15 Best AdSense WordPress Themes 2020

AdSense WordPress Themes

In this post, I am going to be looking at the best AdSense WordPress themes of 2020.

Choosing the right WordPress theme is an absolute must when trying to make a full-time income from your AdSense earnings. We have created this theme list with just that in mind, and are happy to share our choice of top WordPress theme for Google AdSense.

When choosing your ideal template, there are some things that you will want to consider. Design is, of course, important because you will want a “look” that will entice readers to look deeper into your website and read other articles. But if you are serious about turning the site into a serious earner, you will also have to look at other areas that will affect your monetization potential.

I have selected the WordPress themes below because of there advertising placement options, their ability to increase your click-through rate (CTR), and of course quality design.

Any WordPress theme that you choose and the content you create must strictly adhere to several policies and guidelines, so as not to run the risk of your account being permanently disabled. You should pay close attention to Google’s central policies,webmaster quality guidelines, and the DMCA policy.

While it is unlikely that you will be removed from the program for using a specific template, a poor theme selection could be interpreted as a poor user experience. A manual review may find you have created a website that is neither unique, valuable, or engaging.

Does your site have a purpose other than collecting valuable advertising revenue?

With all the above said, AdSense can still be a profitable advertising program to take part in, and for those of you that are keen to take part, I give you my top WordPress themes for Google AdSense list.


‘ZoxPress’ is an all in one magazine theme. This WordPress theme offers 15 on click demo installs, and over 100 layout combinations that will help you make this theme and your website unique. The theme offers numerous advertising options, but arguably the most impressive of these options is the full-length parallax advertisements within the post articles themselves (you need to check these out). These are an awesome feature, but at the time of writing, I have still been unable to clarify whether these ads are a breach of the Google AdSense policy. However, even so, alternative advertising could be used to target those who are likely to be most interested in that particular article.

A very well designed theme that has just been released on the Themeforest marketplace in February of 2020.



Newspaper WordPress Theme

I have included the Newspaper template on this list for one prime reason, and that is its similarity to the theme used by the website LifeHack.org (you only need to see the 850,000 likes on Facebook to realize that this website is a major player). SEMRush estimates the website traffic for LifeHack at 1.8 million visits a month – which is not a figure to be sniffed at.

As with all themes created by MyThemeShop, the NewsPaper theme offers an unbelievable number of customization options. It also provides some features that you will not find on other WordPress themes that will increase your AdSense CTR, and the overall earning from your website. These include:

Speed Optimization

When trying to make money with AdSense, it is vital to ensure that your site loads quickly. You only have a few seconds before visitors will abandon your site and look elsewhere. Google now treats your website loading speed as a ranking factor, and therefore this should be considered when choosing the right WordPress theme.

The NewsPaper WordPress theme has been coded to load quickly, and thus reduce your abandonment rate significantly. This template also offers a feature known as prefetching, that automatically pre-loads the pages that your visitor is most likely to visit next.

Prefecthing Feature

This feature is offered with most of the WordPress templates from MyThemeShop and is a powerful tool to help you lower your bounce rate and increase your CTR.

You can see what a difference this makes to load time by simply visiting the theme’s demo.

AdSense Optimization

The NewsPaper template offers powerful AdSense integration options that will maximize your click-through rate (CTR) without distracting from your content or upsetting your visitors.

The theme offers numerous advertisement layout options that can be easily added using the administration panel. Options include below the post title, below content, and of course, within the sidebar.



Saxon (advertising demo)

The screenshot below has been added to highlight where it is possible to place your AdSense advertising. You will not use all these advertising options, and therefore your final website will be much cleaner in design.

The Saxon theme offers 11 unique blog layout demos, numerous advertising options, and can be used for almost any industry blog or magazine. The theme also works well for viral magazines and has some specific demos for these types of websites.

The theme was originally released in 2019 but has been updated this year (2020).

Saxon Advertising Demo


Vinkmag (advertising demo)

‘Vinkmag’ is another multi-concept WordPress theme that has demo’s for almost any conceivable niche, over 44 in total. The demo pictured below has been selected to show you the advertising options available. The sheer amount of advertising on this demo theme is enough to make your brain hurt, so I encourage you to look at the other demo’s available before you make your mind up on whether this AdSense magazine theme is right for your website.

The theme can easily be customized with the Elementor drag and drop page builder plugin, has a header and footer builder included, as well as many additional features that will help your website stand out from the other AdSense optimized websites on the internet.

Vinkmag Advertising Theme


TruePixel – AdSense Optimized Theme

This WordPress theme, although not specifically designed for AdSense, has been favorite amongst WordPress users. The theme itself offers some features that lend itself well to this type of advertising, including, but not limited to, a full range of advertisement placement settings as well as the ability to choose whether to have a navigation menu, two, or none at all.

TruePixel was initially used by the website Viral Nova before they had a custom design built from the ground up. They managed to make an income of over $100k per week before opting for a different design.

AdSense Optimized

TruePixel is optimized for AdSense. You will see higher CPC’s, CTR’s & RPM’s, meaning more money in your pocket for each visitor.

Better Bounce Rate

TruePixel is optimized to have a better bounce rate, meaning that visitors stay on your site longer and view more content, earning you more money.

Viral Layout Option

The viral layout option is designed to focus attention and help your content go viral. It helps you get more shares and traffic, and therefore earn you more money.

TruePixel AdSense WordPress Theme



While not a WordPress theme that has been specifically designed for AdSense it is a great looking magazine theme that could easily be used as an AdSense theme.

nerubian magazine theme



‘Authentic’ is another multipurpose WordPress theme that lends itself well to those trying to start a website monitized with AdSense. The theme has over 50+ demos, and uses the pagebuilder ‘Canvas’ for all customizations.

The blog demos are very minimalistic and ideal for those looking to write about fashion, music, travel, or simply start a news blog. I have included this theme as it offers something a little different from the other templates on this list.

A great alternative for those looking to create a website that is different from the norm.

Authentic Magazine Theme


WordX – Digital Magazine CTR Theme

WordX is a powerful magazine WordPress theme for digital magazines. The theme has been designed to work well for those looking to make money from advertising income and has a layout that also suits those looking to start a viral website.

As with the previous themes mentioned within this post, this template also offers advanced optimization features, allowing your visitors to browse your website without technical issues affecting its load time. Features include; Prefetching (as explained above), and has been optimized to help you create an income from your website using either Google AdSense or affiliate offers.

As far as AdSense WordPress themes go, this is arguably one of the best!

WordX AdSense WordPress Theme


Cheer Up

Another magazine-style theme that is more magazine than out and out AdSense website. This template currently has 13 demos that can be installed with a single click. The theme itself is Gutenberg ready and comes with the WP Bakery page builder to help you design the exact website you want. The theme is fully responsive and comes prepacked with many header and footer variations to choose from.

To show off the various homepage advertising options, I have chosen to use images from two of the 13 demos (below).

Magazine Demo

The magazine demo of the ‘Cheer Up’ WordPress theme is a simple affair. Still, it gives you a good understanding of the various post layouts for your website’s homepage and a little insight into where Adsense advertisements could be placed with your AdSense code. Though as with all AdSense websites, the majority of your income will be earned on the individual posts and not the homepage of the website.

A nice clean design focussing your readers on which post to read next.

Cheer Up Advertising Theme



Lifestyle Demo

Although still the ‘Cheer Up’ WordPress theme, this demo shows what a different look can be achieved with just subtle changes to the overall design. Ideal for a fashion blog or something more specific than simply news.

Lifestyle Demo Adsense Theme


Food Blog

The ‘Food Blog’ theme is quite an old design from what was a great theme company. If you are looking to create a food blog while making use of Google advertising, you may want to consider this template. If not, there is an abundance of food-related themes available from the various premium theme clubs.

food blog adsense theme


SociallyViral – WordPress Viral Theme

SociallyViral is a WordPress theme used by many websites trying to compete for viral traffic. This theme has been designed to increase visits by encouraging visitors to share your content on their social media pages. The theme also places your trending posts in front of visitors to encourage further engagement on your most popular stories.

As well as encouraging social shares, the template has a built-in subscription box to allow visitors to opt-in to receive new stories to their email inbox.

As with all the WordPress themes on this list, SociallyViral has been optimized for AdSense, which means a higher CTR.

Socially Viral Theme


Bimber – Viral & Buzz WordPress Theme

The Bimber theme has been created to mimic the most popular Viral news websites, and allow you to easily start growing your followers, while also earning from advertising placements across the website.

The built-in sharing buttons help users gain exposure by encouraging visitors to share your content with other social media users and hopefully help your viral news items go viral.

The powerful AdSense placement options provided by the free plugin “WP Quads” allow you to place advertisements exactly where you will want them. The options include; in the header area, beginning of the post, middle of the post, end of the post, as well as numerous other areas that you may want to test over time.

Bimber is also fully compatible with the Snax viral frontend uploader plugin.

A professional theme with excellent support.

Bimber Viral WordPress Theme


Newspaper Pro

This theme is probably the biggest selling magazine theme available on Themeforest. Over 92,000 people have purchased this theme at the time of writing and it has been rated 5 stars – that is some achievement.

The theme has over 30+ one-click install demos, and numerous features that will help you get started. Arguably the most impressive thing about this theme is that it has been chosen as the theme of choice for the United Nations, Bitcoin, and Uber, just to name a few.

Newspaper Pro Magazine Theme



The final theme on our list is ‘Buzzstone.’ This is a WordPress theme that has been specifically designed for those looking to create a viral type AdSense website. While many of these themes have been released over the last few years, this one offers a clean design that, in my opinion, has not previously been matched. The theme has ten demos and could be used for almost any AdSense website or affiliate based website that is conceivable.

The theme uses WP Bakery as its page builder.

buzzstone Viral theme


That consludes our list of the very best WordPress AdSense themes for 2020.

The themes on this list I have chosen to help you build an authority AdSense website. We do not want you to create websites that are not in line with Google’s terms and conditions, as this is not an excellent long term strategy.

We sincerely hope that the AdSense WordPress themes above will help you create a high income and a great authority website that you will be proud of for years to come.