4 Conversion and Experiment Plugins to Increase Goal Conversion Rates in WordPress

4 Conversion and Experiment Plugins to Increase Goal Conversion Rates in WordPress

If the purpose of your website to get more leads for your business, sell products, or elicit some other outcome from your visitors, then experimenting with different versions of your content to find out which ones result in the highest conversion rates can be a valuable use of your time.

While you can do research and read up on what works best at converting visitors into customers, including details such as colours, copy, or layouts, running tests and experiments tailored to your own audience and goals can often yield more useful insights that are more relevant to your business.

If optimizing your content in order to get better goal conversion rates sounds appealing to you, then the plugins covered here will give you the tools you need to start experimenting with your content in order to find what performs best with your audience and goals.

If you want to find out what’s working on your site, instead of guessing, these conversion and experimentation plugins are for you.

Conversion Rate Experimentation Plugins

WP Experiments

WP Experiments

This is a new plugin which aims to make it as easy as possible to run multiple tests or experiments on individual pieces of content in your WordPress posts and pages. The purpose of this is to find out which version results in the highest rate of conversions for specific goals.

With WP Experiments installed on your site, you can compare different versions of the text used on a button against each other, or the wording in a headline, or even the colours and styling of the text on your page. A new version of anything in your WordPress post or page content can be created, which is then compared against the original version.

The plugin makes it easy to add the different versions of the content to your site. After at least one test case has been created, the plugin will then start showing the different versions to a portion of your visitors. As soon as the plugin starts getting some feedback data, it will reduce the amount of times it displays the lowest performing version. This is an especially useful feature as it prevents you from losing out on sales or other conversions caused by the poor performing version being displayed to too many visitors.

The quick demo video on the WP Experiments website is well worth checking out if you want to know how this plugin can help you convert more of your readers into customers or clients.

If you have any goals on your website, such as getting users to make a purchase, join your mailing list, or click on an affiliate link, then WP Experiments makes it easy to improve your goal conversion rates. It’s not free, but there is a 14-day trial to help you start earning more money from your site right away.

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Title Experiments

Title Experiments

The free plugin allows you to create multiple titles for your WordPress posts and then compare them to see which one get more clicks, resulting in more page views. It’s been created by the same developer as the WP Experiments plugins and provides another way to test the content on your WordPress site.

When scanning your site readers will decide which of your posts to read based on their title. This means it makes sense to test a few versions of each post title to see which one results in the highest click through rate.

Once you’ve created an additional post title, each time that post is listed on your site, whether on the homepage, in the sidebar, or on archive pages, one of the available post title versions will be shown. Each time the post title is shown it will count as an impression, and each time a title is clicked on, that will be counted as a view.

Once some data is collected, the Title Experiments plugin will automatically start showing the least well performing titles for each post less and less, leaving only the strongest performing title in use. This means youdon’t have to do anything after creating one or more title variations for a post. Alternatively you could add another version to test the best title against, allowing you to continually optimize and refine your post titling skills.

You can get a good sense of how this free content testing plugin for WordPress works on the plugin website, but as there isn’t much to it, you could get started with testing your post titles today.

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WordPress Calls to Action

WordPress Calls to Action

This is another free plugin that allows you to test the content on your WordPress site in order to improve its conversion rates. However, this plugin focusses its attention on improving your calls to action, allowing you to test their design, content, and delivery method.

The plugin comes with a number of templates so you can get started straightaway. Alternatively you can create your own templates with the visual editor, using existing content on your site, edit one of the included templates, or start from scratch.

To get started with the WordPress Calls to Action plugin simply choose one of the available templates and then create a new call to action specific to your site and the leads you want to generate or goals you want your users to complete. While creating the call to action, you can easily create a variation of it, with the two or more, versions being tested against each other.

Adding the calls to action to your content is easy thanks to the form that is added to the WordPress post editor which allows you to preview the options available, and then insert them into your content. You can also select a number of calls to action to be rotated through automatically, showing different offers to your visitors in a random basis.

The plugin also allows you to add popups to pages which can contain an optin form for a newsletter or a button link. A further option allows you to display the calls to actions in a dynamic widget which gives you the ability of displaying a specific call to action in the sidebar of a specific post.

Creating the different versions to test is easy thanks to the ability to clone a call to action and then make the changes to the new version. The plugin will then pit the two versions against each other in order to find the best converting option.

WordPress Calls to Action is a feature packed free plugin that allows you to quickly create and then insert calls to action in to your posts, pages, or sidebars, with the option of comparing the different variations against each other.

The plugin can be combined with WP Leads from the same developer which is used to store the leads you capture with WP Calls to Action.

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WP Content Experiments & Event Tracking

This free plugin makes it very easy to run Google Content Experiments on your WordPress site.

This free service from Google is part of their analytics suite of tools and has been designed to help you find the best performing version of your content against set goals.

Content Experiments allows you to test up to 10 variations against each other to find the winner. Although those with websites that aren’t flooded with visitors might want to start off small, by comparing just two versions of their content.

Unlike the other options here, with Content Experiments, you aren’t testing elements within a page, but are testing entire pages against each other. These different pages are delivered to users on their own URLs and this plugin makes bringing this type of testing to your WordPress site an easy task.

Some features of Content Experiments that are of interest include the ability to only run the text on a percentage of your visitors, as well as also receiving email updates of how your tests are performing. The statistical engine in use by Google Analytics and their experiments tools is the multi-armed bandit approach which is used to find the best or most profitable action, with the randomization distribution of the different versions being adjusted as the experiment progresses.

If you want to harness the power of Google Content Experiments and bring this kind of testing to your WordPress site, this free plugin makes it easier to achieve.

There is a detailed guide to setting up this plugin and the Google service on your WordPress site on the developer’s website.

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With some great free and affordable premium options for testing the content on your WordPress site, you now have no excuse for not attempting to improve the conversions rates for the various goals on your website.

Whether the purpose of your website is to generate more leads for your business, sell more products to your clients, or send more visitors to affiliate offers, the plugins covered here can help you improve the effectiveness of your website by comparing the important elements it contains in order to find the best performers.

If you’ve carried out any content testing experiments on your WordPress site, please let us know the results you’ve had in the comments below: