About Us

WordPress is without a doubt the best blogging software available, and the fact that it and many of its themes and plugins are free just reconfirms it as a great choice for web designers, and business owners alike.

WordPress has been my CMS of choice for approximately 6 years, and without it I’m not sure that I could have ever achieved the level of success that I have online, but this is my first content website and I just cant wait to prove how successful it can be.

I have run numerous affiliate websites over the past 6 years, but following the sale of WP Mods by my good friend Kevin Muldoon I felt that there was room for another WordPress related blog – so with his blessing I started WP Squared.

I hope you stick around, and join in the conversation.

Thanks for stopping by.


Disclosure: We regularly link out to third party products and services that might be helpful to our fellow WordPress users. Many of these links are ‘affiliate links’ which means that we receive a commission if you go on to buy something from that company. If you’re not happy about this then please don’t click on our links. If you are happy then thanks for supporting us!