Plugins to Help Your Readers Find More of Your Content

Plugins to Help Your Readers Find More of Your Content

A great way to increase your site’s reader engagement levels and turn one time visitors into regular subscribers is to make it as easy as possible for them to find other content on your site that might be of interest to them.

While the standard recent posts widget and traditional WordPress menus can help encourage your readers to click through to other pages on your site, installing a plugin or two to help promote related and stellar content is a great idea.

Providing too many options can lead to overwhelm which in turn causes inaction. This means it’s important to carefully select a simple way to display links to relevant and related content on your site that your readers will appreciate, without overloading them with options.

With that in mind, read up on these plugins that can help your site visitors discover more of your content and then pick the options that best fit your site and its content.

Simple Reach Slide

This is a great free plugin for helping your readers discover more of the content on your site. The plugin adds a small widget that slides in at the bottom corner of the page. The widget recommends related posts on your site that should be of interest to your readers. By grabbing their attention and then showing them links to relevant content, you are greatly increasing your chances of your visitors sticking around to consume more of your content.

Slide Reach Plugin

There aren’t many settings for this plugin and once it is installed and activated, it can just be left to do its thing. As the Simple Reach Slide plugin uses ‘asynchronous loading’ it does not affect the load time of your pages.

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nrelate Flyout

This plugin delivers a similar effect to the above Simple Reach Slide plugin but comes with more options to sink your teeth into. If you want a more complex and sophisticated popup style recommendation system then this might be the better option.

nrelate Flyout

The flyout box can be customised to suit your preferences and the style of your site. It’s a great way to improve user engagement with your site and increase the amount of time your readers spend browsing your content.

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Where Did They Go From Here

This well-rated free plugin for WordPress emulates the “Customers who viewed this also viewed…” functionality of the Amazon store. Once installed on your site, this plugin will display a message of “Readers who viewed this page, also viewed” followed by links to other posts on your site. However, the text is editable allowing you to display a custom message.

The Where Did They Go From Here plugin actually works and displays real results of where you readers have gone to next from the current page that is being viewed. There is also tracking functionality included in this tool which allows you to see where your readers go after reading a specific post. It also features thumbnail support for showing images alongside the text links to the recommended posts.

All in all this is a pretty unique feature for a WordPress site that you can start using on your blog with minimal effort.

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nrelate Related Content

This is another free plugin from nrelate that aims to increase the amount of page views your site receives. The plugin adds a short list of related posts at the end of each page, using either text links and/or thumbnails to help entice your readers through to other pages on your site.

nrelate Related Content Plugin

There are a number of designs and templates to choose from, helping you to get the look that you want. In the options for the nrelate Related Content plugin, you can opt to display the links to the related posts at the start or end of each post or you can add it to posts on an individual basis with the shortcode. It can also be displayed as a sidebar widget.

This plugin is a good option that provides an alternative to the flyout boxes, while still making it easy for your readers to find related content on your site.

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Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

YARRP is perhaps the most popular plugin for helping readers discover more of your content. It’s been downloaded over 2.5 million times and has positive feedback rating from users.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for WordPress

The plugin displays a list of posts or pages that are related to the current page the reader is viewing. These links to related posts should make visiting another part of your site the next logical step in the user experience for your readers, as opposed to clicking the back button once they’ve reached the end of the article.

The plugin now supports the use of featured image thumbnails when displaying the list of related posts. It also works with custom post types as well as pages and regular posts. With YARPP it is easy to customise the template for the output list of posts, allowing you to get the right look and feel for your site.

The algorithm which determines which posts should be displayed as related content can be customised to look at the various attributes and weight them differently.

While there are many related posts plugins for WordPress, YARPP is the most popular and gets regular updates and is well supported.

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Comment Redirect by Yoast

This is another popular and free plugin by WordPress expert Joost de Valk. It’s a simple but effective one that shows a page of your choice after someone has left a comment on your blog.

Comment Redirection Plugin

The page could be a thank you for commenting type page, a link to your newsletter signup page or a page that contains a list of your most popular posts. However you choose to utilise it, the Comment Redirect plugin is a great way to further engage with your readers once they’ve left a comment.

The settings are very simple and once installed, it’s just a matter of selecting a page that first time commenters will be redirected to.

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Random Post Link

This plugin displays a link on your WordPress site that takes your readers to a random post on your site. The free plugin uses cookies to ensure readers are not taken to the same random post twice. Once a user has visited all the posts on your site, the list will be cleared and they will be randomly sent to a post for the second time.

Random Post Link Plugin

There isn’t really much to say about this plugin and it’s up to you to find a creative way to use it on your site that will add value to your readers.

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While there is no substitute for compelling content and a well-designed site, the free plugins in this post can help reduce your bounce rate and increase your page views per visitor, while also making it easier for your readers to find the best content on your site.

While installing all of these options is going to be overkill, picking one or two from the list will help go a long way towards ensuring your quality content gets the exposure it deserves.