Get Push Notifications from your WordPress Site with Pushover

Get Push Notifications from your WordPress Site with Pushover

If you are running a mission critical website, or just want to have your finger of the pulse regarding what’s going on with your WordPress site and the community that has built up around it, then push notifications sent from your site might be just what you are looking for.

By using WP-Push and Pushover, you can begin receiving push notifications straight to your iOS and Android devices. Instead of having to be logged into your WordPress dashboard to find out the latest activity on your site, with push notifications you can be instantly alerted when something of interest happens, or an item requires your attention on your site.

Pushover WordPress

How Push Notifications for WordPress Work

By installing a plugin on your site and signing up with the Pushover service, both of which are free, you can then start receiving alerts when something happens on your WordPress site. The notifications are pushed out to your Android or iOS device, including tablets and smartphones, via an inexpensive paid app, giving you a notification that some action has taken place on your site. The app can also be used to receive notifications from a wealth of other sources.

Pushover Phone

The notifications can also be sent to your desktop, by using Pushover for Desktop, an in-browser client for Pushover.

Pushover Desktop

Standard notifications can include things like new comments or posts being published to your site, while the available extensions allow you to get more specific push notifications triggered by actions such as a sale being made on your eCommerce store or daily stats on your website traffic.

Setting up WordPress Push Notifications

The first part of the setup process involves installing the free plugin, Pushover Notifications for WordPress. As the plugin is available from the WordPress plugin directory, it can be installed directly from within your site’s admin dashboard (Plugins > Ad New > Search ‘pushover notifications for WordPress’).

After installing the plugin, you will need to connect it up with a Pushover account. Creating an account is free and once you’ve done so, you can generate the required API keys and start using this service with your WordPress site.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you get to define which events trigger a push notification to be sent to your phone or mobile device. This is great as one of the options includes getting a notification when a new comment is left on a blog post on your site.

Pushover Options

As WordPress is a magnet for comment spammers, even with Akismet installed, if your site has become a target this is probably one notification you will want to turn off. However, if you’ve got an effective comment spam trap in place, then this notification could allow you to quickly respond to your readers’ comments and help spark lively conversation, discussion and debate on your posts.

Pushover Tablet

The WordPress plugin also has the ability to log notifications that are sent out on your site, allowing you to check that the service is working with your site, as well as keeping a record of what is triggering push notifications.

As well as the standard notifications that the free plugin enables, there are also a number of extensions available for the service.

Pushover Notification for WordPress Extensions

There aren’t a great deal of extensions available yet, but those that are available give you a taste of what might be in store for those who want to receive push notifications on their smartphones and tablets from their WordPress site.

One of the available options is the extension for the WP e-Commerce plugin online store builder for WordPress. This add-on allows you to receive push notifications when new orders are received at your store, as well as nightly sales reports including the day’s takings.

You can customise which order status triggers a notification allowing you to minimise the number of alerts you receive from your store. If you like to keep a close eye on how your store is working, as well as see how much money its generating in your absence, then this extension is just what you are looking for. There is also a free Pushover plugin for WooCommerce which has similar functionality.

The Pushover Notifications for Jetpack extension is a free add-on that allows you to get the latest daily stats reports from your site while you are away from your computer. This extension isn’t quite as feature-packed as Jetpack itself is, but its growing and aims to include more features over time.

Pushover EDD

We recently covered the Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin which allows you to sell digital downloads from your WordPress site for free. If you took our advice and do use this plugin to power your online store, then you will pleased to know there is a Pushover extension available for EDD.

With this add-on you get instant details of sales that are made, delivered directly to your smartphone of tablet, including the total sales amount and details of any discount codes that were used. The notifications form this extension can be sent to multiple users associated with the store, including those who are earning commissions via the Commissions Extension for EDD.

To view the full list of WordPress extensions for Pushover visit the WP-Push website.

Other Uses for Pushover

Pushover and its push notifications aren’t just compatible with WordPress. Once you’ve installed the Android or iOS app on a compatible device, you can begin receiving all kinds of notifications.

As Pushover works with If This Then That, you can make use of the existing IFTTT WordPress recipes to automate many tasks and start receiving even more notifications. You can also setup an eBay price watcher that will notify you of any changes of price to a specific item listed on eBay.

For those who enjoy downloading torrents of their favourite TV shows and films, the Sick Beard and CouchPotato services automatically scan for the latest releases and then automatically download them, sending notifications to inform you when your files have finished downloading via a push notification to your phone.


If you want instant notifications of the latest interactions that are taking place on your WordPress site then the free Pushover plugin for WordPress is a great way to start harnessing the power of push notifications. The additional extensions available allow you to get even more useful and interesting information about your site delivered straight to your phone, including instant sales notifications, and daily site stats updates.

But the notification fun doesn’t just end there. Beyond WordPress there are countless other ways you can stay in the loop and be notified about the various other devices, apps, hobbies and interests you make use of or partake in on a daily basis.

Do you use any notification service and if so which notifications are you setup to receive?