for authors, though could easily be used for virtually any purpose where you want yourself ‘front and center’. The theme has been designed to win subscribers, and unlike many WordPress themes with this style has a blog that has been designed for those looking to attract subscribers with the use of content marketing.

The template has 15 custom homepage widget locations and provides a number of theme options to enable quick customization.

A Genesis child theme from one of the best child theme creators of recent times.

Aspire Pro Personal Branding Theme

(Genesis framework must be bought separately)



With a theme name like “Guru”, it goes without saying that this is a theme that has been built with personal branding as a top priority. To be an expert in your field you really need to portray yourself as one, and this theme has all the bells and whistles to help you make that happen.

The design is stunning and portrays all the attributes that you would expect a personal website of Elon Musk to have, which in this day and age is probably not a bad image when trying to create a personal brand.

The theme itself is once again a Genesis child theme, and creates an illusion of professionalism (whether justified or not). A great WordPress based template with a blog design that is both simple and functional for content marketing purposes.

Guru WordPress Personal Branding Theme

(Genesis framework must be bought separately)


Authority Pro

If you are looking to show off your years of experience, the companies you have helped, or just want to connect with your website visitors on a one to one level then you are unlikely to find a more professional WordPress theme than ‘Authority Pro’.

A truly inspirational design that will help you build your personal brand in a way that other themes currently available just won’t.

Built on the Genesis framework, this is a robust template that will leave your competitors in the dust.

Authority Pro

(includes Genesis framework)


Follow Me

If you want your personal branding to be a little lower key than the previous two themes, you may want to consider the “Follow Me” WordPress template. The homepage is a simple email collection landing page, though has 4 homepage widget locations to add further content.

An ideal theme for those just setting out on their journey to create a personal brand identity. A simple colorful option, with a blog that focuses on great content.

This template offers a number of theme options that will allow you to change the colors instantly as well as upload your very own slider and background images at the click of a button.

Follow Me Branding Template

(Genesis framework must be bought separately)


Elevate Pro

Do you want to offer a personalized video to introduce yourself, and your business? If so, then the Elevate Pro theme may be just the WordPress template that you have been craving. Using the theme options panel of this premium template you can easily alter the look and feel to create something closer to how you want to represent yourself (and how you wish others to see you).

Built around a blogging (or content marketing) concept elevate offers you the best of both worlds. Your written content is front and center, and the theme itself captures your visitors’ details so you can market to them on an ongoing basis. This theme actively qualifies those visitors with an interest in your product, service, or what you have to say based on whether they agree to sign up to your mailing list. You can obviously also offer a free download of some description to further increase opt-ins.

This WordPress theme has once again been built on Genesis (a running theme for these branding templates) and has 5 custom homepage widget areas that you can use. The theme options (without being bulky) also provide easy customization, so you can create the website you need to attract those buyers (and brand evangelists) that you need.

ElevatePro WordPress Theme

(Genesis framework must be bought separately)


Steady Income WordPress Theme

A brandable theme from arguably the best independent theme club for WordPress. Steady income is a theme that has been built to brand just about any person from any industry, though the demo has been set up to attract affiliate marketing and MLM bloggers. The theme offers an unbelievable range of theme options that will ensure you can create a website easily, while also portraying the right sort of image (ie. you don’t need to be in the make money from home niche).

To get a true view of just what is possible I strongly encourage you to visit the demo site (from the link below) and view the huge amount of custom options available.

I have been a full member of this theme club for over two years and so far they have never failed to deliver. Their themes have been used on some of the biggest websites, and their user base continues to grow significantly year on year. A fantastic WordPress theme to kick-start your personal branding campaign.

Steady Income WordPress Theme



Splash is a Genesis child theme that has been created for blogging and building familiarity with your audience. Get your personality front and center and start building your tribe.

An ideal theme for building your personal brand while also building an email list.


(Genesis framework must be bought separately)


Generate Pro

In all honesty, the Generate Pro theme looks a little dated. However, with some smooth customization it could still turn into something beautifully creative.

If you are not planning a big customization job, I would probably stay clear and find a theme with a little more personality.

Generate Blogging Theme


Eleven40 Pro

Still to date one of my favorite Genesis Child Themes. This template will allow your branding to evolve, and allow you to focus on what matters – your content.

An understated theme by those geniuses at StudioPress.

Eleven40 Child Theme


Rise Theme

A flexible branding theme where you decide whether your homepage is blog posts (as in the image below) or a more modern landing page where you can convert website visitors into subscribers or customers.

The theme has five color options, extensive admin options, and built-in opt-in forms. The template also has two lead generation pages built in as standard.

Rise WordPress Theme


Sixteen Nine Pro

Admittedly not the first theme you think of when wanting to raise your personal profile, however, if you are a writer it may be all you need. Let your content do the talking, let your visitors familiarize themselves with your face and wind them in to become brand advocates.

A clean, basic theme that will allow you to customize your message using words.

Sixteen Nine Genesis Blogging Theme


I predict that 2016 will be the year that personal branding is talked about a lot. Content marketing is all about telling your story, but to do that people need to understand who you are and decide whether you are someone that they want to listen to.

Whatever industry you are in, or even whatever company you work for a personal brand can make a big difference. A strong online profile can lead to more customers, more referrals and without a doubt more repeat business.

Choosing your ideal WordPress theme for your personal brand is essential to help you get your message across – choose wisely, but remember that any online presence is preferable to none at all.