Top 6 Facebook Plugins For WordPress

Whether you’re blogging for money or as a hobby, it’s now a must to integrate ways to share your content on social media. When it comes to social media, you want to start with the giants i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

In this post we’re going to look at some handy Facebook plugins that let you add a range of different ways to broadcast your content out to millions of Facebook users.

Why Facebook?

With more than 1 billion active monthly users, Facebook is such a force to be reckoned with that you cannot afford to ignore it. The best part is that there are plenty of ways you can harness its power for the benefit of your blog.

Facebook plugins for WordPress take the hassle out of manually posting updates on your page, engaging with your fans, announcing events, sharing images, and many of the other ways you connect with your fans and followers.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the top 6 Facebook plugins you ought to be using on your WordPress blog.

Facebook Members

Facebook Members

Facebook Members is a simple unfussy plugin that adds a Like box and recommendations bar on your WordPress website with ease. It’s a pretty simple plugin to use and allows you to gain Facebook fans for your page by encouraging likes right from within your WordPress website.

The Like functionality displays the number of likes (number of users who have liked the page) and allows users to read posts on your Facebook page without visiting the actual page itself.

The Recommendations Bar functionality is like a separate plugin all of its own; with this feature users can like specific posts, share the post, and get recommendations.

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Facebook WordPress Plugin

Perhaps I should have started with this one since this post is about Facebook plugins for WordPress, but here we go nonetheless. Facebook is the official WordPress plugin for the social media giant. It was built by a collaboration of teams from Facebook and Automattic.

As you can guess this plugin is packed with features that enable you to leverage Facebook’s potential to increase your blog’s visibility.

Through the Open Protocol markup, this plugin optimizes your social news feeds to enhance content distribution. It also supports Facebook insights for user accounts linked to a Facebook application. This feature enables you to keep tabs on rich audience data, courtesy of Facebook profiles. You will also be able to track how readers share your content on the social network.

In addition to this, the Facebook plugin includes all the typical social sharing functionality, such as ability to add Like, Follow, and send buttons, a Like Box for displaying the latest activity on your Facebook page, a Recommendations Box that recommends related posts, and box that displays additional content from your blog, among others.

Facebook is a free extendable and customizable plugin that focuses on allowing you and your visitors to promote your content on this hugely popular social media network. You need an App ID and App Secret key before using this plugin. However, the plugin includes a handy setup link in case you don’t have a Facebook application already.

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Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

As its name suggests, this plugin’s main aim is to convert website visitors into Facebook page fans. Once activated, it displays a Facebook Like box inside a lightbox. You can configure it to display on pages, posts, the homepage, or archives with or without a delay.

The premium version adds more features, such as advanced customization and cookie settings for returning visitors so that the lightbox doesn’t show again once a user clicks connect.

If you are looking for a novel way to increase the number of visitors like your Facebook page, this free plugin is a great choice.

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Facebook Wall and Social Integration

Facebook Wall and Social Integration

The Facebook Wall and Social Integration plugin displays a live feed of your Facebook page, profile feed, and group or wall posts, on your WordPress website. You can customize this feed anyway you want using a selection of the settings and options that come with the plugin.

The Pro version adds even more functionality and options. This includes video post feeds, photo posts, ability to choose which post types the plugin works with, selective display of post items, advanced post filtering, display post comments, and much more.

This seems like a solid Facebook plugin going by its five-star rating on its official page. However, the documentation is wanting and seems to be geared toward making you purchase the pro version, and the official website isn’t too professional either. Try the free version before you think about upgrading.

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Custom Facebook Feed

Custom Facebook Feed

The Custom Facebook Feed does pretty much the same thing as the previous plugin, but it takes customization to another level. It offers a slew of options to create a completely unique Facebook feed on your WordPress website.

Whereas most plugins retain the default Facebook look for your feed, this plugin offers a ton of styling options that allow you to match your site’s design. It is mobile optimized and can display feeds from multiple fan pages, and not just one.

Additional features include Facebook events display, custom CSS integration, ability to show or hide author’s Facebook profile picture, and many more. The features are simply endless and it’s one of the most complete Facebook plugins on the list.

The Pro version includes advanced functionality that enhances your site’s SEO and features to boost social engagement with your Facebook page fans or group members.

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Facebook Publish

Facebook Publish

Facebook Publish automatically posts your latest blog posts to your Facebook page but not in a wholesale fashion; you have the option to customize the message that is posted on your page when new content is published on your blog. You can setup the plugin to post instantly after a post is published, or at a later date.

There’s also a nifty feature on hand that allows you to share your content on multiple page timelines at once. Other options include global settings (for all posts and categories), selective posting by category, enable or disable thumbnail posting, advanced scheduling, and more.

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Notable Mentions

Although they are not specifically Facebook plugins, these two options are worth including in this list. They offer complete social media integration for WordPress with impressive features:


Monarch is hands down the best social sharing for plugin WordPress, according to Elegant Themes, the brains behind the plugin. While this may seem like shameless self-promotion on the part of ET, it’s hard to argue against that assertion especially, after using this plugin and a few of the other ET products.

Monarch employs sleek sharing buttons and intuitive animations to instantly grab your visitor’s attention. There are five ways to display your social buttons: a floating sidebar, automatic pop-up, automatic fly-in boxes, a button above and below your post, and a media sharing shortcode.

All buttons have customizable designs; for instance you can display them in the native brand colors, a custom color of your choice, or you could use a uniform color for all.

You can also display them in various column widths, or you could let the width be automatically determined by the width of the content.

Monarch’s dashboard is very user-friendly, allowing you to seamlessly manage your custom configurations as well as monitor your social sharing activity.

This is definitely one of those plugins you need to consider seriously if you want to integrate proven ways to share your WordPress content on Facebook and the other social media networks.

Monarch is a premium plugin accessible through the Developer or LifetimeAccess Elegant Themes membership packages.

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Floating Social Bar

The Floating Social Bar plugin prides itself in being a lean, bloat-free plugin that gets the job done in the simplest way possible. It’s a free plugin created by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin of WPBeginner and the Soliloquy slider respectively.

This is a pretty simple and straightforward plugin: it only displays sharing buttons for the supported social media networks on selected posts or pages.

True to its claims of minimizing bloat, the Floating Social Bar only loads scripts when necessary, rather than by default when the page loads. That is, the plugin displays a replica image of the enabled social buttons along with the current counts and only activates them when a user hovers over them.

Also, the plugin only supports what the creators consider the biggest social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

If you don’t need the fancy extras that come with most premium plugins, the Floating Social Bar should be on the top of your social media plugins for WordPress list. It gets the job done in a simple and fast way.

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It’s a wrap for this post but certainly not for Facebook plugins. There are plenty more to explore. If you publish content regularly, plugins such as these are essential for increasing user engagement, as well as collecting vital feedback on how your Facebook fans consume your content.

Every plugin on this list achieves a specific purpose. Consider one that works most effectively for your needs.

It’s your turn now; which Facebook plugin do you use and what’s your experience so far with it? Why would you (or wouldn’t) recommend it?