Survey Plugins: Create a Survey for a WordPress Site

Survey Plugins: Create a Survey for a WordPress Site

A multi-question survey is an excellent way to get feedback from your customers, users, and site visitors. By asking the right questions of your audience, you can gather useful feedback that can help you improve your service and keep you on the right track going forward

When it comes to creating an online survey, there are plenty of standalone services that offer this functionality. However, for WordPress users there are also some free and premium plugins that make it easy to setup a survey from inside a WordPress site’s dashboard, storing all the data gathered in the site’s database, instead of using a third-party survey service.

While there are plenty of polling plugins for WordPress which have been designed to allow you to ask single question surveys of your visitors, those wanting to create multi-question surveys for more in-depth feedback are less well catered for. However, there are some good options available, including a few that allow you to integrate third party survey tools with your site.

Here is our pick of the most useful premium and free WordPress survey plugins:

Gravity Forms Survey Add-on

Gravity Forms is arguably the best premium form builder plugin for WordPress so it’s good to see that it can be used to create surveys. This functionality is made available via an add-on for the plugin, which again is a premium product and is included in the top tier, developer pricing plan.

Survey Plugins Gravity Forms Survey Add-On

If you are already a Gravity Forms user or are thinking of becoming one, this survey plugin will allow you to effectively carry out market research and get customer feedback, as well as many other types of data from the visitors to your site.

The survey features can easily be added to any of your existing forms, simply by adding the survey fields to them, or you can just as easily create new survey forms from scratch. You get all the great features of Gravity Forms when building your surveys so you have a lot of control over how they function. This includes features like conditional logic, setting date expiration, or setting a maximum submission capacity before closing the survey.

If you are looking for an excuse to invest in Gravity Forms then the survey add-on is a pretty good reason.

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Typeform is currently free while in beta and is a great tool for creating attractive online surveys. The process for how to embed a Typeform survey into WordPress is a bit elaborate – hopefully somebody will release a plugin for integrating the forms soon.

Creating a survey is very easy and the interface for Typeform is high quality both in terms of ease of use and its appearance. There are a number of templates available which make it great for quickly creating surveys and quizzes. However building one from scratch is very easy. Simply drag and drop the type of questions you’d like to ask and then enter your question text.

Survey Plugins Typeform Builder

There are plenty of options available for asking questions as part of your survey. These include:

  • Short and long text
  • Dropdown selections
  • Multiple choice
  • Picture choice
  • Question groups
  • Yes/No
  • Ratings
  • Email address submission

There are also pro or advanced features which will be available for a fee once the service goes live and comes out of beta.

Survey Plugins Typeform Survey

Once you’ve created your questions and customised the design, there are a couple of options for distributing the survey. Typeform will host it for you on its own custom URL, or you can launch it from a popup on your website, the option to embed it in a webpage is there too. By using a plugin like EmbedIt Pro you can easily add it to your WordPress site.

This is a great tool for creating surveys for WordPress sites and for online use in general.

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WordPress Simple Survey

This is another free option that allows you to build surveys, polls, quizzes, or questionnaires for use on your WordPress site. The results are all held in your WordPress database where they can be reviewed from the admin area. The plugin even has the ability to email out the results if required.

Survey Plugins Simple Survey

The Simple Survey plugin was created using jQuery so the questions can be loaded without reloading the whole page each time the survey advances. Individual questions can be given different weightings and scores to help you create powerful questionnaires. Once a survey has been completed, the user can be directed to a URL based on their score, giving them feedback based on their answers.

Survey Plugins Simple Survey Settings

The look of the surveys is fairly basic, but they should blend in well with your site, without looking like a third party solution tacked on top of WordPress. If you want to create multi-question surveys with advanced weighting and other useful features, then WordPress Simple Survey is a good choice. There is also a premium version with advanced features.

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There are two versions of this plugin: a free and a premium option. While the focus is more on creating quizzes and exams, there is plenty of functionality in the plugin for building multi-question surveys.

Survey Plugins WatuPro

There are lots of options covering the types of questions you can ask and the answers that are required, such as multiple choice and open ended questions which are useful for surveys and getting detailed feedback. You can see Watu in action here to get a sense of what it can do and how it can used to deliver an online survey.

Survey Plugins Watu

When it comes to pricing, as well as the free version, there are three pricing plans available, with the lowest priced option available for $47. This includes a no risk 60 day money back guarantee. There are also additional modules available to further enhance the feature set.

If you are serious about creating quizzes, questionnaires, and surveys online, then WatuPro is probably the best survey plugin out there in terms of features.

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This plugin allows you to integrate surveys from the free and open source survey building tool LimeSurvey. This means it’s a great choice for anyone who wants all the power of this survey application made available to their WordPress site.

Survey Plugins LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey includes 28 different types of survey question so you can always ensure you are asking your questions in the right way to solicit relevant responses. The application also comes with a number of templates to help you get started.

Survey Plugins LimeSurvey Demo

The plugin itself is pretty basic as its main purpose is to integrate the two services: WordPress and LimeSurvey.

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Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

The Polldaddy plugin is the most popular free polling plugin for WordPress, with over 670,000 downloads and a 3.9 star rating.

Survey Plugins Polldaddy 01

There are 20 different styles for your polls and lots of features available for asking the right kind of questions to meet your needs. Creating the polls is easy and the plugin uses the native WordPress UI so you shouldn’t have any trouble making your way around the interface.

Survey Plugins Polldaddy 02

You can create multiple polls on your site and then embed them on the pages and posts of your choice, or even display them on external sites. This allows you to manage your surveys and polls in one central location, saving your time and effort. While you don’t get the multiple question functionality of a true survey builder you can still easily create simple polling questions for your site.

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When it comes to creating a multi-question survey in WordPress, there aren’t many plugins that bring this additional functionality to the platform. Most of the survey plugins available will integrate your site with a third party service, rather than allowing you to create surveys independently, using WordPress directly.

However, there are a few options available including a couple of good free choices as well as some premium ones. If you are already using Gravity Forms then you will be pleased to know there is an add-on available, providing you have the right license to get access to it.

If you are looking to run very simple one-question surveys then there are plenty of polling plugins for WordPress, however when it comes to creating multi-question surveys, the options are a little thin on the ground.

Have you created a survey in WordPress? If so, how did you go about building it?

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