Review – Easy Management of Multiple WordPress Accounts! Review – Easy Management of Multiple WordPress Accounts!

Managing multiple WordPress accounts is a reality for many webmasters around the world. While it’s easy to bookmark and log in and out of each account, doing this repeatedly can be difficult and tiring. Wouldn’t it be great if you can control all accounts from a centralized dashboard? I recently came across ManageWP, an all-inclusive dashboard that makes multiple WordPress account management easier than ever! Here’s a quick look into what I found after giving the program a quick test drive.

What exactly is ManageWP?

ManageWP is the ultimate WordPress dashboard and according to the team behind it, they are “the world’s first and finest all-inclusive WordPress management console offering users full power and complete control in managing virtually any number of WordPress sites in the easiest way possible.” Its primary goal is to help users save time and focus on content creation, customers, and building business.

Manage Wp Dashboard

With powerful management, monitoring, backup, deployment, publishing, and security features, ManageWP brings peace of mind to any customer who uses it. Users get things done easily, fast, and securely.

Getting to Know ManageWP

As someone who maintains and manages several WP accounts myself, I’ve tried many dashboards in search of the best. I’ve encountered all sorts of programs, ranging from those that are way too simple and lacking functionality, to those that are over the top and too technical. ManageWP comes in as above average and one of the best I’ve seen thus far. We’ve been trying it out for several months now and are really enjoying it.

The look and feel of the interface is simple and pretty intuitive. To get started, you simply have to install a small plugin on each of the blogs you wish to add to the platform. From there, you can easily add your blog onto the system; once on the dashboard, you can switch to and from multiple blogs with just a single click. The program eliminates the need to log in and out of each account, streamlining the entire process in just a few minutes.

Even this early in the process, you get a good idea of why the developers chose such a simple name for the dashboard – ManageWP – because that’s exactly what the program helps users do with ease: straight to the point. The program does not alienate its users, and new and tenured WordPress users alike will quickly realize that it’s a program designed especially for WordPress users by WordPress users.

Depending on which pricing plan you go with, there are many features that go beyond what other dashboards on the internet offer. We’ve put together a short list of the most significant ones and what we like best about them.


ManageWP makes it clear from the get-go that user security is one of their highest priorities. This is evident in their use of state-of-the-art encryption and security measures. I’d even go as far as saying that the security system in place goes above the standards set by WordPress itself.

ManageWP works in strong partnership with and integrate programs to make sure all sites the program interacts with is free from malware and potentially harmful viruses. The tools made available to users allow easy access to check the health of every site on the system and quick resolution in case of bugs.

Outstandingly Reliable Backup

Again, depending on which pricing plan users choose to go with, rest assured there is a solid backup plan in place. Run by a team of committed WordPress users themselves, ManageWP knows how valuable data is and provides premium backup services to save users from total disaster.

Manage WP Backup

iOS Compatibility

This is one of the features I was most excited trying. None of the other plugins and dashboards I’ve come across are able to downsize into a mobile application the way ManageWP did with theirs. Apple iPhone users can look forward to an app that is just as impressive as the web platform provided by ManageWP. The best part about it is it’s free; at least for the time being. The fact that users can take information with them and manage WordPress accounts wherever they are is indispensable, especially considering the mobile world we live in.

Manage WP For Iphone

Plans Offered

When it comes to the number and types of plans offered, ManageWP has one of the most comprehensive available in the industry. There are four packages to choose from, and the beta plan is free! Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from each.

The free trial program gives users access to the powerful system and all its premium features for 30 days. You can add up to five sites, and it’s a great way to get a feel of the plugin and dashboard, should you choose to sign up for the bigger pricing plans. The standard plan is ideal for bloggers and small businesses, while the professional package works best for professional bloggers and considerably large businesses. The biggest and most comprehensive package – Business – is great for even larger companies like major media groups, marketers, web hosts and web developers. Learn more about the different packages offered by checking them here.

There are many advantages to subscribing to ManageWP unseen in other multiple WordPress account management plugins and dashboards. Although it’s considerably pricey compared to its closest competitor, it offers the most bang for your buck because of all the features you get.

ManageWP is headed in the right direction and is constantly working on ways to ensure it delivers the best platform ever. The improvements are significant, updates are constant, and features should continue to improve.

With such great dedication to better features and improved functionality across the board, ManageWP is a service and plugin worth recommending to all WordPress users managing websites of all sizes, regardless of industry.

I’ve been using it for months now, and overall I think it’s one of, if not the most, solid services available. It’s definitely what I would choose, considering it’s loaded with great features I can use on a daily basis.