Amazon Affiliate Plugin: Interview with Chris Guthrie

Amazon Affiliate Plugin: Interview with Chris Guthrie

chris guthrieToday’s interview is with Chris Guthrie, founder of the popular internet marketing website Make Money On The Internet.

We like Chris because he is one of those rare people who makes most of his money online by actually DOING it, and not just by telling others how to do it!

He is also the creator of the WP plugin Simple Azon, which will save you tons of time if you promote Amazon products on any of your sites.

How do you make money with WordPress?

I make money with WordPress by building and running blogs powered by WordPress (Adsense, Amazon Associates etc) and I also make money by selling WordPress plugins and themes that solve pain points from running my blogs.

Tell us a bit about your plugin SimpleAzon, what type of sites and themes works best for selling Amazon products?

Yah SimpleAzon is currently available as a WordPress plugin with full PLR + rebrand rights. So you can buy the software at and in the members area you can change the name of the software, download your rebranded plugin and resell that or do whatever you want with it.

As for which sites work best for Amazon products the main factor is what traffic and keywords you’re targeting. For example, I sold one of my Amazon websites in a six figure deal that was related to product reviews. So the traffic I was getting was from people already interested in buying the product I was talking about on my blog. So going after relevant traffic is key. Just throwing up some Amazon affiliate links on your blog about the best petting zoos in the Florida area isn’t going to work.

What is the biggest mistakes beginners make when trying to make money online?

So there are several mistakes that beginners can make. If they’re first learning about how to earn money online from someone that has a blog and is talking about it – then the biggest mistake for that group is to then see people posting income reports etc. and try to make their own “make money online” blog. But beyond that the mistakes generally come from improper niche selection (from bad research). I did a full free 10 day course on my blog showing some of my failure websites etc. if people wanted to check that out.

What’s the difference between niche sites and authority style websites? Which are better?

So the main difference is that niche websites have less content + lower earning potential but take less time to build and manage. Authority style websites require more constant upkeep and effort but generally have higher earning potential. I did a podcast episode about this very topic though.

What would you do if you had to start again from scratch?

I’d have spent more time going after ideas that had a much higher commercial viability. The websites I first started with were all about video games and that niche is really competitive (because a lot of people like video games) but not really lucrative. I had one site getting 500,000 page views per month and at it’s peak it only ever made $500 from Adsense. Now I have much more lucrative websites on a per page view basis.

What is your biggest challenge or frustration right now? Let’s see if any of our readers can help you out!

Biggest challenge for me right now is scale. I’ve gotta be able to pay myself and use extra money to grow my business by paying for developers, buying websites etc. I’m constrained by capital and I’ve looked at the investor approach as well but not sure how interested I am in having a boss again.

What does your typical workday look like?

I work when I want to and for how long I want to and because of this flexibility some times I’m doing nothing but regular maintenance work on my business from a smart phone in Hawaii for 10 days. Or I’m working 100 hour weeks on several big projects that I need to finish up to help grow my business. Earlier this year I was playing a lot of League of Legends during the day and then working at night and at times neglecting what I should have been doing during the day so I had to uninstall that game. So I guess the typical work day isn’t very typical. I’ve learned that “normal” doesn’t have to be that way for everyone.

What’s your top tip for someone looking to write and sell a book on Amazon Kindle?

Biggest tip is make sure there is a market for your book before you write it. I knew going into it that my book on how to buy and sell websites would be really niche and may not sell a lot of copies, but it’s been a lot lower than I ever thought it’d be – even considering all of the traffic that I was able to drive to it. I may know that buying and selling websites can be a very lucrative way of earning money online (it can also be a way to completely lose a lot of money as well) but the point is that if after doing your research the market isn’t there and you’re writing a book to make money – consider another topic.

Thanks Chris! Check out his website for lots of useful free stuff about internet marketing.