The Best Ad Management Plugins For WordPress

The Best Ad Management Plugins For WordPress

If you want to generate some income from your WordPress site, the use of adverts is a popular approach.

One way of using adverts to make money from your website is to find products and services you can promote in order to earn commissions such as Clickbank information products or by joining an affiliate programme such as Amazon Associates. Another popular strategy is to sell advertising space on your blog to third parties.

Whichever method you choose, an ad management plugin can simplify the process and help you keep on top of your adverts and advertising space. This article will take a look at the best premium and free ad management plugins for WordPress to enable you to easily select the right one for your needs.


AdSanity gives you an easy way to manage the adverts you are displaying on your WordPress site. This premium plugin allows you to easily work with adverts of any size and gives you the option of self-hosting the images or using an external ad network.

Ad Management AdSanity

The plugin comes with two widgets that make it as easy as dragging and dropping the desired widget onto the sidebar to get your ads up and running on your site. The widgets allow you to display either a single advert or a group of ads in the sidebar of your WordPress blog. AdSanity also uses shortcodes to allow you to quickly insert the adverts into posts and pages.

This plugin also tracks user interaction with the ads, letting you know how many people are clicking on them and how they are performing. The data is presented in data and graph formats and there is a detailed stats area added to your WordPress dashboard. You can also create custom reports that allow you to interrogate the tracking data in a multitude of ways, making this plugin ideal for those who are selling ad space and need to provide detailed reports to their customers.

With the basic package starting from as little as $29, AdSanity is a cost effective and simple way to manage the ads on your WordPress site for those that don’t require all the advanced features of some of the other plugins available.

To find more visit the AdSanity homepage today.

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a premium ad management plugin that not only makes displaying adverts on your WordPress site a breeze; it also includes a self-service management system for automating the process of selling your ad spaces.

Ad Management OIO

As a publisher, or site owner, you can define your own ad zones where the adverts will be displayed. You can then select a charging model for each zone from the available options which are; cost per day, cost per click, or cost per impression.

You can also define a price list which includes the rates and the corresponding number of days. These could be anything, such as $15 for 3 days, or $25 for 7 days, allowing you to offer tiered pricing and discounts for longer contracts.

While defining the ad zones you can also set the size and layout of the zones, for example one column and four rows or anything of your choosing. Ads can also be displayed to your visitors using geo targeting which allows you to match your adverts with the current location of your readers.

Once this has all been setup, advertisers can then pay for the ability to be able to display their adverts on your WordPress site. This can all be done through the self-service functionality of this plugin, if you choose to enable it. To avoid adverts you might not want on your sight being displayed, you can turn on the option to hold campaigns until they are approved, before taking payment and publishing the adverts. One approved payments can be made by advertisers using a range of methods including PayPal and Google Checkout. To automate things further, you can even choose to give advertisers the ability to edit their text or banner ads.

More great features including allowing advertisers to reserve, with a payment, future ad placements when there are currently no spots available on your site. This is in addition to being able to set rotation factors which allow you to sell a spot more than once by rotating the adverts.

As you’d expect from a plugin as advanced as OIO Publisher, the ad stats on offer are very comprehensive giving you the ability to select custom date ranges, filter by purchase ID and view the clicks, impressions, click through rate, effective cost per thousand impressions and the effective cost per click of each ad.

Also, as a user of this plugin you can promote your site and its advertising opportunities on the OIO Publisher marketplace making it even easier to fill your ad slots.

If you want to automate and make the process of positioning and selling adverts on your sites as hands off as possible, then this plugin is the perfect choice. It’s not a free plugin but it should be very easy for most publishers to recoup the $49 price tag thanks to the ease in which they can now receive payment for ads on their site, not to mention that a single license can be used on all of your sites.

To find out more about this excellent ad management plugin visit the OIO Publisher website now.

WP AdCenter

This is another premium WordPress ad management plugin and it covers some of the same features as OIO Publisher in the way that it allows users to create their own ad zones and then package them up and sell them to advertisers with little interaction required.

Ad Management Ad Center

With WP AdCenter you can create unlimited sets of banner ads which is useful for split testing adverts and ad placements in order to ensure you find the best strategy for your site. This can either lead to higher conversions for your own ads or enable you to get a better price from advertisers thanks to your optimised click through rates.

You can also easily set the time frame for how long to display specific set of ads which is ideal for time sensitive offers and seasonal promotions. As you would expect from a premium plugin that is competing with OIO Publisher, the stats are detailed giving you a good insight into the performance of the adverts on your site. You can even make the stats publicly visible to the advertisers to let them check on the effectiveness of their investment.

Selling ad space can be easily automated thanks to the auto-generated sign up forms that can be placed on your pages allowing advertisers to buy the spots without any input from you. WP AdCenter can also collect the payment from the advertiser using PayPal which is ideal for making this whole process as passive an income stream as possible.

There are a number of price points for this plugin starting from $49 and going up to $129 for use on an unlimited number of sites. For the full details on this plugin, visit the WP AdCenter site today.


This is the free version of the premium AdRotate Pro and is a good way to get started with showing adverts on your site without paying out any money.

Ad Management AdRotate

While it lacks many of the features of the other plugins listed so far, such as being able to package up and sell adverts through the plugin, it does allow you to create unlimited ad blocks and style them. You also get some basic statistics with this free plugin such as click tracking and graph display of data.

To see the full list of features of AdRotate and compare to those of the premium Pro version visit the site today.


Ad Management WP AdPress

This premium ad management WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon allows you to package and sell ads by duration, clicks or impressions giving you lots of control over how long to display ads on your site. When selling ads you can either set the plugin to auto-approve transactions or set them to pending until you approve or reject them. This raises the possibility of letting the whole process run by itself on autopilot as AdPress is capable of collecting payments thanks to its PayPal integration.

AdPress costs a little less than some of the other premium ad management tools out there; but the standard license only allows use on one of your sites. To find out more visit the AdPress home page today.

Simple Ads Manager

This is a free plugin that has been downloaded over 80,000 times and while the reviews aren’t all glowing endorsements, it does have a strong following. While it doesn’t have the advanced features of the premium plugins that allow you to sell your ads on a self-service basis, it is packed with other features that make it well worth a look.

Ad Management Simple Ads Management

Some of the features of the Simple Ads Manager plugin include choosing to display ads according to the number of hits and clicks they receive, counting the revenue earned from ads and inserting ads as a widget, shortcode or as part of a themes template.

If you want to get started with ad placements on your WordPress site then this free plugin might be just want you need to find your feet. To download this free plugin visit the Simple Ads Manager page at


This is an impressive little free plugin that makes it very easy to place 125 x 125 px ads on your site. You can simply display the small ads in one or two column formations or delve into your template code and position them however you like. In fact, using this plugin you can have as many ads on your site as you want, with little effort required. The ads can also be randomly shown if you so wish.

Ad Management WP125

To show you how the ads are performing there are stats, and although you can’t sell the ads on a self-service basis, you can easily manage private advertising on your site by being able to enter how many days you want a campaign to run for before it is automatically removed from display. You don’t even have to know the exact end date; you can simply enter the number of days you want the ads to be shown for. Furthermore you can even setup automated email notifications to inform yourself, or the ad buyer that their deal has expired, which can remind them to re-order the ad.

Join the 370,000+ who have already downloaded this feature packed free WordPress ad manager from the WP125 page at today.

WP Insert

WP Insert is a powerful free plugin that can handle ad management on your site. Not only can it manage ads but it can also insert any other code you might need to use including analytics and tracking software as well as any other items such as footer text and links you might want to insert into your sites theme.

Ad Management WP Insert

You can use shortcodes to insert and position your ads so that they are placed amongst your content with your desired alignment. WP Insert can also use geo targeting to display specific ads depending on where a user is based for example showing links to visitors from the US or swapping the ad for a different one entirely, such as AdSense, for users from somewhere else in the world.

With over 180,000 downloads WP Insert is proving to be quite a popular choice so for more information visit the plugin page at

Which is the Best WordPress Ad Management Plugin?

While there are many premium plugins available for this task, for publishers who don’t plan on selling their ad spaces on a self-service basis and don’t require advanced ad management functionality, the free plugins should suffice. WP125 is a great option but they are all worth taking a look at to find out which best matches your specific needs

However, opting for a premium plugin that automates the process of selling the ad spots on your site is highly recommended if you think you might be selling space on your WordPress site, either now or at some point in the future. The advanced ad tracking capabilities of the premium plugins should also make it easier to promote your service and get better rates for your ad spaces, as you can easily demonstrate the benefit to potential customers by showing them the data.

While OIO Publisher and WP AdCenter share a similar feature list, the $49 price tag of OIO Publisher, which allows use on an unlimited number of your sites nudges this one above the competition in terms of features and value for money.