The Best Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

The Best Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform that specialises in letting its users post pictures and videos as well as other multimedia content to their own mini-blogs. Tumblr also has a strong social networking element built into its functionality which allows users to follow each other and comment on their posts and uploads.

These Tumblr style WordPress themes are ideal for those who love the Tumblr format and functionality, but still want to take advantage of the ease of use, publishing power and the many plugins available for WordPress. If you are planning on displaying a range of media types on your blog, such as audio, video, images and photo galleries, then one of these microblogging themes could be the perfect choice for your website.

1. Standard

This responsive theme from 8Bit does an excellent job of allowing you to start your own Tumblr style WordPress blog that thanks to its responsive qualities, displaying just as well on any device whether it be Windows, iOS, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. The Standard theme offers a range of customisation options without the need to touch any code. These include positioning the optional sidebar to either side of the page, as well as moving the navigation area. It can also be used on sites for those that don’t self-host their blog.

Standard theme for WP

Overall this is a creative short-form Tumblr style WordPress theme that has made its way into many best theme lists since its release.

2. LightBright

LightBright, from premium theme developer Elegant Themes, allow you to simply add Tumblr functionality to your WordPress site by installing this high quality theme. This Tumblr style theme uses the relatively new custom post types feature in WordPress in order to enable you to publish a variety of media types in their own specific post-format. Photos, videos and audio, as well as other types of content can be displayed on your site, Tumblr style, by using these custom post types that come as part of this theme.

LightBright Theme

To help you customise the appearance of this theme, it also comes with four distinct colour schemes to help you set the right tone for your site.

3. Wumblr

As the name suggests, this is a Tumblr-like WordPress theme that can enable your blog to mimic the popular microblogging format while still giving you access to the great features of WordPress we all know and love. Wumblr, by Themify, includes nine different post formats and each post can be customised in appearance by selecting one of the 15 colour pre-sets. With its three column layout, this theme really does transform the appearance of your WordPress site into something else altogether.

Tumblr Theme Wumblr

This is a responsive theme so it works just as well on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices as it does on a desktop PC.

4. Minblr

Minblr is another Tumblr style WordPress theme from Themify. With this premium theme you can choose between a two-column layout featuring a sidebar or go full-width by disabling the sidebar altogether. It also comes with 10 skins to allow you to personalise this theme further, helping you stand out from the Tumblr crowd. Like all good themes it is fully responsive, rendering perfectly on all manner of devices from smartphones and tablets and across a range of popular browsers.

Minblr Responsive Theme

With the Minblr WP theme you can easily add social networking functionality to your site thanks to the header widget which can accommodate a range of share and like buttons.

5. Charlton

Themefurnace released this theme to much popular acclaim and when taking a look at it, it is easy to see why. Featuring a clean and responsive design, Charlton makes use of custom post types to let you post images, videos, quotes and more in their own post template. You can also use the custom widgets with this theme to display your content from other services such as your photos from Flickr and your tweets from Twitter.

Charlton Theme WP

Charlton is a visually appealing theme which is packed with useful features and is able to display real-time social media counts from your various profiles.

6. Branded

This Tumblr WordPress theme really overhauls the traditional look and feel of a WP site and transforms it into something very different. The multicolumn grid layout is fully responsive and adapts to the width of whatever device you are viewing it on; from widescreen monitors right down to mini tablets smartphones. This theme from Mojo Themes comes with eight post formats including video, quote, gallery and status style posts.

Branded theme for WordPress

Branded allows you to create a grid layout Tumblr theme that can accommodate many different types of multimedia content.

7. Grido

Grido is another Tumblr style theme for WordPress from Themify. This theme is ideal for those who like to work with a range of colours on their blog, using different tones to emphasise different moods and feelings that relate to each post. With Grido you can choose from nine gradient backgrounds as well as assigning different colours to each post on an individual basis. As you scroll to the bottom of the page, more posts load creating an infinite scroll effect. It also comes with seven theme skins to allow quick and easy changing of its appearance.

Grido Microblogging Theme

This is a great microblogging theme for WordPress that is responsive, displaying properly on all types of devices and browsers.

8. Socialike

This is a clean and attractive responsive theme that is ideal for microblogging Tumblr style, while still giving you access to all the powerful features of WordPress, such as ease of use and the access to countless plugins. Socialike can display your posts in three, four or five columns, or in a more traditional single column with sidebar layout. This themeforest theme also comes with social media pages which can display your latest tweets, photos from Flickr and activity from other leading social sites.

Socialike Tumblog Theme

Socialike is ideal for those who are active on multiple social media platforms and want a way to easily display their content from them in one place.

9. Fashionic

Fashionic is a Tumblr style theme that uses Ajax transitions to beautiful effect. While the images load and when the user changes their browser window size, the images displayed resize and reconfigure their layout to respond to the size of the window in an eye catching way. Check out the demo to watch this feature in action. Clicking on an image or post to view it, also initiates a stunning effect which will ensure any sites using this theme will stand out from the crowd.

Tumblog Theme Review

If you want a theme that emulates Tumblr yet successfully adds many more surprisingly well delivered features then Fashionic is worthy of a closer look.

10. Memo

This microblogging theme for WordPress allows you to easily get a blog up and running that is adept at publishing different types of media, each with their own post template. Colours can be chosen using a colour picker, giving you total control over your site’s colour scheme, not to mention the inclusion of layered PSD files for simple customisation of the theme files. Memo, by ThemeZilla and available from themeforest, also comes with a number of excellent shortcodes that allow you to quickly and easily insert elements into your posts and pages. These elements include genuinely useful things like attractive CSS buttons with rollover effects, dropdown boxes and alert texts, not to mention easy insertion of multiple columns into a page or post.

Memo Tumblr Theme

This is an attractive WordPress theme for the microbloggers out there that demand excellent features along with a stunning design.

11. Quicknote

Quicknote is available from themeforest and features a deceptively simple layout and appearance. The clean design will appeal to those who would rather their content took centre stage, as opposed to the theme they have chosen. Not surprisingly, the Quicknote theme is fully responsive making it ideal for viewing on smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and desktops. It comes with six different backgrounds for easy customisation and is bundled with layered PSD files.

Quicknote WP Theme Review

Quicknote is easy to use and visually very attractive making it ideal for those looking for a clean yet stylish microblogging theme for WordPress.

12. Notably

This is a stunning yet simple Tumblr style theme for the WordPress blogging platform that will appeal to anyone who appreciates clean, well thought out layouts and designs. With five different post formats to choose from, whatever type of media you are posting, it can be displayed in a template that has been design to display it in the best possible way, ranging from audio, video, single images and galleries. You can even stream audio with the included HTML5 media player.

WP Theme Review Notably

Notably is a thoroughly responsive theme which will resize images to suit whichever device they are viewed on.

13. Acute

Acute is available through themeforest and has a simple yet effective appearance and layout. This minimal theme is ideal for microbloggers and those who want their images to display in the best possible way, no matter what device the site is being viewed on. Thanks to its responsive qualities, this theme not only resizes and rearranges its layout on smaller screens, but it also resizes images to allow them to shine no matter what the device being used. To give your content extra room to breathe and an uncluttered user experience, the Acute theme features a sliding sidebar that is all but hidden from view when not in use. However, for those who don’t need this extra functionality, the sliding properties can be turned off in the theme options.

Acute Theme for WP

If you want a responsive theme that is clean and stylish then Acute is definitely worth a closer look.

14. Notebook

Available from Elegant Themes, Notebook is a WP theme that uses post formats and advanced CS3 animations to deliver an impressive and highly functional website that will leave those with lesser technical knowledge wondering how some of the features are even possible. In true Tumblr style, different types of content, from images, audio and standard blog posts can each be displayed in their own custom post types. The fonts that are used can be simply customised without editing any code and there are multiple colour schemes to choose from.

Notebook Theme for Tumblr Style Blog

Notebook is an attractive theme that is easy to customise and personalise according to your tastes.

15. Molly

This microblogging theme is perfect for those looking to combine the style and features of Tumblr with the ease of use and expandability of WordPress. Available from CSS Igniter, the Molly theme comes equipped with its own audio player and the ability to easily embed videos in your posts and pages. You can also create your own image galleries to show off your photos and artwork and the theme comes with a range of shortcodes for quick insertion of elements such as buttons, coloured text boxes and other neat effects.

WP Theme Molly

The Molly is great theme for those looking for a smart and responsive layout and are interested in publishing different types of media on their WordPress site.

As you can see there are some amazing themes of this style available for WordPress. With many of them being responsive, there is no excuse for your website and your content to not display correctly on a whole range of devices from desktop computers to the smallest of smartphones and everything in between.