Easy Digital Downloads Extensions to Improve your Online Store

Easy Digital Downloads Extensions to Improve your Online Store

In a recent post we took a look at using the free Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin to sell digital products using WordPress. One of the great features and main selling points of EDD, apart from its ease of use, is the number of extensions available for it which can be used to expand its functionality.

In today’s post we are going to be taking a look at some of the best add-ons available for Easy Digital Downloads in order to help demonstrate the potential of this plugin and give you some ideas on how you can sell your digital download with WordPress in the most efficient and user friendly way possible.

The Best Add-ons for Easy Digital Downloads

There are many add-ons available for EDD with some of them being free, while others are premium options. The extensions have been developed by a range of developers including those who have worked on the core EDD plugin, as well as those working independently.

Installing the add-ons is simply a case of uploading them to your WordPress site in the method of your choice, as you would with a regular plugin. You must also have EDD installed and activated in order to use these add-ons but I’m sure you knew that already.

When it comes to purchasing the premium options, there are bundles available at the EDD extension marketplace which allows you to save money over buying a group of related extensions individually. Due to this it’s always a good idea to check whether your chosen plugin is available in a bundle, helping you to get access to other plugins at a lower overall cost. At the time of writing, there is also an offer on giving 10% off of the purchase price off of any three or more extensions bought together.

Recurring Payments

If the digital download you are selling on your WordPress site is course based, available in instalments, or subscription based, then the recurring payments extension will allow you to collect money from your customers on an on-going basis.

Turning a regular download into a subscription product is easy once the add-on has been installed. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly payments, giving you plenty of options for how you setup your pricing and subscription plans. You can also set the number of times a payment will be taken, before the subscription ends.

Extensions for Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments

When creating a product, you can use this extension to offer multiple subscription options to your customers, such as allowing them to choose monthly or yearly recurring payments, each with different prices and lengths of subscription. Sign-up fees can also be enabled with this add-on.

This all gives you plenty of choice for giving your customers options on how they choose to pay for their purchases, whether it’s a one off payment, or paying in instalments over a set period, at set intervals, or signing up on an on-going basis forever (until they cancel).

Currently the option for taking payments is limited to PayPal out of the box, or by installing the corresponding extensions, Stripe and Paymill.

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Content Restriction

If you want to create a membership site with WordPress then EDD and the Content Restriction extension is one cost effective and easy to implement solution.

Extensions for Easy Digital Downloads Content Restriction

Access to individual posts and pages can be restricted as well as portions of content within a post or page. When setting a restriction of access to a piece of content, it can be linked to any number of the products available on your site. This means that a user must have purchased X or Y download before they can access that page.

If you want to associate content on your site with a product and only make that content available once the product has been purchased this extension is a good option. Also if you just want to charge a fee for access to content on your site then Content Restriction can make this possible too.

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Related Downloads

This simple and free extension shows your shoppers related downloads or product that are available at your store, in a bid to increase the number of products each customer purchases.

Extensions for Easy Digital Downloads Related Downloads

This extension doesn’t require any setup or configuration so if you are selling multiple related products on your site then it’s well worth looking into. The add-on recommends products using the product categories, but this can be changed to tags if it’s a better option for your site. You can also change the number of related products shown, as well as the text that is displayed when listing the products.

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Abandoned Cart

The amount of potential sales lost to abandoned shopping carts is huge. If you want to try and close some of those deals that the customer never managed to finish, maybe because they got called away, the computer crashed, or they got distracted, then the Abandoned Cart extension for Easy Digital Downloads is for you.

The email addresses of potential customers who have added items to their cart but never check out are added to a database which can be accessed via the admin dashboard of your site. From there you can send them a reminder to prompt them to complete their purchase, perhaps offering an incentive such as a discount coupon in order to help persuade them to complete the sale.

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Simple Shipping

While EDD is designed for selling digital downloads, rather than physical products, there is an add-on available that lets you use EDD to setup a regular online store with WordPress.

If you appreciate the ease of use of EDD but would like to use it to sell products other than those that can be downloaded, then the Simple Shipping add-on can allow you to do so. You probably wouldn’t use this solution to run a full-blown online store selling only physical products, but if you are selling a few alongside your digital downloads then this is an adequate solution.

Once installed, you can then enable shipping for products on an individual basis, allowing you to still offer download-only products by default at your store.

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Android Sales / Earnings Tracker

This one is actually an Android app for your smartphone or tablet but it’s worth including as it should appeal to those who like to know how much money they are making while away from their computers.

Extensions for Easy Digital Downloads Android Tracker

By installing this app you can easily keep an eye on how your store is performing, even when out and about. You can view sales data, earnings stats, and product overviews for multiple stores, all from your Android powered phone or tablet.

If you are enjoying the passive income potential of selling digital downloads then this app should appeal to you.

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The EDD Extension Bundles

These bundles are a great way to save money on multiple extensions. As they are grouped together by possible use case scenarios, there is a good chance that if you are purchasing one of these extensions, then the others in the bundle will be of use to you. You can view the current list of bundles on this page, but here are our current highlights from the available options:

  • Core Extensions: primary extensions from the main EDD development team
  • Marketplace: if you are building a digital marketplace with a theme like Marketify then this bundle will allow you to sell products from a range of authors and split the profits with them, all on auto-pilot


Hopefully these extensions for the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin have given you some ideas for how you can increase the features offered by your WordPress-powered online store, or even convinced you to give EDD a try for your next eCommerce project.

Which extensions are you using on your Easy Digital Downloads powered store?