The Best Sports Plugins for WordPress

The Best Sports Plugins for WordPress

Now that the new football season is almost upon us, it’s time to take a look at some of the sporting plugins for WordPress.

With these WordPress sports plugins you can do a wide range of things from adding predictors and fantasy football league type games to your site as well as displaying the latest fixtures and results from real leagues around the world.

Anyone tasked with managing a five a side league or other competitions and events will find at least a few of these plugins useful for increasing the efficiency of their system and taking it online.

While these plugins have been designed with sports in mind, there is no reason why they cannot be put to other uses such as panning and organizing meetings, visits to other sites or offices, group activities or simply displaying personnel information.

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Football Formation

This premium WordPress plugin that enables you to offer your readers the opportunity to study team formations in a visually amazing format. If you want to be SKY sports & not BT Sport this is the plugin for you.

Football Formation plugin

Here is how it looks:


Fan Victor

Create a fantasy sports website in minutes. This Fantasy Sports plugin gives your members the chance to spend their credits competing in daily tournaments and contests involving predictions of outcomes of sporting events. Host fantasy contests for sports such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, Soccer, NASCAR, Gold and even MMA.

Keep your visitors engaged on your site with an extremely exciting Fantasy Sports game and make money on the biggest sports niche today. This awesome Fantasy Sports Script is open source, meaning you are free to change the code to your own liking. You can modify the template files to get it to look exactly what you want. Create your own custom pools on top of the automated ones too! This plugin requires a paid license.

Everything is completely automated when you sign up with the Premium version of the plugin.

You can select one, many or all organizations to be included in your site. In the Admin Control Panel of your WordPress site, you can set which organizations you want to have on your site. You have total control.

This plugin connects players to each other so they play against each other. There is absolutely NO risk to you. This is an extremely flexible Contest Engine, which you can easily adapt to Fantasy Sports Games.

Fan Victor Screenshot

Game Schedules

This free sports plugin allows you to add games or fixtures to a schedule with information about the location and the opponents of your team making it ideal for managing five a side leagues.


Once installed this plugin adds a ‘Games’ item to the sidebar menu in the WordPress dashboard area. From here you can add each individual game your team will be playing or alternatively you can import a list of games from a CSV file. The plugin supports multiple teams so is ideal for managing a league or groups of schedules.

Adding a game is very similar to adding a post in WordPress as it uses the same page and fields albeit without the post area. The Games Schedules plugin allows you to add the date, the time and the location of the game. Once the games have been entered, the fixture list can be added to a sidebar using the widget that the plugin creates. There is also a widget for showing a countdown to the next game in your site’s sidebar to help build anticipation amongst your team and blog readers about the next match.

This sports plugin for WordPress integrates with the Game Locations plugin from the same developers making it even easier to provide directions and map info for your teammates or blog readers.

This plugin is easy to use and is pretty versatile as it can be used for any schedule such as meetings, visits to certain locations or any other trips, especially when combined with the Game Locations plugin.

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This is another free plugin for managing your sports team but this time the focus is on building and managing a league instead of just the fixtures as is the case with Game Schedules.


Once the plugin has been installed you need to create a league by entering a name and the year. Then it’s time to add the individual clubs that make up the league followed by the players if required. Clubs then need to be added to a league which has to be done one by one which is time consuming for big leagues.

Once the teams have been assigned to the league, it is then possible to enter the fixture dates, then the matches and finally the results. Once you are setup, the information from this plugin can be displayed in posts using a button that this plugin adds to the WordPress post editor or in the sidebar using the widget.


The shortcodes allow you to display the tables and the fixtures, the location of the game (home or away), show all the fixtures for an individual team or show the latest five results in from the league.

While this plugin supports unlimited leagues, clubs and players, it doesn’t have the ability to import data from a CSV or elsewhere which would’ve saved a lot of time when setting up a league using PHPLeague.

Setting up and using this plugin is very time consuming and it’s not a very user-friendly tool. However it does what it sets out to do which is creating a league which can be displayed on your WordPress site as well as managing the teams and player. If you do need this functionality then this free plugin is worth persevering with especially if you are in charge of coordinating a mini league online.

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Team Rosters

This is another free sports plugin for WordPress. Team Rosters allows you to create a custom post type for each player which includes a list of fields for adding the attributes of that player. These include things like:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Position
  • Height
  • Home Town
  • Last School
  • Bats
  • Throws

You can also add excerpts and information in the ‘other info’ field. Once that has been done, the player can be assigned to a team. Team are categories here so assigning a player to a team is as easy as assigning a post to a category.


While entering the player data can be done on an individual, player by player basis, there is now the ability to import multiple players details using a CSV file. This can save huge amounts of time making this one of the more usable sports plugins out there, providing creating detailed lists of your players is what you hope to achieve.


You can do a lot with this plugin making it an ideal choice for someone compiling a list of players, or members of any group for that matter. The players can be displayed on your site in a number of ways making this a very usable plugin.

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Garmin Connect WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows you to display the latest activities from Gamin Connect on your WordPress site. If you have a blog about running or jogging or just want to publish your latest exercise stats online then this free plugin is a great way to do so.

The plugin lets you display maps of your routes in posts and pages using a shortcode or you can use the widget to display your activity in the sidebar or your blog. There are three widget styles to choose from which either display each activity at the same time, or use an accordion type display to only show one at a time. Each activity contains a link back to your profile on the Garmin Connect website where your readers can get more information.


This is a basic plugin that is ideal for those wishing to showcase their latest activities tracked using their Garmin device. If you are a runner or fitness blogger then this sports plugin is a great way to add some extra personal information to your site.

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Swim Team

This plugin adds an online swim team management tool to your WordPress site and while it has been designed for Summer Swim League teams there is no reason why it cannot be appropriated for a different use.


It seems like everything you need to run and manage a swim team has been included in this plugin including swimmer registration, creating swimmer profiles, managing the meets, volunteer assignments, scheduling, generating reports and much more.

You can easily publish the schedules on your WordPress posts and pages using a shortcode allowing your swimmers and their parents to see when the next event is and where it will take place. Club profiles along with a Google Map can also be inserted into posts making the task of finding the location of an upcoming event very easy.

This is a feature packed plugin that could be used for so many other sports and activities and not just swimming. If you want a free tool that can be used to help you manage a schedule of events including registration, volunteering tools and publishing location information then the Swim Team plugin is well worth checking out to see if it meets your specific needs.

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Soccer Info

If you blog about football or just want to show upcoming fixtures and previous results from the major leagues on your site then this free plugin is a great choice. It works with 51 leagues from around the world including:

  • English Premier League
  • Spanish Primera Division
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A

So whoever you support, there is a good chance your team’s league will be featured here, providing they are in the top league for their country.


Installation is simple as with other free plugins available from the WordPress plugin directory. The information can be inserted into posts and pages using a shortcode or in the sidebar with the included widget. You can display the league tables, fixtures or results for any of the 51 leagues covered.

The Soccer Info WordPress plugin also allows you to highlight certain teams in the league tables making it ideal for team-focussed blogs.

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So far there have been a few plugins that allow blog readers to predict the vents of a computer. These sports results predictors have so far included a World Cup 2010 results predictor for managing a fantasy football competition using WordPress and one for the Euro 2012 competition.

If you want to feature one of these tools on your site for an upcoming tournament, keep an eye out for a WordPress predictor tool for the World Cup 2014 and the Euro 2016 competitions, for any new plugins released nearer the time.

Other Sports Plugins

Here are some more sports plugins for WordPress that might be of interest to you:

  • Fixtures and Results Plugin: this plugin is designed to work with a number of sports allowing you to manage and record results.
  • StatsFC Fixtures: this football plugin displays information from the English competitions including the Premier League and the FA Cup on your site.
  • League Standings: highly configurable plugin for displaying multiple sports leagues on your posts and pages.
  • Football Pool: predict outcomes or matches and play against other users of your blog.
  • League Manager: good plugin for managing and publishing your sports leagues on your blog with translations into many languages.
  • For even more sports plugins take a look on Themeforest

Hopefully some of these plugins will be of use to you when managing your teams, events and competitions as well displaying sporting information on your site.