8 More Options for Displaying Your Photos and Other Images in Style in WordPress Using Image Galleries

8 More Options for Displaying Your Photos and Other Images in Style in WordPress Using Image Galleries

While WordPress comes with a basic built-in image gallery tool, if you want to add more style and functionality to the way your galleries of photos and other images are displayed on your blog, the free and premium plugins in this post should provide a good solution.

From using thumbnail previews with lightbox popups, to automatically creating seamless responsive grids of your photos that automatically resize your images, there should be a tool for every budget and set of requirements.

If you want to ensure your photos and other forms of visual art make the best impression on your visitors, these image gallery plugins for WordPress should provide the answer.

A Selection of Image Gallery Builder Tools for WordPress

While we’ve already covered the best image gallery plugins for WordPress that was over a year and a half ago and since then a number of new and interesting tools have become available.

So for an updated list of the best photo and image gallery plugins for WordPress, read on.

Circles Gallery

Circles Gallery

Circles Gallery is a newly released plugin for WordPress that has been created to help you present your photos and other images in the best possible way on your website.

As the name suggests, the thumbnail previews of the images in your gallery are displayed in a circular format. There are also over 50 different mouse hover effects to choose from and you can see some of them in action on the demo page.

Clicking on one of the circular thumbnails opens the full version of the image in a lightbox window. This allows your visitors to then scroll though the other images in the gallery. There are currently 11 lightbox themes to choose from, giving you a good way to personalise how this gallery plugin works on your site.

Circles Gallery is actually a 3-in-1 tool that can also be used as a column layout builder and a team member’s tool for displaying your content in columns or publishing the profiles of those in your team.

This is a freemium plugin and can be used for free with access to some of the features, or from $9.90 for access to all the features for use on one site.

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Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress

Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress

Final Tiles Grid Gallery is a premium image gallery plugin for WordPress. However, it’s packed with features and has an attractive way of displaying your photographs online that make it a great value investment.

If you are looking for a way to display your photos and other images in a grid layout, without the need to crop and resize the files yourself, this could be a good option for you.

The features of this plugin include optional hover effects for each image, caption options, loading progress bars, image lazy load, and the ability to insert the galleries into text widgets. To get a better idea of how this all works together, you can view the demo here.

If you’d like to display your photos in a seamless grid layout, without altering their aspect ratio, this plugin can enable you to do so.

View Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress

Mikado Grid Gallery for WordPress

Mikado Grid Gallery

Mikado Grid Gallery for WordPress is another plugin from the same developer as the Final Tiles Grid Gallery plugin.

While these two options might appear to be very similar, this allows you to createa rectangle with the dimensions of your choosing, which is then filled with a selection of images. Unlike the Final Tiles plugin, this one will crop images to make them fit the size of the rectangle. This means it’s a better choice for those with a specific size they want to fill with their images.

With this plugin, you still get access to all the usual premium gallery features, such as a responsive layout, lightbox themes, caption options, and a sidebar widget.

View Mikado Grid Gallery for WordPress

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Image Gallery is a free plugin that has a near perfect 4.8 out of 5 star rating. The plugin aims to give you an original way to display images on your site and it certainly is a flexible option for building an online photographic showcase of your work.

There are five different types of gallery you can build. This includes a regular gallery with content popups, a content slider, a lightbox gallery, an image slider, and regular thumbnails.

If you want the option of displaying other content alongside the larger version of the image in the lightbox window, then this plugin could be a good choice for your needs.

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Gallery is another free option that is worth taking a look at to see if it meets your requirements. It’s a popular option with over one million downloads so there is good chance it will be around for some time to come.

You can create multiple galleries and insert them into their own individual pages or display them together on the same page. The controls are pretty simple which should suit someone looking for a plugin they can get to grips with quickly and start using to showcase their work.

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Photospace Gallery


The free Photospace Gallery plugin gives you the option of displaying the thumbnails of the images in your gallery, and the larger version together on the same page. If that is something you are looking for then this could be the gallery builder for you.

The thumbnails can be arranged in a number of ways, including on either side, above, or below the main image. You can also use the mouse keys to scroll through the images in the gallery, although this does prevent your visitors from using their keys to scroll up and down your web page.

This is a nice free option that is very easy to use and should work well on any website.

View Photospace Gallery

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery

The premium Envira Gallery plugin is priced using on the add-on model and while the basic version can be yours for just $19, additional features can be purchased separately or bought as part of the more expensive license plans.

Pricing models aside, Envira Gallery includes the standard functionality of using image thumbnails that display the larger version of the photo in a lightbox popup window. However, by using the settings and add-ons you can create totally customized galleries that work in the way you want.

Envira Gallery has been gaining a reputation as being a very easy to use image gallery tool, so if you’ve been frustrated by other options in the past, this could be the one for you.

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UberGrid is a premium grid builder tool for WordPress that can also give you the ability to create great looking image galleries.

The gallery grids you can publish with this plugin can be filtered by the end user to show more or less of the images they contain. Each image in the gallery can also have an overlay that contains text and is made visible when the user hovers their mouse over the item. This makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to display descriptions to accompany their work.

The grids you create with UberGrid can also contain posts, pages, and other content from your website, making it a very flexible gallery plugin for WordPress.

View UberGrid


As you can see there are plenty of impressive free and premium image and content gallery plugins for WordPress. However you want to display your photos and other images, there is sure to be a plugin that includes that format by default. This can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to building an online gallery.

Don’t forget, if you need some content for your galleries while testing and developing them, be sure to check out our guide to the best places to find free images for your website.

If you know of any other good gallery plugins for WordPress, please share them in the comments below.