Easily Publish a Staff List or Meet the Team Page on Your Site

Easily Publish a Staff List or Meet the Team Page on Your Site

If you are using WordPress to showcase your organisation or event, whether it is a business, a sports team, a social gathering or a volunteer group, using a plugin that allows you to easily manage the details of the attendees or members will save you a lot of time.

These plugins are all related to the purpose of managing and publishing a staff list, personnel directory or catalogue of people on a WordPress powered website. There are free and premium options to choose from here and all make the job of listing entries in your database online a lot easier and effective.

WordPress Meet the Team Shortcode Plugin

This is a premium offering available from popular WordPress plugin developer phpbits over at Code Canyon. Despite being a premium plugin, the price tag is only $15 so anyone serious about looking for a way to create a staff list or meet the team page should be able to justify the investment in this tool.

Meet the Team Plugin Review

Each member of staff or team member can have their own photo included and some corresponding text, as well as social media and contact icons as part of their entry. It’s an easy and professional way to list your team members in a format that is useful and informative.

The current version available of this plugin has only been released recently and is fully responsive in its design. It comes with a number of options for the views, including a grid, a carrousel and a filterable view. Meet the Team is highly customisable so it should fit in nicely with your website, no matter what theme you are using. The plugin uses a drag and drop interface for easy ordering of team members.

It is also worth pointing out that this plugin could be utilised in another ways, apart from displaying a staff list. These could include using it for a portfolio of works, testimonials or other forms of catalogued information.

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People Lists

The People Lists plugin is a free option that can be downloaded from the WordPress.org plugin repository or installed directly from within your WordPress site. Once this plugin has been installed, you can begin creating lists of people within the WordPress admin area. Those lists can then be displayed on posts and pages by using the shortcodes that come with this plugin.

People List Plugin for WordPress

There is a nice shortcode insertion menu item for this plugin which makes it very easy to create and insert the shortcode that will display a specific list of people. This saves you having to remember the shortcode and the parameters that are used by this plugin.

People Lists works with the free User Avatar plugin to easily manage the photos that are added to each person on the lists. The lists can also be displayed in the sidebars giving you more options for publishing your staff lists and team members.

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Simple Staff List

This free plugin allows you to build a staff directory for your WordPress site. It’s an ideal choice for those developing a corporate website, or for those who just need to list a number of people such as team members, interest groups or classmates.


Simple Staff List plugin for WordPress

There are a few useful built-in fields for each member with this plugin including name, photo, position, email, phone number and bio. Again like the other plugins featured here, the list can be displayed using shortcodes.

While the lists might not look that impressive, their appearance can all be customised using CSS, which is easy to add to this plugin. This means that the Simple Staff List is ideal for those looking for a free solution they can slot right into their existing website design without any too many restrictions on its appearance.

Overall this is a popular free plugin with over 11,000 downloads and an impressive user feedback rating of 4.9 out 5 stars.

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Clicface Trombi

While not as popular as Simple Staff List, perhaps due to its name, the free version of this plugin does have an equally impressive user rating that makes it definitely worthy of consideration. As well as the free version, it is also available on three other pricing plans ranging from standard, pro and ultimate.


ClicfaceTrombi Screenshot

While the free version will let you create entries for up to 10 employees, the ultimate plan will give you scope for creating unlimited entries. Other features included in the free version of Clicface Trombi include the choice of a grid or list display, the use of custom colours and access to the technical support.

Impressive features of the premium versions include the use of QR codes for each member of staff which can be used to save their contact details to a smartphone very easily, print friendly buttons and a search function are also included.

All in all, the free and premium versions of Clicface Trombi allow you to grow into the extra features on offer with this employee listing plugin.

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Connections Business Directory

This is the free WordPress plugin for the Connections business directory manager service. By using Connections you can easily create staff lists, address books, meet the team pages and any other kind of directory for listing personnel.

Connections Personnel Database Plugin for WordPress

The service integrates well with the WordPress admin area and uses a familiar look and feel, helping users to seamlessly move from core WordPress tasks to using this plugin. A unique feature of this plugin is the ability to group members together by family which is great for creating a school or activity list where having access to this information is relevant. In fact with Connections there is a very long list of fields which are available when entering the details for a new member. Each of the fields can be marked as visible or not, to allow you to keep data private from website visitors but accessible to those with admin access.

Connections Staff List Plugin

The plugin comes with a number of templates for getting a personalised look for your directory but there are also premium templates available for those wishing to choose from a bigger selection of appearances and styles. There are also a range of extensions available for Connections which can add all the extra functionality you might need to the free service, in order to make it a better match for your organisation and its needs. There are some very affordable options amongst the premium extensions, as well as some more expensive items available.

You can see some great examples of this service being used on live websites via the Connections live samples page.

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Participants Database

This free plugin was developed to keep a list of voters. However, it can be put to any use where a list of people is required. Organisation membership databases, staff lists and student registers are just some of the uses this plugin could be put to.

Participants Database for WordPress

The Participants Database plugin gives administrators the option of adding signup forms to a site where users can add themselves to the database. Alternatively the records can be entered individually via the WordPress admin dashboard or imported in bulk via a CSV file.

You can also choose to incentivise the signup process by displaying a reward on the thank you page, once the users have submitted a form to enter their details into the system. Publishing the list is easily done using the shortcodes that are part of this plugin. Which columns and records are displayed can be defined using the shortcode parameters to ensure no private or sensitive information is published.

Administrators can choose to be notified by email when a new record is added or an existing one is edited allowing them to keep on top of any changes made to the database.

This plugin has over 54,000 downloads and a very impressive 5 out of 5 rating from users. Overall the Participants Database plugin is a powerful free option for managing a database of staff or people that can be totally customised.

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There are some very good free and premium options available for creating, managing and publishing a staff list or personnel database on your WordPress site. Whether you want something quick and easy to use such as Simple Staff List, or you need something more powerful and feature rich such as Participants Database, the free options are great.

However, if you want something a bit slicker, with true responsive design and an a more modern appearance then the low-cost, premium Meet the Team shortcode plugin might be better suited to your needs.

Overall though, there are some great options available for displaying your people on a WordPress site, that require very little additional skills beyond creating a new post and entering a shortcode.