The Ultimate Blogging Resource List [eBook]

The Ultimate Blogging Resource List [eBook]

ultimate-blogging-resource-listIf you’ve just started blogging then you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the amount of tools and resources available. In fact, the longer you’ve been working online the worse it gets! Too much choice is often worse than no choice at all.

The fact is that bloggers do rely heavily on lots of third party services in order to build an audience and eventually make money from their site. So here comes our good friend, and top-blog-dog, Kevin Muldoon to save the day.

His new book The Ultimate Blogging Resource List will save you a lot of time and money because it collects and categorizes all of the best tools and services for bloggers in one place.

Kevin has been blogging since Moses was a boy, and has tons of experience both as a blog owner and as a well paid freelance blogger. So you can be confident that all the tools and resources are quality and will do what they say they will. This alone will save you time, money and headaches.

The categories covered are:

  1. Blogging platforms
  2. Domain registrars
  3. Blog hosting
  4. Blog editors
  5. FTP clients
  6. HTML editors
  7. Feed readers
  8. Feed syndication
  9. Job boards and freelancing marketplaces
  10. Note taking and research tools
  11. Image galleries and graphical resources
  12. Image editing applications
  13. Video and audio blogging resources
  14. Podcasting hosting and services
  15. Social media management
  16. Email marketing
  17. Blog promotion
  18. Advertising and monetization
  19. Analytics, analysis and monitoring
  20. Blog design tools and services
  21. Blog performance and security
  22. Blog backups
  23. Cloud storage
  24. Useful apps, services and resources
  25. Blogging advice

My advice: just buy it for a few dollars and refer to it again and again before you buy any new online tools. You can buy it here (and no these are NOT affiliate links!):

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