The Best AdSense Plugins for WordPress

The Best AdSense Plugins for WordPress

Using Google AdSense is an easy way to begin monetizing your WordPress site. Depending on the topic of your site you could be earning a few dollars or more (or less), each time someone clicks on one of the adverts Google AdSense displays on your site. They don’t even have to buy anything, simply clicking on the advert is enough to see you earn money online from your website.

Why monetise your site with AdSense?

Once you add the Google AdSense code to your site, the service will scan the content of your pages in order to select and display the adverts that will be of the most interest to your readers. This makes using this ad-network very easy as all you have to do is tell them where on each page you will like the advert to be shown and they will do the rest.

Why Use a Plugin?

While it is simple enough to just paste the AdSense code into the area on your site where you would like the ads shown, this isn’t the best approach. Hard-coding the ad-code into your pages like this makes it very impractical to update the code, as in most cases, you will have to track down and edit multiple pages.

Another approach is to use WordPress shortcodes to store the AdSense code elsewhere and then insert it into pages at will. This will allow you to make changes to the ad-code which will then be applied to each page on your site where the shortcode was used. While this approach does work, it is still not the best method for displaying ads as you will have to edit code, modify themes and keep notes on which shortcodes inserts what type of ad.

The most efficient way to display Google AdSense adverts on a WordPress site is in fact to use a plugin. While some plugins can be overkill for such simple tasks, and while displaying Google-ads on your page is a simple task, these Google AdSense plugins for WordPress bring many other features to the table and most of all, make the process of monetizing your site very simple.

Alternatively, you might want to use one of the WordPress themes built for use with AdSense, as they usually have their own AdSense functionality included as well as aiming to increase the number of people who click on the adverts.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Google AdSense

Depending on the cost per click of the Google AdSense ads that will be displayed on your site, using this service is a great way to begin making money online from your website, due to the small amount effort required to get started. By using these free plugins for WordPress, you can make the whole process even simpler:

Quick AdSense

This free plugin has been downloaded over 360,000 times and has great feedback from users on the plugins repository as well as being updated regularly, showing its still being tested against new versions of WordPress.

Quick AdSense Plugin

One smart feature of this free plugin is the ability to randomize the position and the size of ads that are shown on your pages and posts. As regular visitors to your website can become accustomed to seeing your adverts in the same size and location each time they visit your site, which can lead to them developing ad-blindness, randomizing the ads can make them more eye-catching and therefore, hopefully increase the number of clicks they receive, earning you more money.

While some free plugins of this type aren’t as free as they claim, and sneakily impose a revenue sharing model, showing the author of the plugin’s ads alongside your own, this one claims not to do so.

Although the ad-position randomize feature is nice to have, you don’t have to use this and the Quick AdSense plugin comes with a number of choices for positioning ads, including after a certain number of paragraphs or before or after images, to name but a few.

With this plugin, you can also display ads from other networks instead or alongside your Google AdSense ads. This makes it ideal for those who are promoting their own or affiliate products as well as monetizing their WordPress site with AdSense.

To find out more or download this plugin visit the Quick AdSense page now.

Google AdSense Plugin

This is another free AdSense plugin for WordPress that has some nice features and is well-regarded by those that have used it.

Google AdSense Plugin

As well as inserting the ads on to your page, with this plugin you can also customize their appearance. By using this plugin you can change the border color, the title colour, the background, the text and the URL colors, all by using a simple color picker or by entering the HEX code. You can also choose from the standard Google color palettes which you can then modify or use as is.

The Google AdSense Plugin allows you to choose to donate a percentage of your ad-space to the plugin author but this is optional and otherwise you get to show your ads 100% of the time.

Easy AdSense

This free plugin lets you display Google AdSense adverts on your site with ease and adds a few other features into the mix to help it stand out from the crowd.

Easy AdSense Plugin

With Easy AdSense, you will not be able to break the Google TOS rule of showing too many adverts on a page, as it restricts the number shown to three, the current maximum. You can also easily show ads in your sidebar by using the widget which comes with this plugin.

As well as inserting your ad-code into posts and pages, you can also elect for them to be shown under the header or footers on your WordPress site. Another nice feature is the ability to not show any ads on your home page, even if posts are displayed which you have chosen to display ads on. This is a useful feature as visitors viewing your home page, will not be put off by adverts, and will be more likely to visit the inner pages of your site, which will then display ads.

This is an easy plugin to use which requires little more effort than simply pasting your ad-code from Google AdSense. To find out more, visit the Easy AdSense page at

Google AdSense and Google Analytics Remover

Despite the name, this plugin doesn’t remove ads and tracking code from your site. Instead it simply disables them when you are logged in as a WordPress admin user for your site. This is great for preventing your visits to the site, and that of your co-writers, from artificially inflating your Google AdSense data, including ad impressions, as well as the visitor stats from Google AdSense.

While this plugin isn’t essential, it does provide a useful service that will allow you to analyse your tracking data more accurately.

While there are many Google AdSense WordPress plugins out there, this is the pick of the bunch and should give you enough options to explore before deciding on one which best meets your needs and personal preferences.