6 Plugins to Make Your Post Images More Attractive

6 Plugins to Make Your Post Images More Attractive

Images are powerful and can help make your online content more appealing to potential readers. Landing on a page and being faced with is a solid wall of text can turn off even the most enthusiastic readers, no matter how compelling your writing is.

While adding images to WordPress posts is relatively straightforward, with the platform having a great image handling capabilities, there are almost always ways the core features of WordPress can be tweaked or improved to meet your individual needs.

Image Plugins Styles with Shortcodes 02

By using these free and premium plugins, you can add to the ways your site displays images, including adding Instagram-style filters, styling them with borers, and applying animation effects to name just a few. If you want to make your images stand out even more, then theses WordPress plugins to make your images look better will be of interest to you.

WP Image Borders

This free image plugin aims to make it easy to add decorative borders to the pictures included in your posts and pages. Through the settings you can choose to add this borer effect to all images on your site, or just to selected images.

Image Plugins WP Image Borders

With the WP Images Borders plugin, you also get the opportunity to customise how the borders look. This includes changing the border styles, colours, and widths. As the plugin comes with eight border styles, and a few different options for adding drop shadows you do get the chance to add some individuality to the styling of your images.

The plugin can also be used to remove the border styling of imagesin WordPress if you would prefer them not to be decorated at all.

The control panel for WP Image Borders has been built using the native WordPress UI making it very easy to use while also helping it to blend in with the rest of the default admin dashboard areas.

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InstaFX – Instagram Styles Filters

This free plugin allows you to add similar filters to your images as those that are available to Instagram users.

Image Plugins InstaFX Instagram Style

The plugin comes with 11 filters so you can ensure you give your photos the treatment that best suits their content. Adding the filters to your images is applied at the individual image level. The filter can either but set when inserting the image into a post, or by using a shortcode to quickly apply the filter effect to the image that has already been added to your posts and pages.

If you want to give your images the Instagram treatment then this free image filter plugin for WordPress is just what you need.

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Lightbox Plus ColorBox

With over a million downloads and a strong 4.3 out of 5 star rating this looks like it’s the most popular free lightbox plugin for WordPress.

The lightbox effect allows your visitors to view a larger version of the images that are inserted into your site’s posts and pages. When displaying the image, a modal overlay is used to cover the rest of the page so that only the image is fully visible. This is a popular effect that is used on countless websites so you should be familiar with it.

Image Plugins Lightbox Color Plus

The Lightbox Plus ColorBox plugin does a lot more than simply adding the lightbox effect to your images. It can be used to create galleries, slideshows, and display videos. Forms and external content can also be loaded in the lightbox overlay making this a very versatile plugin.

This image handling plugin for WordPress also includes a number of different styles and effects for giving you a range of options for how the images are displayed and presented.

If you want to add this popular and practical effect to your website then the Lightbox Plus ColorBox plugin is a safe bet.

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Image Magnify WordPress Plugin

This is an interesting plugin that allows the visitors to your site to get a closer look at your images without the need to open them in a new window.

Image Plugins Magnify

There a number of settings for this plugin which gives you a good amount of control over how it works on your site. These options allow you to set the magnifier radius and its colour. Optional blur or grey filters can be applied to the images on an individual basis too. The whole image, apart from what appears in the magnifier can also be made invisible.

The other options allow you to define how the magnifier is moved. It can either track the mouse cursor or require the mouse button to be pressed, dragging the magnifier around the image.

Image Plugins Magnify 02

The Image Magnify WordPress plugin is responsive so it will work on smaller devices including those with touchscreen interfaces. The plugin is also efficient as it loads the JS and CSS files only when they are needed, helping to keep the file sizes of the WordPress posts and pages as small as possible for faster loading times.

If you are looking for an interesting feature to add to your images that also has a practical application then Image Magnify could be just what you are looking for.

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Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress

This premium plugin available through Code Canyon contains over 120 shortcodes for stylising your site and enhancing the appearance of your content. While most of the shortcodes aren’t focused on image presentation, there are a number of them that have been created to give your photos and graphics and extra layer of styling.

Image Plugins Styles with Shortcodes 01

The image-related shortcodes included with this plugin can allow you to add a range of borders to your photos and lightbox effects for displaying larger versions of the image.

If you want a plugin that can help you style your images better in WordPress as well as giving access to many other little graphical page elements then this plugin is well worth checking out.

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Pieces Responsive WordPress Image Effects

This budget premium plugin might be more of a novelty tool than one that adds real value to your site. However if you are looking for a way to make your images really stand out and help make your site more memorable, it could be a good choice.

Image Plugins Pieces Image Animations

The plugin comes with 300 animations which can be applied to your images to give them a distinct look. You also get lots of options and settings to play with in order to get the effect you want from the available animations.

It’s hard to convey exactly how this plugin works as its very visual so it’s well worth checking out the demo to see what it can do.

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If you want to give your images some extra visual styling and also add some more features to the standard way images are handled in WordPress then there are plenty of plugins to help you out.

As images are powerful page elements that can bring in readers to you site and keep them there for longer, it’s definitely worth exploring the ways they can be used in your content.

What effects do you apply to your images?