3 Hosting Companies That Offer WordPress Pre-Installed

pre-installed wordpress hosting

Pre-Installed WordPress hosting can be a great starting point for those that are just getting started with website design, as it offers an entry point where the understanding of FTP or SFTP is not required.

Arguably the installation process is often the biggest obstacle to those wishing to build their first website, and unfortunately, it is often the point where many give up. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the early days of WordPress, the ability to install it was a pre-requisite. However, as the open source software has increased in popularity there are now hosting companies that specialize in hosting only WordPress websites & therefore offer a pre-installed version straight out of the box.

Why Would I Want WordPress Pre-Installed?

There are numerous reasons you may want WordPress pre-installed, some of which I have pointed out above. However, the main reason I ensure I purchase my hosting from a company that offers this as default is that these are the companies that specialize in the use of WordPress.

These companies can often provide much better support for all WordPress related issues, will usually provide additional security included within the pre-installed version, and will more often than not provide ongoing backups (something that otherwise you would need to purchase separately).

In a nutshell, hosting companies that offer a pre-installed version of WordPress can better look after your long term needs than a company that offers a more general hosting service.

Pre-Installed WordPress Hosting Companies

Before I list the companies that I recommend I would like you to understand that I have only listed companies that I have personally used, and have been satisfied with the overall service.

My websites are currently hosted on Flywheel, but this predominantly due to their advanced “White Labelling” features available for agencies & not because the other two services are not up to par.


Flywheel is without a doubt my favorite host on the market, it is after all where I have hosted my websites for over 3 years.

The backend is easy to navigate, and there support (on the occasions I have had to use them) have offered a truly great service.

While they market themselves as a WordPress host specifically for agencies, they are more than happy to offer their services to those just starting out on their WordPress journey.

You can even sign up for FREE and create your WordPress installation (with access to the Dashboard) before you even pay them a penny! This is great for beginners because you will know that you are getting what you expect – a pre-installed WordPress installation. Here you can follow my “Build a website in under 30 minutes tutorial“.

In addition, this host will grow with your website – there is no website too big for Flywheel to handle.

Flywheel – $25 / month

Flywheel Hosting

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WP Engine

WP Engine is without a doubt the most expensive of my recommendations, which if I’m honest was one of the reasons I eventually decided to take my business elsewhere. They do however provide a great service.

As well as hosting you will receive the Genesis framework with 35+ premium child themes (worth over $2,000). Offering beginners a great chance to learn how premium WordPress themes work. These themes are used on some of the most popular websites available online – though customization can be limited without knowledge of CSS.

WP Engine is probably the most popular Word

WP Engine – $35 / month

WP Engine Hosting

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WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting was once called Traffic Planet Hosting before they dedicated all their resources to WordPress specific hosting.

The support I received from the team (and even the owner himself) was just superb. One of the reasons they are rated the #1 host out of 196 web hosts.

Mathew Woodward the famous affiliate blogger rates them as his number 1 choice.

While nowhere near as famous a hosting company as WP Engine sometimes it is better to choose the business’ where you are more than just a number.

My experience with these guys was a great one – but unfortunately, flywheel lured me away with their white label options.

WPX Hosting – $24.99 / month

WP Engine Hosting

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If you are wanting WordPress pre-installed you will have to subscribe to a managed host, this has many benefits over Hostgator & Blue Host, with the only drawback being a higher cost.

I am of the opinion that a managed host actually suits beginners better because websites can from time to time be hacked, files can be corrupted, and backups can go missing.

With a managed host these are far less likely to happen, and if they do you have a full support team who know WordPress inside and out to help you.

Now get your pre-installed WordPress dashboard & get building – good luck!