Why You Shouldn’t Go for the Cheapest Host on the Market

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It should be common sense that the cheapest deal on any market is rarely the best one, but when it comes to web hosting, this is even truer than the usual case. You’ll want to pay special attention to who you’re getting your service from, as the wrong cheap company can actually cost you a lot more than its better competitors on the market once you start dealing with the issues they’ll inevitably cause for you. Save yourself from all that trouble and spend a little extra money to ensure that things don’t go wrong at the worst possible moment.

No Recourse in Case of Outage

A cheap hosting provider rarely makes any guarantees about the availability of their service, and this can quickly hit you in a bad way if you’re not prepared to deal with an outage situation on your own. And what’s worse, you won’t be compensated in any way in that case – you’ll be left to deal with the problem yourself, while the company attempts to restore their services at their own pace. Don’t expect them to be in any rush to get their system restored too quickly though, and don’t be surprised if they don’t respond to your e-mails quickly enough (but more on that in detail later on).

On the other hand, a cheap hosting provider is often not a bad deal for a person who needs something quick for setting up minor sites that don’t require too much attention. In that case, you should definitely look into some less expensive providers on the market.

Poor/no Variety of Preinstalled Applications

You may also be disappointed to find that there is no cPanel, no one-click installer, nothing to help you get a site up and running in a few clicks like most high-end hosts provide. This might not be a big deal for some users, depending on what you plan on doing with the host. If you don’t want to deploy multiple sites quickly and install applications without any manual tweaking on your end, it can definitely be a good deal that can allow you to test some things for a low initial investment. But as soon as things start to get more serious, you should definitely move towards a host that gives you a finer degree of control over what you’re doing and allows you to set your sites up more quickly.

Poor Security for Your Data

Another situation that commonly arises when using a cheap hosting solution is that you end up losing your data and it’s not backed up in any form. This can be a disaster if you’re storing something more sensitive on those servers, but in that case, you should ask yourself the question of why you went with the cheapest offer on the market in the first place. And it’s true that you can always run your own backup solution, but that’s rarely a good option if you also have multiple other details of the site to deal with. Your attention is not infinite, and you should use it wisely when running a more complex project.

This also goes for the other types of security you might find important – defense against attackers. Your data is often a very valuable asset, and if you’re working with any customer information, that goes double. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where it’s compromised and you’re liable for that, and a poorly organized hosting provider can easily put you in that place.

Poor Customer Support

We mentioned above that it can take a while for a cheap hosting company to get back to your e-mails in case you have a problem, and that makes sense when you consider that they’re trying to optimize their own expenses in every way possible. Customer support is often one of the last things on a company’s mind in this state, so don’t be surprised if they don’t pay too much attention to responding to your inquiries as quickly as possible. And when they do, their responses might be less than satisfying if you have a more serious problem that requires professional attention from a specialist, and not just a first-level support representative.

And it should go without saying how problematic this can be if you’re in the middle of a major problem with their services. What’s worse, some companies may deliberately avoid you in those situations, hoping that they’ll be able to get rid of the problem before it gets too serious and that you’ll simply give up trying to reach them in that case. If you don’t want to be treated this way, you should spare no expenses in finding the best hosting provider on the market, and you should understand that the extra price of their services is set so high for a good reason.