Review Plugins: Add Professional Reviews to your WordPress Site

Review Plugins: Add Professional Reviews to your WordPress Site

If your WordPress site features reviews of products, services or anything else for that matter, using a plugin designed to present and format review posts in the best possible way is an excellent idea.

Whether you are reviewing films you’ve seen, books you’ve read or products for affiliate marketing purposes, these WordPress review plugins can make your blog posts stand out from the crowd and help encourage your readers to engage with your thoughts and opinions.

Here is a look at the best premium WordPress plugins for creating a review site or simply publishing great looking review posts on your blog:

WP Reviews

I recently stumbled across WP Reviews and wish I’d done so sooner! This is an incredibly easy premium plugin to use which adds excellently formatted review posts to your site.

Once installed you can use the additional meta boxes and fields this plugin adds to the standard WordPress ‘edit post’ page to build well-presented and professional looking review posts.


This plugin is part of the Author hReview bundle of three premium plugins including:

  • Author hReview: ideal for adding reviews to your site on a smaller scale
  • Customer Testimonials: this plugin is perfect for anyone wishing to easily collect and publish testimonials on their blog
  • WP Reviews: this plugin

While Author hReview and WP Reviews can’t be used together on the same site as they share some of the same functionality, the price of the bundle alone is worth the admission just to get your hands on WP Reviews.

Both review plugins here work with Google Rich Snippets. This means that your star ratings and some other review info will be shown in the Google search engine results pages. This sends a clear message to searchers that your site features a review and should therefore increase the number of people who click through to your site.

WP Review Review

Once the visitor arrives at your site, they should be suitability impressed by the layout and presentation of your review, to help keep them on your page for long enough to engage with your review and its links to the products or services in question.

This plugin works really well and is so easy to setup it might surprise you. If you run an affiliate site or promote the occasional affiliate product this is a great choice to make your sites look more authoritative. Priority support and updates last for just six months (can be extended with renewal). However, there is just a one off fee for the use of the plugins themselves.

While it might be lacking some features of the other plugins such product comparison tables or the ability to sort posts based on review, it is very easy to use and even the most inexperienced WordPress users should be up and running in no time and creating attractive review posts.

There is currently 30% off WP Reviews and the two other bundled plugins.

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This is the self-proclaimed #1 Amazon Affiliate Plugin which gives you an idea of what it has been designed to do. Yes you’ve guessed it; if you are promoting products sold on Amazon on your WordPress site this might be the ideal match for your blog.

Review Azon Review

If you simply want to add well formatted and presented review posts to your WordPress for a range of products and services then ReviewAZON isn’t going to be for you. However, Amazon Associate members should find this premium review plugin for WordPress very helpful.

The plugin is packed with great features to help you build comprehensive product reviews on your blog including:

  • Browse and search for products on Amazon direct from your WordPress site
  • Embed images (with links) into your posts from with the post editor
  • Queue up products and reviews to be added to your blog over time on a drip feed basis
  • Customise the product information displayed on your blog
  • Display customer reviews on your site
  • Add the Amazon shopping cart to your site and display it as a widget
  • Easily add YouTube videos to your posts from with the WP post editor

If your site is based around reviewing products available on Amazon then this plugin comes highly recommended.

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This is another premium plugin for displaying reviews on a WordPress site, but this one is not fixed to any particular merchant as ReviewAZON is.

MyReviewPlugin review

With this plugin you can create feature rich review posts to showcase your content and the topic of the reviews in the best possible way. There is a drag and drop editor for working with the layout of your posts which ensures your site looks different from others that are using this plugin.

MyReviewPlugin review

Some of the many features of MyReviewsPlugin include:

  • Let your readers add their own reviews with star rating comment forms
  • Select which rating categories to include such as Price, Quality Speed and many more
  • Rate with stars, letter grades, percentages, pass or fail and other options
  • Change the default WordPress post order for your reviews on a range of different criterion
  • Build custom product comparison tables

MyReviewPlugin review

MyReviewPlugin is a solid choice for anyone who wants to create good looking review posts which a wealth of settings and options in the background, to make sure the site works just as you want it. If your site is all about the reviews then this is a good choice.

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WP Review Site

This is another premium review plugin for WordPress which aims to make it easy to add professional looking reviews to your site, no matter what theme you are using. You can use this plugin to turn your site into a fully-fledged review engine to cover any topic you wish such as products, services, hotels, photos or anything you can think of.

WP Review

It can also be used to add star rating to your existing posts which means if you already have review content on your site you can enhance it without doing a major re-edit of existing content.

WP Review

Some of the best features of the WP Review Site plugin include:

  • Readers can leave review using the enhanced comment form
  • Auto create comparison tables of reviewed items
  • Customise how product information and ratings are displayed
  • Navigate your reviews using the two sidebar widgets

WP Review

While this is certainly a powerful plugin for building a review site, the review posts themselves aren’t comparable in terms of design and presentation as those that can be created with the WP Reviews plugin covered earlier. However, if you want an easy way of adding star ratings for a number categories and then managing those review posts in an easy way, this plugin would make a good choice.

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At last a free plugin for adding reviews to your WordPress sites. There are a number of free plugins for adding star ratings to your posts but this looks like the most comprehensive free option for creating attractive review posts.

WeReview free plugin

WeReview has been developed by WP Eden, who create themes and plugins, and is available from the plugin repository where it has the title WordPress Review Site Builder. The plugin itself uses custom post types to bring its functionality to WordPress. With this free plugin you can use shortcodes to display reviews in an easy to read comparison table or list your latest reviews Pinterest style.


The plugin claims to work with any theme but if you are looking for a theme designed especially for creating a review site, one of WP Eden’s WordPress review themes might be of interest.

I have to admit I was surprised by this plugin considering its lack of a price tag. It has some great features and allows you to add well designed review posts to your blog very easily.

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If you’ve already got a theme installed that you are happy with and want to start adding great looking review posts to your site then these plugins will really help you out. WP Review is probably my favourite plugin on the list because the reviews just look so good.

If you are exclusively promoting products available on Amazon then ReviewAZON has to be at the top of your list for further investigation. The integration with the big retailer will make your life easier and also enable you to make a great looking, feature rich ecommerce-style affiliate site.

If you are building a review site using WordPress from scratch then your project might be better served by using one of the review themes available. These often have the features of the above plugins included, as well as a layout suited to a site predominantly featuring reviews. If you are interested in such a theme, keep an eye on the blog for a review of the best options which will be coming soon.