Tweaky: A WordPress Theme Customization Service

Tweaky: A WordPress Theme Customization Service

At last, I am surprised it has taken so long! Tweaky is a new online service that promises to make it affordable for anyone to hire a professional website developer to make changes to their website, whether it be WordPress, HTML, or something different altogether.


Everyone has been there! Your theme is almost perfect, but something is missing…”why oh why didn’t they just create this one basic feature” you keep asking yourself…don’t fret, it probably only needs tweaking!

Customizing a WordPress theme is not always easy, even for those familiar with CSS, HTML, & PHP. Developers don’t always document the files as well as they should. So this service is definitely needed, but how exactly does it work?

How Tweaky’s Customization Service Works (The Detail)

How Tweaky Works

Submit A Brief

Easily complete the online form! I would imagine that at this stage it would be best to be as descriptive as possible, and where appropriate provide examples to websites that have the feature or design element you are looking for. This will make it much easier for a designer to get it just right, and ensure your quote is as accurate as possible.

This is actually a live form that can be submitted to Tweaky!

Recieve Your Quote

Once your brief has been submitted the tweaky team will look at your project and your requirements and break it down into a series of tweaks. For example: If you wanted a mailing list form added to your WordPress slider, a logo designed, and added to the site they may decide that this is three tweaks and will quote accordingly.

Pay For Your Customizations

Once you have had the opportunity to review your tweaks you will then be expected to make payment for these online. Only then will your project be passed out to one of their hand picked developers and tweaky will request you to provide passwords through a secure credential management system.

What Set-Price Customization Services Do Tweaky Offer?

Tweaky offers customization services by tweak (as discussed), and also offer certain set-fee services.

Transfer your website to a new hosting company

  • DNS transfer
  • WordPress install
  • Backup of existing site (WordPress theme, plugins, database, media etc)
  • Transfer and Verify

Migrate to WordPress (.org) Package

  • A 20 minute Skype conversation with a Tweaky representative to go over everything your project requires
  • Locating 5 Premium Designs for under $75.00 to fit your requests
  • Add your logo to the new theme
  • Add and set up your contact page
  • Transferring up to 10 Pages of content (each additional 10 pages is an extra $39.00)
  • Add Navigation Menu

Add a Blog to your Website

  • Direct DNS records to
  • Shortlist recommended theme to match current site


I think the WordPress community has needed this service for a long, long time and it does not surprise me that Tweaky is doing so well.

Customizing WordPress themes and plugins can seem an almost impossible task for those without a clear understanding of PHP, CSS & HTML – so why not hire a professional – Try Tweaky!