Learn WordPress with Video Tutorials for You or Your Clients

Learn WordPress with Video Tutorials for You or Your Clients

Today we are looking at some resources which can not only teach you how to use WordPress, but also help your clients and other users of your websites learn how to use WordPress.

Through the medium of video, the services we are looking at provide a series of tutorials comprising of screencasts and voice overs, covering many of the essential features and tasks you can carry out in WordPress.

The videos on offer are available either online or by integrating them into the WordPress dashboard, making them instantly accessible to anyone who needs help when working on their website.

Who are these WordPress Video Tutorials For?

As a WordPress consultant, offering video tutorials as part of your package is a great way to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. If you have potential clients that are unsure about adopting WordPress and learning a new system, you can reassure them by highlighting these video tutorials in your pitch.

The services featured below will not only help you win more clients, but will reduce the time you spend supporting those clients, and save you the effort of creating your own set of user support documentation for WordPress.

These services can also be used to provide support for any users who contribute to your blog and aren’t familiar with WordPress. This could include guest bloggers, virtual assistants, and others working on your websites.

WP101: Online WordPress Training Videos

Learn WordPress WP101

The WP101 service provides a series of online training videos for WordPress users and site owners. The WP101 team re-record each video whenever a new version of WordPress is released to ensure that the online tutorial you are following exactly matches the interface you are using.

Check out the Free Videos

There are a few free videos on the website, including one on how to install WordPress, and then after that you must sign up and become a customer to access the rest of the video content. The free videos give you a good chance to see if the presentation and learning style meets your needs before handing over any money.

The WP101 video tutorial library is separated into four parts:

  • WP101: 20-part series on the basics of using WordPress
  • WP201: videos covering more advanced features such as custom fields
  • WordPress SEO: series of video tutorials for this popular plugin by Yoast

You can view the full library of videos here to get a better idea of what is covered and access the free content.

More Tutorials on the Way

There are currently tutorials on stopping comment spam with Akismet in production, with a series on Jetpack, WooCommerce and a whole lot more scheduled for production in the future.

At the time of writing, when it comes to pricing, you have three options for learning WordPress with WP101:

  • Monthly subscription: $15 per month
  • Annual subscription: $30 per month
  • Lifetime access: $60 one-time purchase

To get the latest rates, you can view the up to date pricing details here. As well as instant access to all 45 premium video tutorials, you also get access to new videos that are added during your membership, and access to a members-only Q&A forum.

Remove WP101 Branding

The videos are also available on a white-label license which you can give to your clients as a part of your web design or WordPress consultancy services.

If you want to learn WordPress by watching a series of highly professional and well-presented videos that cover many aspects of using WordPress, from creating a new post, to changes themes and installing plugins, then WP101 is a great choice. As access to the videos can be purchased under the white-label license they are perfect for using to support your clients.

The series has also been translated into Spanish, including screencasts of a Spanish language installation of WordPress.

Or you want to improve your WordPress skills, or you are creating website for clients or helping friends and family get online, then WP101 is also a great way to take some of the support load of your hands

Visit WP101 now

WP101 Plugin: Add Video Tutorials to the WordPress Dashboard

The WP101 Plugin is from the same team as the WP101 online video tutorial with the main difference being that it has a separate target audience.

While the WP101 video tutorials are more aimed at those who want to learn WordPress and are independently seeking a way to do so, the WP101 Plugin has been created for those building WordPress-based solutions for their clients and want a way to provide their clients with access to professional video tutorials.

Display the Videos in the WordPress Dashboard

Once the plugin is installed on a WordPress website, the site owner and other users who can access the dashboard will be able to view a series of up to 20 professionally-produced tutorial videos.

The user who installs the plugin – usually the site designer or builder – can choose which videos are listed, and they can even add their own videos to the list, covering more bespoke features or client specific information.

Save Countless Hours of Support

The video series covers a range of topics, from understanding the dashboard and the difference between WordPress posts and pages, through to adding new users and embedding video. Adding the plugin to a site and making the videos accessible only takes a few steps and then your clients will have access to a series of videos that can save you countless hours of support time.

The video tutorials are streamed from the cloud so there is no burden on your or your client’s servers. The videos are all white-label and contain no branding or logos, helping you to present an even more professional image to your clients.

The WP101 Plugin is available on three plans, with the current prices listed as:

  • Freelancer monthly plan: $19 per month
  • Freelancer annual plan: $190 per year
  • Agency monthly plan: $197

The freelancer plans allow the plugin to be installed on an unlimited number of client sites, while the agency plan is capped at 1,000 client sites. There is also a free 7-day trial available to let you try out the plugin and the check out the video tutorials.

If you are building WordPress sites for clients then installing this plugin is an ideal way to save yourself creating support documentation, and preventing countless emails and phone calls from clients who’ve forgotten how to create a new post in WordPress or add a plugin. When you think of the time and effort saved, it makes investing in a service like WP101 an easy cost to justify.

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Video User Manuals: Hosted WordPress Video Guides

Learn WordPress Video User Manuals

Video User Manuals gives you an easy way provide your clients and website users with a series of over 55 video tutorials covering how to use WordPress. Once the plugin is installed on a WordPress site, the videos can be accessed from within the dashboard, allowing users to get support directly from within their WordPress site. The service also includes a traditional document based manual which can be accessed from within yours or your client’s site.

The videos are made from an editor’s perspective, rather than that of an administrator. This makes them ideal for giving to users and clients who need to know about content creation and management, rather than installing WordPress, setting up themes, and managing plugins.

Tutorials for WooCommerce and WordPress SEO Plugins

However, in addition to the core WordPress functionality, the videos now cover two plugins: WordPress SEO by Yoast and the WooCommerce online shop builder.

The videos and user manual can all be branded with your own logos, simply by uploading an image. You also get the option of adding your own videos to cover the unique features of the websites you create or for providing more site-specific information to your users.

The list of videos available can also be customised, allowing you to hide videos covering features your clients or users don’t have access to. The videos from Video User Manuals are all hosted, saving you and your clients’ bandwidth.

Choice of Accents and Languages

When setting up the plugin and access to the videos on a website, you get the opportunity of choosing the accents and languages from the available options: American English, British English, Australian English, or Spanish.

Another nice feature of Video User Manuals is as well as the videos being updated as soon as a new version of WordPress becomes available, the plugin will detect which version of WordPress is in use on the client’s website and then show the videos for that version.

When it comes to the pricing of Video User Manuals, you can get your first month for just $1 and then after that you will need to choose from one of the three pricing plans:

  • Single: $70 one-time fee for use on one client website
  • Developer: $24 per month for use on unlimited client websites
  • Saver: $240 per year for use on unlimited client websites

If you want to provide your clients and site users with a series of WordPress video user manuals then this service could be just what you are looking for.

Visit Video User Manuals now


If you are spending any amount of time creating documentation for your clients or site contributors, taking time out of your schedule to walk them through the features of WordPress, or fielding support emails and calls, then the benefits of investing one of these video tutorials packages for WordPress should be obvious.

In order to choose the right option for your needs, visit the sites, check out the sample content, and find out which option covers the features you are most interested in providing your clients support for.

How do you learn about how to use WordPress or provide support for your clients?