Simple Tools to Help You Manage a Multi-Author Blog

Simple Tools to Help You Manage a Multi-Author Blog

A multi-author blog enables you to deliver more value to your readers. They get to enjoy diverse viewpoints from different people, receive fresh content on a regular basis, and refer more people to your blog. On your part, you get to offer more content. With more people writing for your blog, the content, the readership, and the level of activity is significantly multiplied.

Multi-author blogs are easy to set-up. Management, however, is a different story altogether. If you are thinking of making your WordPress blog multi-author, you need a few tools to pull it off. We have listed several WordPress plugins you can readily download. Use these tools to stay on top of everything and keep your readers up-to-date.

Managing Your Authors

Editorial CallanderEffectively managing your authors and registered users is important if you want to run a successful multi-author blog. You need to keep track of every activity and receive notification about them. An Editorial Calendar is the first thing you must have to help you schedule the publishing of your content.

Co Authors Plus Plugin

Co-Authors Plus is a convenient plugin allowing you to assign multiple authors to your posts and pages. This is an excellent tool for managing content with more than one author. If some of your authors are not a member of your website, you can still manage them through the Custom Author Byline. This plugin allows you create a custom byline for your non-member authors’ posts. Use the Audit Trail to keep track of every post. It will show you when they log in and out, publish posts, and visit pages on your website.

Communicating With Your Authors


Communicating with your authors is crucial in maintaining control of your blog. Instead of just passively keeping track of their posts, you need to give and receive feedback and facilitate discussion. The Email Users is one great plugin to help you exchange emails with your registered blog users. If you are a power user, you can send a message to your entire team in just one click.

Notepad Plugin

The Dashboard Notepad enables you and your registered users to exchange notes instead of emails. The widget appears on your main dashboard. The WP Status Notifier is another tool you need. It will enable you to inform your authors whether or not their posts are published. It also installs in your WordPress dashboard and allows you to communicate with your authors easily.

Promoting Your Authors

Author Spotlight Plugin

Providing sufficient information about your author gives credibility to their posts, and your website as a whole. More than anything else, however, it helps them promote themselves and the articles they publish. If you are looking for a great tool for promoting your authors, Author Spotlight is one of WordPress’s most dependable widgets. It provides readers with your authors’ short info and their profile photos. If there are multiple authors for one post, it will display their profiles neatly one after another.

The tools and plugins mentioned on this post are all available on WordPress. Watch out for upcoming posts for more WP tips.