A WordPress Toolkit That Handles all the Time Consuming Stuff for You

WordPress is designed to hit the ground running, so within 5 minutes of installing it you can be ready to go. And that’s great, because software is all about making life easier, or at least it should be. An application shouldn’t take up any more time to set up than it needs to, shouldn’t give you headaches, and it should do exactly what it says on the box.

Your company website is your window on the world. It’s where every potential customer is going to come to see what you’re about, and their expectations are growing by the day. That’s why when you graduate to multiple WordPress installations in your efforts to please them, a WordPress Toolkit is the logical next step, and that’s also where Plesk comes in.

When the job of keeping one site secure and up to date morphs into managing a whole array of sites you begin to wish there was some way of taking the grunt work out of it. You should be spending your time making your business grow, not drowning in admin tasks, and the WordPress Toolkit can help you do exactly that.

Staying up to date with updates

WordPress updates for themes and plugins are essential, predictable events, coming one after another to iron out the bugs and make everything work better and more safely. WordPress core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates are crucial to your sites’ functionality, health and security; so much so that you simply can’t afford to neglect them. The WordPress Toolkit can keep you on top of these necessities across multiple WordPress installations with just a single click, and it gives you the flexibility to tackle updates manually, should you want to. The choice is yours.

The WordPress Toolkit puts available updates at your fingertips, so you can say goodbye to worrying about legacy sites running ancient code that could expose your business to risks. It’s all taken care of.

Twice the security in half the time

The majority of WordPress security tools do try hard, we’ll give them that, but they’re inherently flawed. They’re mostly external scanning tools, so they can only pick up on a limited selection of the myriad bugs and nasties that are swarming around out there. The really serious ones remain out of site, and even when security issues are identified you need to roll up your sleeves and sort them out yourself. As if you didn’t have enough to do already!

WordPress Toolkit takes full advantage of the fact that it sits right alongside your WordPress sites, on the Plesk-based server panel, which means that it’s perfectly placed to sniff around for intruders in its own backyard. No more getting your hands dirty every five minutes. WordPress Toolkit is on the case 24/7.

Making development hours go further

It’s a breeze to manage separate environments for testing and development thanks to clone and database sync functionalities. No more syncing posts and media across other installations to reproduce your live site, and with WordPress Toolkit you won’t have to set up and copy existing files to a test location manually. We have a button for that! And in case you were wondering, migration errors aren’t a problem with WordPress Toolkit either.

Making your new sites work the way you prefer

When you use WordPress for even a short time you come to rely on a few select plugins that you prefer to use on all your sites. WordPress Toolkit knows this and saves you time by allowing you to define multiple sets of favorite themes and plugins, ready to be installed wherever you like with just one click. So rapid testing and prototyping with WordPress just got faster!

Plesk WordPress Toolkit has enough site-management automation features on tap to finally free you from the grind of keeping everything up to date and secure. With just a few clicks you can clone, update, and maintain numerous sites. It really is that simple.

We built Plesk WordPress Toolkit with the same core values as WordPress itself. In a sense, we’ve created a WordPress for WordPress: a fast, efficient and reliable way to cope with dozens of sites, creating them and managing them in record time and with a minimum of fuss.

Would you like one less thing to worry about as you get your business up and running? Give the new Plesk Onyx hosting control panel a try and put time back on your side.