WordPress Distraction Free Writing Mode, and How To Make it Better!

I have always been easily distracted, and have always struggled writing well thought out posts directly into the WordPress post editor.

So when WordPress announced that they would be adding a new (2014) ‘Distraction Free Writing Mode’ to their editor I, like many others, thought this would be a great addition for those with a small attention span like mine.

Unfortunately, the new distraction-free writing mode ended up proving, well pretty distracting actually.

In the following article, I will explain what the distraction free mode is, how to activate it and how to improve it. This will ensure you are never distracted again when writing your next great WordPress post.

What Is Distraction Free Writing Mode?

Simply put, the DFWM was developed to allow those requiring a blank canvas to turn their thoughts into words the ability to rid themselves of all distractions.

You can easily activate this feature by clicking the button to the right of the usual WordPress post editor as seen in the screenshot below.

WordPress Distraction Free Editor

While the editor certainly provides a cleaner space for you to concentrate. The majority of the WordPress community felt that it just didn’t live up to the old DFWM editor.

My main complaint with regards to this version was simply that I didn’t like the editor view changing when my cursor left the text box. When you accidentally clicked or ran the cursor outside of your writing area all controls would suddenly slide back into view – once again breaking your concentration.

Introducing the plugin Just Writing, which simply does what it says on the tin. This plugin provides you with just enough features to get your post past that critical stage, and ready to publish without distracting you in any way.

A New Improved Distraction Free Writing Mode

Once you have installed the Just Writing WordPress plugin you are only a few steps away from a truly distraction-free writing experience.

Simply activate the plugin, then visit your user profile.

Users > Your Profile

Once you have enabled the plugin, simply select which of the settings you prefer. I currently use the ‘Default‘ option.

Once activated your new distraction free editor should lool like the screenshot below.

Just Writing Plugin

The default option provides me with everything a need while still keeping the writing experience relatively distraction free. A vast improvement on the WordPress default DFWM.

Custom Settings

As with all great plugins, Just Writing allows you to set up custom settings to better achieve your ideal writing conditions.

These setting allow you to add and take away certain functionality when creating posts. The custom settings include whether you will want to add images, certain text decorations, alignment and much more besides.

Using The Just Writing Plugin to Write your First Post

Sort of unintuitively, but for good reason, when wishing to use the plugins setting to create a new post or edit a post that has yet to be completed you simply press the “Write” option as opposed to ‘Add New‘ or ‘Edit‘ option.

This allows you to simply navigate between the default WordPress post editing screen, and your newly set-up ‘Just Writing’ Distraction free settings.

Launching DFWM

You are now ready to create your first WordPress post with the knowledge that you will be able to do so without being distracted – at least by the WordPress dashboard.