15 Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks

15 Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks

WordPress frameworks are used by many website owners to help them build websites. The functionality that they offer varies greatly between frameworks.

Some frameworks are packed full of features and allow every aspect of your design to be modified through the theme options panel. This is great for beginners though it can make modifying your design beyond the functionality of the framework very difficult.

Other frameworks take a different approach and keep features to a minimum. They tend to have less functionality built-in, which makes customising easier. This allows designers to use the framework as a parent theme and create child themes for the framework. Which is why many designers refer to these frameworks as “Starter Themes”.

1. Genesis

Genesis matches a minimal framework with great SEO and a beautiful clean design. I have used many WordPress theme frameworks over the years and Genesis has become my de facto framework for many reasons. It’s simple to use, mobile-friendly and there are dozens of beautiful child themes available for it.

Genesis WordPress Theme Framework Image

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2. Builder

Builder is a responsive WordPress framework with a powerful layout editor. It allows you to create any design by simply inserting modules into the area you want. A style manager is included and there are over ninety child themes to choose from.

Builder WordPress Theme Framework Image

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3. Ultimatum Theme

Aimed at beginners, Ultimatum helps WordPress users with no coding knowledge build websites. It boasts a modern layout builder, mobile-friendly design and CSS editor for styling.

Ultimatum Theme

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4. Canvas

The flagship theme from WooThemes allows you to easily your design, layout and typography. It includes native support for WooCommerce and Google fonts. Advanced layout controls let you easily change the width of your website.

Canvas WordPress Theme Framework Image

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5. Backbone

A cool theme framework with a clean design, great SEO optimisation and many great styling options. It offers many layout options and custom shortcodes for styling content.

Backbone WordPress Theme Framework Image

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6. Headway

Headway is one of the first WordPress theme frameworks I ever purchased. It pioneered building websites using a drag and drop builder with their famous Headway visual editor. To this day, their visual editor is miles ahead of other frameworks as far as customisation goes, however it does take time to familiarise yourself with the framework. Once you do, you will be able to create beautiful website designs in minutes.

Headway WordPress Theme Framework

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7. Xtreme

Xtreme is a useful WordPress framework that has many configuration options. It features many custom widgets and a modern layout manager.

Xtreme WordPress Theme Framework

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8. Thesis

One of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks available online. It has its own unique visual templating system that allows you to modify templates without editing any code. Styles can be created using the colour picker and new functionality can be added using Thesis Boxes. A huge range of theme skins are also available for the framework.

Thesis WordPress Theme Framework

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9. Bootstart

Based upon the Twitter bootstrap framework, Bootstart is a minimal WordPress framework that features an advanced control panel, multiple colour schemes and custom page templates.

Bootstart WordPress Theme Framework Image

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10. Elemental

Elemental is a clean blogging framework for bloggers. It features twelve custom page templates, custom widgets and an easy-to-use control panel.

Elemental WordPress Theme Framework Image

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11. PageLines

PageLines is a great WordPress framework that allows beginners to build beautiful website designs without coding. Layouts can be created using a user-friendly module system and the theme looks great on mobile devices. It also has native support for eCommerce plugins.


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12. WPSumo

A mobile-friendly WordPress framework that was designed specifically for bloggers. It features a fantastic visual style editor and a flexible layout manager. The theme works great with child themes too.

WPSumo WordPress Theme Framework Image

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13. Ashford Pro

An SEO optimised WordPress framework for coders who want to design websites for clients. It prides itself on adding functional features with no bloat. Features include mega menus, slideshows, content sliders, post carousels and more.

Ashford WordPress Theme Framework Image

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14. Seed

The base theme framework for all OrganicThemes designs. Built using HTML5 and CSS3, the framework is optimised for mobile devices and includes slideshows and a beautiful portfolio template. Post formats are also supported, making the framework a great option for bloggers.

Seed WordPress Theme Framework Image

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15. Themify Builder

The Themify drag & drop builder framework is packaged with all Themify designs. It allows you to create complex website designs easily by simply dragging the modules you need into your design. The framework is optimised for search engines and mobile devices. Colour schemes can also be changed easily through the options panel.

Themify Builder

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What is your favourite WordPress theme framework? Please share your opinion in the comment area.