Our blog is dedicated to WordPress and web development in general.

We have several advertising options including custom solutions. Fore more information, please contact us.

Only contact us if you are not willing to wait, as chances are if your product is great we will likely add it to our website anyway – but if your wanting to speed up this process, get immediate exposure, or are just launching your product than this option may suit you.

Advertising opportunities:

Listing on theme collections

We will list your theme on any of theme collections of your choice but position of your theme will be determined by quality of your theme (our subjective opinion)

Cost: $25 (with affiliate link)

Cost: $40 (no affiliate link)

Featured listing on theme collections*

We’ll place your theme on the top of any theme collection of your choice.**

Cost: $40 (with affiliate link)

Cost $60 (no affiliate link)

We can write a detailed review about your product and service. It should be related to WordPress, web design, blogging or other related topics.

Cost: $100 (with affiliate link)

Cost $150 (no affiliate link)

Promotional blog posts

You can write a blog post related to WordPress, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design and Blogging and publish it on our website. As a reward we will allow you to use author box to promote your products and services.

Cost: $50

Giveaways (this is a new service so absolutely no guarantees are made)

We can host your Giveaways and help you to grow your loyal customers. We use Rafflecopter (optional) to manage entries which allows you to grow your social media followers and spread a words about your products and services.

Cost: $40

* – Featured listing is active for at least 4 months. Afterwards we might update this collection to add more themes but your theme will not be removed from collection but might be moved slightly down on the list.

**– If one or more themes is already listed as featured, then your theme will be added as second one or you can decide to upgrade and it will cost you $20 extra.

No guarantees are made whatsoever, and we wont accept content from those looking to boost SEO – this is purely promotional.

Bulk discounts are available

Please contact us.