Help Desk Plugins for Supporting Your Product or Services with WordPress

Help Desk Plugins for Supporting Your Product or Services with WordPress

If you are offering a service or selling a product through your WordPress site, then adding help desk functionality to support your users and customers is a great way to streamline the process of providing user support.

If you’ve found that emails submitted through a contact form isn’t the best way to deal with, and keep track of issues raised by your users, then adding a ticketing system could be a much better solution. By making it easy for your users to submit support specific issues through a help desk, rather than firing off an email, you can use the features of the following plugins to reduce your workload and manage the messages from customer more efficiently.

WP Awesome Support Help Desk Plugin

The Best Free and Premium WordPress Help Desk Plugins

While we’ve already published a great selection of WordPress themes for building a support website, in this post we will be looking at the plugins available that allow you to add a help desk to your website, complete with ticketing systems, email notifications, and much more.

WP Help Desk

Whatever features or functionality you need to add to your WordPress website, you can be sure there is a solution already available, usually with a title prefixed with WP. The main dilemma in most cases is deciding which of the many options to choose from, and whether you need to pay for a premium option, or if a free alternative will suffice.

WP Help Desk is a premium option for those building a support website with WordPress, or adding this functionality to an existing site. However each of the three payment plans allows your users to open an unlimited amount of tickets, while also giving you the ability to add an unlimited number of support agents.

If you are already familiar with WordPress then getting started with WP Help Desk should be very straightforward. The plugin uses the existing WordPress user interface and functionality to store and manage the tickets on the back end.

WP Help Desk Manage Tickets

When it comes to submitting tickets, your users should find the whole experience very easy to get to grips with thanks to the simple forms that allow them to submit the details of their issue, while also being able to upload a selection of images.

WP Help Desk Submit a Ticket

The front end forms simply take on the styling and appearance of your chosen theme, ensuring that they integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website.

The WP Help Desk plugin also has the ability to automatically send out email notifications to users in order to keep them updated on the progress of their tickets.

If you are looking for a help desk ticketing solution that makes use of the native WordPress user interface then WP Help Desk should be added to your shortlist.

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WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support Plus Tickets

The WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System is a free plugin for adding this type of functionality to your website. While there are a few free help desk plugins available for WordPress, their user ratings on the plugin directory aren’t entirely positive, and the number of times they’ve been downloaded isn’t very impressive.

WP Support Plus Open a Ticket

However, with nearly 3,000 downloads and a near perfect 4.9 out of 5 star rating, WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System appears to be the best of the bunch. The design of this plugin is 100% responsive so users on any device, no matter what screen size should have no problems submitting a ticket.

There is also a premium version of the plugin available for those that need more features. However if you are looking for a free solution, it’s definitely worth checking out WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System to see if it meets your needs before upgrading.

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Zendesk for WordPress

Zendesk for WordPress

Zendesk is a big player in the help desk and support solutions marketplace, with over 45,000 companies trsuting them with their customers. WordPress users can now leverage their many years of expertise for their own websites.

Thanks to the free plugin created by the Zendesk team, this premium help desk solution can be quickly and easily integrated with your WordPress website.

By adding the plugin to your site, you can manage your Zendesk powered help desk directly from within your WordPress admin area. Users can make use of the single sign on feature to save them having to login to your site and then Zendesk to open a new ticket. With this integration Zendesk will automatically log them in if they are already logged in at your website.

Another nice feature of this integration is that you can seamlessly turn comments left by your visitors into Zendesk support tickets. While the visitor who left the comment will be none the wiser, this will allow you to feed their questions, comments, and suggestions into the support system, helping you to deliver great customer service for each interaction.

While Zendesk is a premium solution, WordPress users can sign up for a free 30 day trial. This will allow you to test out its features and see how you can use this service to better support your customers and community.

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Support System from WPMU Dev

Support System Ticket Thread

The Support System plugin allows you to add a support ticket system to your website, and also an FAQ section. Once installed on your site, tickets can be submitted and ticket categories can be created to better organize those tickets as they are submitted.

Support System Ticket Categories

When a ticket is received it can be assigned to a specific team member to deal with. Tickets are tracked as soon as they enter the system, allowing everyone to keep an eye on their progress. This can greatly reduce the chances of tickets getting lost in the system.

Through the FAQ manager, questions and their answers can be created and then published on the front end of your website. This feature of the Support System plugin can then be used to provide your users with the information they are likely to be looking for, and therefore hopefully help reduce the number of tickets that you have to deal with.

Support System is a premium option that can be yours for either a fee of $40 or by joining the WPMU Dev membership programme and getting access to over 350 themes and plugins for $19.60 per month.

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WP Awesome Support

WP Awesome Support Help Desk Plugin

WP Awesome Support offers you a responsive ticketing system for your WordPress website. This is a premium option that is available from the Code Canyon plugin marketplace.

However, out of the many help desk solutions for WordPress available at Code Canyon, it’s the most popular in terms of sales and buyer ratings.

Thanks to its responsive design, this plugin should work on any device, no matter the screen size, while also integrating with any theme you are using on your WordPress site.

WP Awesome Support Mobile First

After installing and activating the plugin on your site, the optional setup assistant kicks into gear and walks you through the setup process. This can help ensure that you configure everything correctly before launching this new service on your site.

When it comes to submitting tickets, your visitors will appreciate the forms that are used for opening a new issue. As they support drag and drop, users can simply drop their attachments, such as screenshots, or code snippets, right into the forms before submitting them.

WP Awesome Live Search

To cut down on ticket duplication and users asking questions that you have already answered, the ticket form makes use of live search. As a user begins typing in the title of their ticket, similar existing tickets will be shown to them, helping to reduce your workload and that of your team.

Another time saving feature is the ability to create quick replies or pre-defined answers which can be saved on your site. Then when a ticket is raised that matches one of these pre-defined answers, the reply can be populated in just one click for a super speedy response.

WP Awesome Quick Replies

On the backend your support staff can add private notes to each ticket to help them keep track of what work has been done on the issue, without this ever being communicated to the user.

WP Awesome Support is a feature packed option that is very well designed. It could well be the best WordPress help desk plugin for your project.

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While there aren’t as many free options to choose from compared to other categories of plugins, there is certainly a good selection of premium help desk plugins available for WordPress.

Whether you want to integrate a standalone service such as Zendesk with your WordPress site, or add the help desk features directly to your website with an option like WP Awesome Support, there is a plugin to meet your needs.

Don’t forget, you can combine one of these help desk tools with one of the live chat plugins for WordPress to help you provide even better service to your visitors and customers, and maybe even reduce the amount of tickets that are submitted on your site.

If you have a help desk plugin suggestion or question about this topic, please leave a comment below.