What Theme Is This? Finding Out What WordPress Theme A Website Is Using

What Theme Is This? Finding Out What WordPress Theme A Website Is Using

As WordPress and website developers most of us will have at one time or other come across a great looking website and wondered what theme they are using! Is it a premium theme, a custom theme, a customized premium theme, or a free to use theme? These are all questions we more than likely ask ourselves.

Those familiar with WordPress themes know where to look in the source code to help find this information out, but what happens when the website owners change this name, either because the theme has been customized or to stop nosey parkers like you finding out this information?

This was exactly the position I recently found myself in when trying to identify the theme used in a Flippa sale (the site was gunreviewspot.com, for those interested). I was sure I recognized the theme but could not place the theme company that produced it, in addition the website owner had updated the themes name to “seo-home”. I was completely stumped.

Welcome to: What WordPress Theme Is That?

By entering the websites URL into the search bar of this tool you should find out which theme is being used in an instant.

The information you can expect to offered includes;the themes name (as per the source code), the themes download / sales page, themes description, theme authors homepage, and the themes version.

what wordpress theme is this

And in my case, this is what I discovered (click image o enlarge):

In the tests that I have carried out using this tool, at least at first glance seem exceptionally positive. The tool appears to also name base themes used in the production of customized work.

For example when using wplift.com as the search query it indicates that the base theme used to build what is a fantastic customization / unique theme was WordPress’ Twenty Ten.

(click to enlarge image)