Best Add-Ons for Gravity Forms

Best Add-Ons for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms was included in our list of the best WordPress contact form plugins which won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has ever used this plugin. However, while Gravity Forms is great out of the box, there are a number of extensions or add-ons available which make it an even more useful and versatile plugin for WordPress.

Gravity Forms themselves offer a range of add-ons, while third party developers have created their own extensions. The top tier developer license for Gravity Forms includes all the official add-ons. However, if you are on the business or personal license, you can upgrade at any time to gain access to all the official add-ons.

Recommended Gravity Forms Add-Ons

To help you get the most from this essential tool, here is our pick of the best premium and free add-ons for Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms

Contact Form 7 Gravity Forms Importer

Contact Form 7 might be the easiest to use free contact form plugin for WordPress, so there is a good chance you will have been using it before making the upgrade to Gravity Forms. If this is the case, then this free plugin can help you out by importing your existing forms into your new tool.

Not only are forms imported, but any notification emails you have setup are also imported too. While this is a simple plugin, it should be useful to anyone making the change from CF7 to GF.

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Add a WYSIWYG Editor to Gravity Forms

The lack of an ability to add a form with a ‘what you see is what you get’ editor to your Gravity Forms creations can feel like a bit of an oversight at times. Thankfully there is a free plugin for rectifying this.


By installing the Gravity Forms WYSIWYG plugin on your site, you can now add fields to your forms that users can complete using a visual editor. Simple, yet effective.

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Email Marketing Integration

Gravity Forms offers a few add-ons for using their forms with your email marketing service. These are basic add-ons so if you have the personal license then you will need to upgrade to get access to them. If you want to automatically add users who submit a form on your site to your mailing list, then the upgrade is worth it. These add-ons cover the following email newsletter services:

There are also a few free third party add-ons for integrating with other newsletter services (keep reading to see them).

Payment Gateway Integration Add-Ons

There are a number of official add-ons for integrating Gravity Forms with a payment gateway or processor. These add-ons allow you to take credit card payments on your site without sending them via a third party service.

Gravity PayPal Pro

If you want to start selling simple products on your site, one of these add-ons is a great way to do so without setting up a full eCommerce solution for WordPress. Unfortunately these are advanced add-ons and require a developer license to gain access to them:

These add-ons allow you to sell products and services and also setup recurring payments. This makes them a great option for existing GF users who want to start generating revenue from their site.

Survey Official Add-on

This advanced add-on is only available to developer license holders, but it does give you the ability to survey your readers. If you want a simple way to carry out market research, collect custom satisfaction data or gather general feedback, this add-on is for you.

Gravity Survey

The survey functionality can be added to any of your existing forms so you don’t have to recreate any forms that are already in use. You can also use this add-on to view the results and analyse and filter the data as you see fit.

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Gravity Perks

This is a bundle of 17 mini add-ons, or perks as the developer have called them. They have in fact been created by one of the developers who works on Gravity Forms, which should give you some indication as to their quality. These perks are described as small functionality enhancements for Gravity Forms and there are some useful options amongst the bunch.

Gravity Perks

While there are 17 perks available now, the developer is planning to add 12 new perks each year which existing customers will get access to. Here are some top perks from Gravity Wiz:

  • GP Reload Form: support multiple submissions without refreshing the page
  • GP Limit Checkboxes: limit how many checkboxes can be selected on a form
  • GP Copy Cat: allow users to copy the entry of one field into another, great for shipping address to payment address duplication
  • GP Email Users: send a quick email to any user who submits a specific form
  • View all perks here

For single site users the package of perks can be purchased for $54, so if you see something on the list that would help you with your productivity, it’s a pretty good deal.

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Gravity Forms Directory

This free plugin allows you to use Gravity Forms to add a directory to your site. The directory could be used for listing information about anything including job opportunities, classified items for sale, or information about clubs and societies.

With this free plugin you can use the advanced form building properties of GF to start accepting listing from your readers – great for community websites!

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WooCommerce Gravity Forms Add-on

We looked at the best WooCommerce extensions recently and this is another good one. This add-on allows you to add advanced product configuration forms to your inventory. This is great for those selling custom and bespoke products and services.

It also allows you to add forms that contain logic, conditional-pricing and conditional-submission buttons to your WooCommerce powered eCommerce site. You can view a demo of this extension in action here.

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Image: Gravity Signature

Other Notable Options:

  • Constant Contact: auto-add form submitters to your Constant Contact mailing list.
  • Highrise Add-on: free plugin to integrate GF with this popular CRM.
  • Signature Add-on: official add-on to capture signatures when sending a form on a touchscreen device.
  • Quiz Add-on: create quizzes that are graded and scored upon submissions. Ideal for eLearning sites.

Zapier Add-on: use GF to integrate your site with over 250 web apps including Gmail, Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox and more, via Zapier.


Gravity Forms is already one of the best premium plugins for WordPress with over 850,000 installations. By installing some of these free and premium add-ons, you can really enhance it to meet your needs even more effectively. The number of possibilities for this tool are many, but now there are even more ways to use it on your site.

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How are you using Gravity Forms on your site and which add-ons have you installed?