Offering Discount Coupons in WordPress

Offering Discount Coupons in WordPress

Discount coupons are a great way to encourage visitors to become customers or subscribers. Whether you are running an eCommerce store, selling your own products online, or are just a regular blogger, coupons can be an effective way of growing your business or readership.

For retailers, being able to offer discount coupons on your site, can often be the gentle nudge that your visitors need to help convert them from browsers to buyers. As a blogger, featuring coupons that can be cashed in at other sites and stores is a perfect way to give something back to your readers and have them making return visitors to your site in the future.

There is a growing number of WordPress themes out there for building a coupon site, but today we are going to be looking at some plugins that can help you offer coupons on your store or share coupons for other stores on your blog.

WordPress Coupon Plugins

With sites like Groupon and other deal-of-the-day websites firmly established, and many on and offline retailers offering and accepting discount codes and coupons for their products and services, it makes sense to investigate the current options available for WordPress users. By tapping into this market, and leveraging this technique, you can give your readers a chance to save money while also boosting your sales or readership.

Coupon Creator

This free plugin allows you to create coupons which can then be published on your WordPress site. If you run an offline business or service and want a way for online visitors to your site to get money off a purchase, this is a good solution.

You can create the coupons in your WordPress admin area and then insert them into your posts and pages using shortcodes. The Coupon Creator plugin adds a new icon to your post editor which when clicked, allows you to insert the shortcode into your posts and pages.

Coupons Creator

Coupons can be set to expire after a certain date, at which point they will be automatically removed from the site. You get a fair amount of control over how your coupons will look on your site, or alternatively you can upload your own images.

If you want to publish an incentive for online visitors to your site to make a purchase or make use of your services, using this plugin to publish a discount coupon is one easy way to achieve that.

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Magic WP Coupons

Magic WP Coupons is another free option that aims to make it a breeze to setup a coupons site using WordPress. Once installed, you must first add the stores that you will be promoting coupons from. While adding a store, you can add an image and your affiliate link to that store, so when a user activates a coupon from your site, you will get a commission on the purchases they make.

Coupons Magic

The plugin works by converting your existing theme into a coupon directory, which can then be searched and browsed by visitors in search of a deal. Magic WP Coupons also features a like / dislike system to allow your readers to up vote your deals.

If you want a free solution then this one is worth investigating.

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Coupon Store

With this free plugin you can easily insert coupons into your post and pages using shortcodes. The coupons are from the Coupon Network, Redplum, and SmartSource sources so they cover a range of products.

Coupon Store

Users can browse the coupons on your site and then print out the ones that appeal to them. If you run a money saving blog or just want to make it easy for your readers to find everyday bargains, then this plugin is a good choice.

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Group Deals

Coupons Group Deals plugin

If you want to have a go at creating your own coupon site in the style of Groupon, then this premium WordPress plugin is just what you need. It works with WordPress and the WP e-Commerce plugin, so apart from paying for the Group Deals plugin you can get started with little outlay.

Some of the features include:

  • Group buying functionality: set deal price and value
  • Discount and saving automatically generated
  • Add highlights and fine print
  • Set minimum sales required/tipping point
  • Set maximum sales
  • Google Maps integration
  • Sign up and sign in with Facebook account
  • Management for affiliate offers
  • Works with Multisite so you can setup as many coupon sites as you want

Those are just some of the features available out of the box and the plugin should cover everything required to start a coupon site. You just need to find the deals to promote.

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WooCommerce Coupon Extensions

If you run an eCommerce store using WooCommerce, these free and premium extensions will allow you to leverage the power of coupons for your store.

Social Coupon

The Social Coupon for WordPress extension for WooCommerce makes it easy to reward your customers for sharing your content on the top social networks, by giving them a discount coupon once they’ve done so.

Coupon Social Coupon

You can choose where on your site to show the coupon offer, and set which social action they are required to perform, as well as the level of discount that will be awarded.

If you want to incentivise the promotion of your store and its products on sites like Facebook and Twitter, then this affordable premium extension is a great idea.

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WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes

This is a free extension for WooCommerce that allows you to offer discount or deal coupons for your online store. The plugin has a good amount of settings ensuring you can offer the kind of discounts that are appropriate for your business.

The plugin can be configured to display a coupon when the users shopping cart contains certain products. Alternatively, a notification can be displayed when a shopper’s cart contains certain items, with the notification prompting the customer to buy more related items in order to activate a discount coupon.

Being able to display conditional coupons is a great way to encourage users to add even more of your products to their cart in order to qualify for a discount. The plugin works with shortcodes and you can get a good understanding of how they work on the plugin’s documentation page.

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WooCommerce Coupons Countdown

Coupons WooCommerce Countdown

Available for $20 from Code Canyon, this coupon extension displays your coupons complete with a real-time countdown timer. This lets your customers know exactly how long they have to make use of the promotion and creates a sense of urgency as the clock ticks down. Coupons can be set to expire on a certain date, or after a set period after a user registers with your site.

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Creating your own coupons, whether for your online store or for an offline business, is a popular way to generate interest in your products or services.

Discount codes and coupons can also be used to gauge the effectiveness of your online marketing. By tracking the number of customers that use your online coupons in your offline establishment will give you a good idea of how many customers find your business via the internet. This makes it one effective way to measure your online marketing activities.

The other side of the coin is creating a site to publish coupons from other vendors, either as a way to generate traffic to your site, or earn affiliate commissions on customers you send to those sites.

Either way, there are a few free and premium coupon plugins that can help you start using this marketing technique on your site today.