20+ Best Genesis Child Themes For Blogging 2015

Genesis Child Themes For Bloggers

Today I will be looking at child themes for the Genesis framework that have been designed specifically for bloggers. The framework has come a long way since we first created our list of over 100 child themes back in 2013 – a list that we have updated on numerous occasions, and have recently cut back to only 30.

It is time to start curating the Genesis child themes into the theme categories that each specific theme falls, and this list has been developed for those bloggers that are looking for a great well developed blogging theme built with the power of Genesis.

Lets take a peak at the best Genesis child themes for bloggers.


The Metro theme is arguably one of the most popular blogging themes available. It has a modern look that with just a little CSS skill can be used to create a blog that stands out from the crowd.

The theme itself has has five different color styles, six layout options, as well as the ability to add both a custom background and custom header.

This template can be bought pre-packaged with the Genesis framework, or bought on its own if you already own a copy of the framework.

Metro Theme Image


Eleven 40 Pro

The Eleven 40 Pro theme is my favorite pure blogging theme, and although I am not usually drawn to themes with three columns in this case it looks absolutely fantastic.

An ideal theme for building your personal brand, and ensuring that you are seen as one of the leaders in your field.

One of my favorite elements of this particular design is the ability to add a tagline above the content area that ensures all your visitors understand exactly what your website is all about.

Eleven40 Child Theme


Lifestyle Pro

The Lifestyle Pro theme has been designed as a general magazine/blogging theme for either individuals or a small publishing team. It has been developed to look great, but also allows for easy customization.

The theme itself offers 6 color styles (out of the box), and 6 layout options.

A modern simplistic design that lets your content, images, and other media do all the talking!

Lifestyle Blogging Genesis Child Theme



Tidy is a great looking Genesis child theme that uses a great deal of white space to grab the readers attention.

The theme itself comes in six different color schemes, and has six different layout options.

Whether you are writing about family, parenting, or have started a fashion blog this theme is sure to be a hit with your readers.

Tidy Theme Image



Did you say minimalist? You wont get much more minimalist that the Wintersong theme.

A theme that has been designed to ensure that it is your choice of words and images that make your website, not bloated excess.

A great blogging theme for those serious about their writing, poetry or prose. Get straight to the point with this elegant design.

Wintersong Theme Image


Focus Pro

The Focus WordPress theme has been designed and developed to keep your readers attention, and add subscribers to your RSS feed.

The theme comes with 3 color styles and 6 layout options to ensure you can create the exact blog you are looking for.

A great starter theme for your blog, that can be easily adapted once it has began to bring in all the traffic you have been wanting.

Focus pro Blogging Theme


Tech Magazine

Tech magazine is without question one of my favorite themes that has been released as a Genesis child theme. It looks modern, and can easily be adapted for almost any niche (not just technology).

The theme is totally responsive, offers numerous color options, and a number of great looking page templates. It always looks awesome.

This theme was built using the latest HTML5 & CSS3 – and looks great in all browsers.

Tech Magazine Genesis Child Theme Image


Magazine Pro

One of the most popular child themes for blogging, the Magazine theme is one of Studiopress’ best sellers.

This theme looks great, and could be the theme for any topic from high fashion to local news and beyond.

The theme offers a number of great color schemes, and page layouts to ensure your website gets off the ground without a hitch.

Magazine Pro Theme Image


News Pro

This news theme has been built to a similar spec as the magazine theme above, however it is able to handle a greater number of daily articles without them getting lost within the website.

A great looking theme that can handle video, audio, and lots of images straight out of the box, and display theme in a way that keeps your readers coming back for more.

News Pro Genesis Theme


Runway Pro

Not all Genesis child themes are minimal, but many make use of simple styling colors to help draw your attention to the content. Runway Pro is another template that makes use of images to provide your site with a certain uncluttered look and feel.

There are sometimes no better way to show a themes potential than to provide an example of a blog that is up and running using the WordPress theme in question – I give you By The Sea a blog about life, photography, and travel.

The Runway theme comes pre-loaded with 8 color styles and two layout options to help you make a blog that you will be proud of.

Runway Pro Genesis blogging Theme


The Daily Dish

The Daily Dish has been created to provide a scenic backdrop to a magnificent food blog, though could be used on a number of different projects.

Following Studiopress’ insatiable clean design standard it creates a look that attracts the readers attention straight to the content.

A beautiful theme that does not outshine or distract from what is important.

Daily Dish Pro Child Theme


Modern Blogger Pro

A template that speaks for itself. The Modern Blogger Pro theme wont be to everybody’s taste, but if you want a bit of personality in your blogging than it may prove just the ticket.

Modern Blogger



Balance is a minimal Genesis child theme built especially for bloggers who want to increase their mailing list. The theme has been used on all sorts of blogs, and can be easily adapted to almost any niche.

The theme has 5 preset color styles, 3 layout styles, and boast a number of other easy to use design options.

The theme has been built to be ultra responsive, and will ensure you can easily build your business and your brand.

Balance Theme Image


Sixteen Nine

A personal blogging theme that is ideal for building your personal brand. Built on HTML5, you will be able to easily build a professional looking website without having to over complicate the process – everything you really need is already there!

As long as you like the basic design you are in luck, additional easy to use features include the ability to add a custom background, and add a custom header image!

Looks amazing straight out of the box, but if you are wanting to customize the theme even further there are numerous tutorials available within the Studiopress forum as well as on blogs across the web.

Sixteen Nine Genesis Blogging Theme


The Modern Studio

A flawless theme that is ideal for those looking for a well designed modern take on the WordPress blog. The Modern Studio template is a sleek theme that would lend itself well to anything fashion or design related.

An amazing minimalist template that lets your content do all the talking without overwhelming your reader with unnecessary design bloat.

The template comes prepacked with a customizer and landing page.

The Modern Studio WordPress Theme


Smooth Post

Smooth Post is a modern out and out blogging theme that looks amazing, and is easily customized using the back end options and theme styles.

Some notable websites taking full advantage of this Genesis child theme are the Money Pantry & The Cork Board.

This WordPress child theme has been designed to be cross browser friendly, and comes prepacked with both a landing page template and the relevant PSD files.

A super styled blogging theme that could be adapted for almost any industry, niche, or vertical.

Smooth Post Theme



Do you consider yourself a brand? If so this lead generating child theme may be just what you have been looking for. The theme come with a built in color tool to help you get the look and feel to exactly match your personality or the message you are trying to get across to your website visitors.

Some notable websites using this theme include: Kane Jamison, Sugar Rae, and Mueller Writing.

A fantastic theme that with just a little customization can go a long way.

Splash Theme Image



Do you like blogs that show off their content as masonary blocks? If so than I guarantee this Genesis child theme will rock your boat.

An easily adaptable theme that will appeal to a huge range of people from photographers to hobbyist’s, and even some business‘.

The template comes fully packed with back end design options, full documentation and support, as well as a landing page template in case you need it.

Blink Genesis Child Theme Image


Foxy News

For those that are wanting something a little more substantial than a personal blog, Foxy News has been built with online local and worldwide news blogs. This design has been created so even those websites that are just starting out can adapt the layout so as not to portray an empty website – it can then be adapted back at a future date when more content has been added.

Some websites of note that have been created using this child theme include: LAC Biosafety, Slice of SciFi, and paulfalconehr.com.

The theme includes 9 specialist widgets, and 8 widget areas to ensure you have total control over how your website looks and feels. These of course include advertising widgets so your website can easily start earning from day one.

Foxy News Genesis Theme Image



For those wanting to start a portfolio blog we have this creative theme from Zigzagpress. A great choice for personal bloggers looking to show off your photographs, or artwork easily and in a visitor orientated manner.

Djazz Personal Blogging Theme


That pretty much wraps up our post on the very best Genesis child themes for blogging and bloggers. The post includes both WordPress templates created and marketed by Studiopress as well as themes created by third parties.

If you believe we have missed a crucial theme of our list please get in touch in the comments section below. While we cant guarantee that we will add it to our list we can guarantee that we will look at it and make a final decision.

If you have viewed this post you may also be interested in our post about Genesis child themes for use with the WooCommerce plugin.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed looking at the WordPress themes above and will consider sharing this post with your friends. Thanks.