How to Add an FAQ to Your WordPress Website to Help Your Visitors

How to Add an FAQ to Your WordPress Website to Help Your Visitors

Here at WP Squared we recently took a look at some the best help desk plugins for supporting your product or services with WordPress. However, there is more than one way to deliver support to your users and another popular method is to create an FAQ or frequently asked questions page on your site.

If you want to make it as easy as possible to publish answers to frequently asked questions, then using one of the free or premium FAQ plugins below will help you meet your goals.

The Top Rated Free and Premium WordPress FAQ Plugins

While you could just create a new WordPress page and then add your FAQs to it, one of the main benefits of using a plugin of this type is that it makes it easier to organize that content, and then publish it anywhere on your site.

These plugins also give you some more interesting ways of displaying this content to your visitors, as opposed to just listing the issues you are answering. These FAQ plugins will save you time, while also making your content more easily digestible for your visitors.

FAQ Manager

FAQ Manager

FAQ Manager is a top rated free WordPress plugin for adding an FAQ to your website. The plugin has a near perfect 4.8 out of 5 star rating and has almost clocked up an impressive 60,000 downloads so far.

To allow you to add frequently asked questions to your website, this plugin makes use of custom post types in WordPress. These post types have their own taxonomies for categorising them independently of your regular blog posts.

If you are unsure of exactly what are custom post types and taxonomies, read our guide to them here.

The FAQ Manager is an easy plugin to use and once you’ve started creating your entries you can then insert them into your posts and pages by using the corresponding shortcodes. The shortcode parameters give you a good amount of flexibility for how your FAQs are displayed. This includes displaying a single entry, listing all FAQs from a category, or displaying them all on one page, plus a few more shortcode options.

The FAQ Manager plugin form Norcross is a good choice for anyone who wants a simple way to add any answers to the questions they are frequently asked on their website.

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Q and A Focus Plus FAQ

Q and A Focus

Q and A Focus is another popular free plugin with a 5 star rating and over 15,000 downloads so far.

The plugin uses to the native WordPress custom post type feature to store the FAQ entries and by doing so ensures they are all fully searchable to help your visitors find what they are looking for.

The FAQs can all be reordered to meet your needs and then displayed on your site using the included shortcodes. Another nice feature of the Q and A Focus plugin is that it uses a simple jQuery animation to display the answers to each question listed on your site. Users can even rate the answers to provide feedback to the site owner and other visitors.

As well as using the shortcode to output the FAQ, the plugin comes with a recent FAQ widget for displaying the entries in your site’s sidebar, or elsewhere on your site, with ease.

The free Q and A Focus plugin is definitely worth checking out if you want something a little more featured than a basic FAQ for your site.

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Sugar FAQs

Sugar FAQs

Sugar FAQs aims to be a complete FAQ management plugin for WordPress. As this item has been created by Pippin, the developer of the hugely popular Easy Digital Downloads online store builder plugin, you can be sure you are getting a well coded, professionally supported, high quality tool for your website.

This low cost premium plugin uses custom post types in WordPress to store the frequently asked questions on your website. This allows you to keep this content separate from the rest of your site, while still giving you access to the full WordPress post editor when creating them.

When it comes to outputting that FAQ content for your visitors, the plugin makes use of an animated accordion interface. This sliding accordions are 100% powered by CSS3, although visitors on older bowsers are still catered for thanks to the fall back use of jQuery.

Another really nice feature of the Sugar FAQs plugin it is that it adds a front-end submission form that allows your visitors to submit their own questions for inclusion in the FAQ. Site admins get email notifications whenever a new question is submitted, allowing them to quickly respond by accepting or rejecting the question.

With a range of colour schemes to choose from, a low price ticket, and a positive buyer rating, it’s definitely recommended that you take a closer look at Sugar FAQs.

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Arconix FAQ

Arconix FAQ

This plugin follows the now familiar, tried and tested, approach of using WordPress custom post types and then outputting the FAQ into any post or page of your choice by using shortcodes. You also get a few options for how to organize the FAQs when they are displayed in a post.

Arconix FAQ Demo

Arconix FAQ also makes use of an animated jQuery effect to show and hide the answer to each question, helping you to maximise the space on your page your FAQ entries take up.

By using the native WordPress UI on the backend, this plugin will seamlessly integrate into your website, and with a user rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, it’s a popular free option.

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FAQs Manager

FAQs Manager

FAQs Manager is another free option for adding this feature to your WordPress site. It’s worth mentioning here as it’s a free option that allows your visitors to submit questions on your site, while you receive an email notification whenever they do so. There is also the option of displaying a captcha field to prevent spam submissions on your site.

Another nice feature of the FAQs Manager plugin is that it gives you the ability to easily send an email to visitors when you have answered the question they submitted. This helps bring those visitors back to your website so they can see your response, and maybe read some more of the content on your site.

With a healthy 4.2 out of 5 star rating and over 7,000 downloads, the FAQs Manager has a some interesting features that you should find useful.

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Fancy FAQ

Fancy FAQ

The Fancy FAQ plugin adds stylish, cleanly designed FAQs to your website. By using custom post types and custom taxonomies, each entry can be organized and grouped, allowing you to build multiple FAQs on different topics.

The layout is fully responsive so mobile users should have no trouble accessing your information, while the animated toggle interface makes it easy for all users to browse the questions on your site.

As you get access to the WordPress post editor when writing your answers, you can add any type content to the answers, such as images, links, text formatting, in the same way you would when creating a regular blog post.

For an affordable premium FAQ plugin, Fancy FAQ is a good option with a professional design.

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When it comes to making a final decision, the deciding factor for most people will be the appearance of the FAQs and how they will look when published on your site.

The options listed here all have good reputations and positive feedback from users, while also having the essential features required to add an FAQ to a WordPress website, as well as some additional features to make your content stand out from the crowd.

Out of the free options, Arconix FAQ is a great choice due to its easy to use interface and attractively designed FAQ sliders. From the premium options, I would recommendSugar FAQs as its comes with a good range of colour schemes for styling your FAQs, while also having all the premium features you need to build an effective FAQ.

Although you should check out the options yourself to see which one meets your requirements and would look the best on your site.

If you are creating a website specifically for publishing FAQs, then keep an eye on our WordPress theme collection reviews section for templates dedicated to building such a project.

Please let us know if you have any questions by submitting a comment below.