6 WordPress Plugins That Use Tabs to Improve Your Website

WordPress Tabs Plugins

Tabs can be used to great effect on a website. Whether that’s to organize your content better, or make the most of limited space, tabs can be an effective way to make the most of what you’ve got.

Thankfully, there is a good selection of WordPress plugins that make use of tabs to deliver a number of useful features to your website. These features range from navigational aids, tools for uncluttering the post editor, and adding always-visible links to your content, plus a lot more.

Whether you are looking for a novel way to display your latest Tweets and Pins, or you’d like to make it easier for your readers to find more of your great content, these plugins that make use of tabs could be just what you are looking for. So without further ado, here are the best WordPress plugins that feature tabs.

Easy Responsive Tabs

Easy Responsive Tabs

There are plenty of free plugins out there for adding tabbed sections of content to your posts. However, Easy Responsive Tabs is the pick of the bunch with a positive user rating and an easy to use interface.

If you want to display more content in a fixed space in your posts, or hide less important content until your visitors need to access it, then using a tabbed interface to show and hide content could be a good option.

Adding tabbed areas to your posts and pages with Easy Responsive Tabs is as straightforward as clicking on the button the plugin adds to the editor, and then entering the number of tabs you wish to create and their colour settings. Then it’s just a case of typing your content in to the shortcodes to populate the tabbed layout of your post.

The tabs and their content are all fully responsive so mobile users can still access them on their smartphones or tablet devices. There is also some helpful online documentation for this plugin, so if you are looking for an easy way to add tabs to your layouts, then this is it.

While there are a number of shortcode plugins that add this feature to your website, if you are just looking for a way to create tabbed layouts, then Easy Responsive Tabs is a great option.

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WP Tab Widget


WP Tab Widget is a free plugin from the MyThemeShop team that allows you to make the most of your sidebar area and display multiple sets of content behind a tabbed interface.

Once this plugin is activated on your site, you can choose which tabs to display using the tabbed interface. There are four options to choose from: popular posts, recent posts, latest comments, and tags. You also get to set the order of the tabs when configuring the widget. Further options allow you to display post thumbnails, show the post date, and even display an excerpt from the post.

The new tabbed widget is powered by AJAX so it only loads the content when the user clicks on one of the tabs. This saves your website from unnecessarily loading the lists and content on each page refresh. The design is also fully responsive for mobile devices and includes some attractive transition effects.

If you want to make it easier for your readers to find more of your posts, the WP Tab Widget plugin helps you use your sidebar space more effectively in order to do so.

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Popular Posts Tabbed Widget for Jetpack


If you are already using, or thinking about using, the Jetpack suite of WordPress upgrades from Automattic, then the free Popular Posts Tabbed Widget for Jetpack plugin might be of interest to you.

After installing this free WordPress plugin you get access to a new widget to add to your sidebar and other widgetized areas of your theme. By default this widget will contain three tabs: popular posts based on views, most commented posts, and latest posts. However, you can hide any of them as necessary.

The three tabs are then tabbed further, allowing your readers to view the lists of posts by day, week, and month. When setting up the widget, you can choose to display post thumbnails, how many items to include in the list, and which tab is active on a page load.

This plugin gets its data from the Jetpack Stats module so make sure you have that running on your site before activating this widget.

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Tabify Edit Screen

Tabify Edit Screen

If you want to harness the power of tabs and apply it to the back end of WordPress, then the free Tabify Edit Screen plugin can help you better organize the post editor screen.

From the settings page of this plugin you can add a number of tabs to the WordPress edit screen and then separate out the various meta boxes or panels that are active on your website. By using tabs in this way you can remove all the clutter that builds up on an established WordPress website, allowing you to write your post content with minimal distractions.

By grouping the different controls and options on the editor screen using tabs, you can make the various features of the post editor page easier to find, while also streamlining the content creation interface.

This plugin works with custom post types so you can rearrange the edit screens across all the posts, pages, and more, of your blog.

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Social Media Tabs

Social Media Tabs

This free plugin simply adds a widget to your WordPress website which can then be used to display your feeds from a number of social media websites.

To avoid cluttering your sidebar or other widget areas, the Social Media Tabs plugin makes use of tabs to only reveal one feed or stream at a time. This makes it a great way to prevent your site from overwhelming your visitors, while still allowing them to engage with you on the top social networks.

The Social Media Tabs plugin includes support for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest and a few more networks so it’s a versatile tool. You can also create a custom content tab which can contain anything you want, including links or images.

Through the settings you can upload your own social media icons for each network, or alternatively simply use the default images that are included. The widget can be customized in a number of ways, including size and number of feed items to show.

If you want to really promote your accounts on the most popular social networks then Social Media Tabs could be for you. There is also a premium version with support for more networks and greater options and settings.

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Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab simply adds a tab to the side of your website that is always on display. The tab can be configured so that when it is clicked, it takes your visitors to a specific URL. This could be another page on your site or an external website of your choice.

This is a handy plugin for anyone who has an important page they would like to encourage all of their visitors to visit. Perhaps you have a terms and conditions page, a checkout page at your store, or a product or service you’d like to promote. Whatever that special page is, Simple Side Tabs makes it easy to add a floating button to the side of your website that is always within reach.

The options of the plugin allow you to set the text, colour, font, and URL of the tab, as well as the position and side of your website to display it on.

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This collection of WordPress plugins covers a range of uses, but are all united by their use of tabs.

Whether you’d like to add a tabbed navigation system to your posts and pages in order to better organize your content, display social media content in a tabbed widget, or simply display a tab-style button on your website, these free plugins have got it covered.

Have you seen any great uses of tabs on a website? How do you plan to implement tabs on your WordPress blog? Share your thoughts in the comments below.