13 Best WordPress Themes For SEO Companies 2020

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Today we are going to be looking at the best WordPress themes for SEO companies and agencies in 2020.

There are WordPress themes for just about any industry, and SEO (search engine optimization) services are no different. When I first started writing about themes most themes were general-purpose themes or specifically for blogging. However, over the years many developers have found success creating themes for specific industries, even the many multipurpose themes that boast 50+ demos create these demos based on industry-specific designs.

The WordPress themes I have listed below are my personal selection of themes that I believe suit business’ looking to upgrade their SEO/SEM services website, or for those looking to create a business in the SEO industry.

The list below has been thoroughly researched and will be updated as often as new themes are released, I am sure you will find something that is perfect for your project or business.


The Agency theme is a particularly good example of a great theme for an SEO company. It has been lovingly designed and coded by one of the most popular premium theme companies in the business. A WordPress theme company renowned for its design, and specifically their coding excellence.

Whether you are a new start business, or an SEO company looking to find more customers this template could be just what you have been waiting for.

The theme is fluid responsive, offers two different header layouts, is schema integrated, and has been built to be integrated with the Elementor page builder so customization is not a daunting process. This theme is fast, SEO ready, well coded and offers unlimited color options.

If the design fits your vision, there is nothing to hold you back.

Agency SEM Theme

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The creators of the ‘LeadEngine’ theme claim to have created it to help simplify the website building experience. To do so they have created over 200+ template blocks that can be used individually to build your own theme or as additions to the full website templates they have already designed. ‘LeadEngine’ is by all accounts a multi-purpose theme that has designs for many industries.

The demo pictured below (SEO landing page) has been selected by me as it most closely relates to the theme of this post. There are however many other templates within this theme that could easily be adapted to be used as a website for a search engine marketing company.

The theme itself uses a page builder (WP Bakery) to help you design your website with minimal coding (none at all), offers a single click website import, and offers first-class support. The theme was originally released in 2018 but has had many updates since. ‘LeadEngine’ has been awarded 5 stars by previous customers who have purchased it, which provides great peac3e of mind when making a purchase decision.

Sometimes a simplistic minimalist design is just what a website needs. Check it out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

LeadEngine SEO Agency

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Be Theme

The Be Theme was one of the first multi-purpose themes that I came across that wasn’t just another general-purpose theme. Released in 2014 this theme has sold over 190,000 units at the time of writing and has a solid 5-star rating on Themeforest.

The demos below have been selected as they have been designed with agencies in mind. Though the theme itself offers over 500 pre-built websites in total. The theme is easily customized using both their own back-end options and the included WP Bakery plugin. So whatever your vision you should be able to implement it with relative ease.

Below are three demos from the theme that both look to cater to the SEO industry.


A simple pastel-colored website design that provides the user with ample space to describe your business, sell your service, and provide social proof to potential clients. A modern flat design that can be altered as little or as much as you want using the page builder included. An simple design that could have your business up and running within a few hours of purchase – simplicity at it’s best.

Be SEO Theme Image

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This demo from the Be Theme is my personal favorite. It has a modern design that simplifies your message to potential customers. While the side navigation is not to everyone’s taste this can be altered using the back end options.

An ideal template for those getting ready to launch their first SEO business and want a website design that can be launched within a matter of hours.

The easy cutomization of this theme will allow you to alter the website as your business grows without having to take the time to design your corporate website from scratch. A good choice for new business and those already with a foothold in the agency business.

Be SEO Theme Demo 2

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Admittedly my least favorite design of the three offered by the BE Theme. Not that it is a bad design, just simply not to my personal taste.

Many of the SEO themes available have this cartoon based design that I feel loses some of the important professionalism that you want to see when hiring an SEO or marketing company. This demo, in particular, overuses this cartoon effect and offers no insight into the real people behind the service.

If you are offering low-cost packages this theme will still be a decent choice, but I would not use this when asking for large monthly fees (just my personal thought of course).

Be SEO Theme Demo 3

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The ‘marketing’ demo from Webify is a clean minimalist theme that will lend itself well to those looking to build a client base for their SEO or SEM business. The demo provides an unobtrusive email capture form for those interested in your service, social proof, and enough room to sell your service without over-selling it.

The main selling point of this WordPress theme other than the design is the fact that the page builder used is Elementor. Those of you familiar with my blog will know that this (in my opinion) is the easiest page builder to use and therefore is ideal for coders and non-coders alike. There is virtually nothing that can’t be achieved with this fantastic page builder.

The Webify theme has a solid 5-star review rating so you can also be certain that the theme does everything that you would expect and more. Support will also be there when and if you require it.

Webisy WP Theme Demo

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The ‘Bridge’ WordPress theme was originally released in 2014 and has sold over 130,000 copies. Another 5-star multi-purpose theme that offers over 470 demo websites. The demo’s I have chosen below (two of them) have both been created to help SEO companies launch with ease or create a new look web presence.

The ‘Bridge’ theme offers two different page builders as standard (Elementor & WP Bakery), however, the demo’s have both been designed with one or the other – you can not choose which to use.

I personally prefer the “SEO company” demo, but I’ll let you decide which suits your needs best.

SEO Agency Demo

The SEO agency demo uses Elementor as its page builder, so customization is easy even for those with no CSS or HTML experience. You will be able to alter this theme with drag and drop functionality.

The themes design uses cartoon images to explain your service, and can be set up with the easy to use one-click install. The website itself is a single page design, so once the home page is set up you will be ready to put the website live. This is ideal for those looking for a fast online presence that doesn’t take up precious time.

Bridge SEO Demo WordPress Theme

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SEO Company Demo

My preferred demo out if the two from the ‘Bridge’ theme. The page builder for this demo is WP Bakery which I find harder to use than Elementor but is still a good design tool. If the general design fits your idea for your website, limited customizations may be required anyway.

One of the nicer modern designs on this list, the theme looks professional, explains your service, and provides a solid base for growing your SEO business.

Bridge SEO Agency Demo

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The “SEO WP” theme was originally launched in the summer of 2014 and has racked up almost 14,000 sales (at the time of writing).

As per most of the themes listed here, this SEO company website theme makes use of a page builder to help you alter anything you need to on the page. This page builder has been custom-built for use with this theme.

‘SEO WP’ also comes pre-packed with functionality that is not seen in any of the other SEO themes that have made this shortlist. The theme has a fully configurable customer pricing tool, as well as the ability to generate a Google rankings report for clients. As I have not tested these I cannot vouch for the professionalism of either the pricing tools or SEO reports that are generated.

The theme has two main demos, both of which are pictured below.

Demo 1

The original demo is exactly as it was when the theme originally launched in 2014 and was originally built to attract new clients. I feel this flat design is somewhat dated, but it is still on of the best SEO themes available on the market.

SEO WP Theme Image

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Demo 2

This second demo is a new addition to the theme. The image below does not really do it justice so I would encourage you to click through to the demo to get a proper look at the theme before deciding whether this is the SEO theme for you or whether you should hold out for something better.

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Ekko (SEO Agency Theme Demo)

Ekko is a multipurpose theme that covers numerous industries, they have however created a super template for those looking to create an SEO business website that looks both professional and modern. The theme itself is 100% responsive and has a large number of customization options available from your WordPress administration panel.

The theme itself comes with 50+ complete website designs, 250+ content blocks that can be used to expand your website over and beyond what is featured in the demo below.

The theme has received solid 5-star reviews from previously confirmed buyers and comes with access to their video tutorials to help you get up and running quickly.

Ekko Theme Demo

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Yamato (Business Demo)

While not designed specifically with SEO companies in mind, this general business theme could easily be used to promote a business of that nature. Its simplistic design that has been broken into sections to enable easy reading may be just what the doctor ordered.

Yamato Theme Image

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The Oasis theme is one of the best Genesis child themes to have been created by Appfinite. It is also not specifically designed for an SEO company, but it is definitely worth considering. Its modern look and feel give the impression of complete professionalism. Your SEO company will look more like a worldwide agency than a simple SEO business and will help you separate yourself from the crowd.

If your company intends on creating a company blog than the Genesis platform is a great way to go about it.

A contender, even if not an out and out SEO company theme.

Oasis SEM Theme Screenshot

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Everyone has different design ideas of how they want their website to look, I have provided the WordPress themes that have been specifically designed for those wanting an SEO business website, though I know from experience you may not have found what you have been looking for.

We will strive to update this post often with the newest releases, but for now that is our complete list of the best WordPress themes for SEO companies in 2020.